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Help a spider escape from her cannibalistic family.
Submitted by Fascher (@fascherarts) — 3 hours, 30 seconds before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Aesthetics & Mood · Esthétique et ambiance#213.6184.000
Storytelling & Writing · Écriture et narration#312.9153.222
Overall · Note globale#353.0153.333
Gameplay · Systèmes de jeu#352.6132.889
Theme interpretation · Interprétation du thème#352.9153.222

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.


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So, I think that I have a bug, because when I click Z on the frogs, it doesn't do anything ^^"

But I truly like your game, especially the atmosphere (music, mapping, mood), and I'm a bit sad that I can't go to the end of the game, because I'm sure that it was good too.

I like the fact that we have differents Area with their characteristics, and the story is really nice.

Truly, It's a great game for a jam !


Hey, I have a problem,

what I'm supposed to do with frogs? No matter what I do, nothing happened ^^'

I really want to finish Whittle, I love the mood of your game !


Hi, thanks for your comment! :)

With the frogs, go up to them and press the Z button, which should let them collect items for you.
Hope that helps!


A game with a nice aesthetic !

The gameplay is a bit simple, but discovering the different areas of your world was fun enough for myself !


Thanks for playing! :)


That was so good! Definitely one of my favorite games so far! The atmosphere and music created such an immersive experience, and I loved the level design. It was such an original concept and the diversity in the different levels was amazing, I'd definitely play a full game of this. Gosh I can't get over how cool of an experience that was, you picked such a good soundtrack for it, it was so so so enjoyable.

There were a few bugs in the game, like the save feature not working and the game crashing if you opened and closed the options menu, but overall this game was wonderful!


Hey! I'm glad you liked it, thank you for such the nice comment! :)


Good story dude !  I like the aesthetics of the game. Sometimes we don't understand what we have to do, like with the frog, and with the boss at the end but it's okay. :D


Thank you! Yeah being my first try I legit didn't know how to put in certain mechanics, but now I know how to improve for next time ^^ Thanks for your feedback!


Would it be possible for you to add a windows version ? :3 It looked interesting, but there's only a mac version :'(


Added it! :) Thanks for the interest.


Thx ! <3 So I just played it, and I really like the narration and general atmosphere for now, however I'm stuck with collecting the five bugs for now, it's pretty hard since we can't run and the  spiders can go anywhere :'( But I really like it so I'll go back to it later !!


I'm really happy you like it :D Thanks for your comment!

The five bugs thing.. actually you don't need 5, just 1 is enough! I completely forgot to delete that dialogue.. >< 


Aaah, that makes things a lot easier then eheh 

So I kept playing and now I'm not entirely sure I reached the end, I'm at the point where Yaya turned red like her sisters and went back down to the area with all the bodies, and now I can't do anything, is it the ending or is there a problem ? c:


Yep that's the ending! It should go back to the title screen at that point haha

Thanks for playing dude :>


Aaah alright then ! And you're welcome, I had a lot of fun, loved the creepy vibe (and the calm atmosphere of area B) and the story was really interesting (#MomOfTheYear #TheFrogDeservedBetter) !! There were some bugs though, but nothing game breaking that stopped me from loving the game <3