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This was drop dead amazing, love your writing style!! Not to mention the art is so good too-- everything really fit and worked together. Seriously great job :)

Probably one of the best danganronpa games I ever played

Played this! Nice work, I love the relationships between Nick & Noah and the puzzle was smart ^^ I also like that aspect of turning on a light in each room, and the music and art was really atmospheric. Only minor problem I had was that my pc lagged when there was multiple lighting effects, but you can turn off lighting effects anyway so it wasn't a big deal, just wanted to let you know :)


I freaked out when I saw that thing oh my god what a reveal... can't wait for the full game!!!

Oh my gosh. This is brilliant. Just binged the whole game and I'm in love with your writing and the character development! Through the trials Echo's thought process matched up with my own which I rarely ever experienced before in games like these, so that was super cool :)

Can I just say you're so good at writing trials wow?! Very nice balance of evidence and suspects. I never felt like I was getting beat over the head with an obvious answer. Also just how you laid out the whole killing game scenario in general (specific to Lapse) is unique & works well too, there isn't any info overload or anything, great work!

Also! The characters, I need to freak out for a sec here... Dude I love how each character is developing on their own as the game goes on and as things happen. You can really see each one moving on their own trajectory, even comparing personalities from the prologue to the end of ch 2, there's some changes, which is good!! And they are all so likeable too! Gah I love this game <3

This is amazing! 5 stars! :)

That was the ending! ^^ Thank you so much <3

Oh, now I see it!! Thank you for the help! :D

Heya! I'm adoring this game, the aesthetics are lovely, but I think I've come across a some kind of glitch? There's no way I could find to move past the Piston Room, because the box is blocking the way.

Hi, thanks for your comment! :)

With the frogs, go up to them and press the Z button, which should let them collect items for you.
Hope that helps!

Thanks for playing! :)

Hey! I'm glad you liked it, thank you for such the nice comment! :)

Thank you! Yeah being my first try I legit didn't know how to put in certain mechanics, but now I know how to improve for next time ^^ Thanks for your feedback!

Wow! This was really dark but really good + unique dialogues as well ^^ Really nice

Yep that's the ending! It should go back to the title screen at that point haha

Thanks for playing dude :>

I'm really happy you like it :D Thanks for your comment!

The five bugs thing.. actually you don't need 5, just 1 is enough! I completely forgot to delete that dialogue.. >< 

Added it! :) Thanks for the interest.

No prob! Yeah I did end up restarting completely when I got stuck ^^ there was a few instances where like when you had to get to the closet or move out of a room that the command just didn't register or something idk? It took a few tries. But I think in the pizza place I was just a bit impatient haha

I really liked this demo, this game has a super unique style and the dialogue is fun. Only thing was that I kept getting stuck because I couldn't go through a doorway (mainly the pizza place toilet @.@) also when there's dialogue during a battle you can still attack the enemy and get powered up enough so that you can press H when the fight starts. Not sure if that's a bug or a feature.  Anyway really nice game, I especially liked the fighting system and storyline so far, it's very cool.