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Oh, now I see it!! Thank you for the help! :D

Heya! I'm adoring this game, the aesthetics are lovely, but I think I've come across a some kind of glitch? There's no way I could find to move past the Piston Room, because the box is blocking the way.

Hi, thanks for your comment! :)

With the frogs, go up to them and press the Z button, which should let them collect items for you.
Hope that helps!

Thanks for playing! :)

Hey! I'm glad you liked it, thank you for such the nice comment! :)

Thank you! Yeah being my first try I legit didn't know how to put in certain mechanics, but now I know how to improve for next time ^^ Thanks for your feedback!

Wow! This was really dark but really good + unique dialogues as well ^^ Really nice

Yep that's the ending! It should go back to the title screen at that point haha

Thanks for playing dude :>

I'm really happy you like it :D Thanks for your comment!

The five bugs thing.. actually you don't need 5, just 1 is enough! I completely forgot to delete that dialogue.. >< 

Added it! :) Thanks for the interest.

No prob! Yeah I did end up restarting completely when I got stuck ^^ there was a few instances where like when you had to get to the closet or move out of a room that the command just didn't register or something idk? It took a few tries. But I think in the pizza place I was just a bit impatient haha

I really liked this demo, this game has a super unique style and the dialogue is fun. Only thing was that I kept getting stuck because I couldn't go through a doorway (mainly the pizza place toilet @.@) also when there's dialogue during a battle you can still attack the enemy and get powered up enough so that you can press H when the fight starts. Not sure if that's a bug or a feature.  Anyway really nice game, I especially liked the fighting system and storyline so far, it's very cool.

just couldn't find grandpa's hat so we were stuck in the town :/