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LOL I knew the tutorials weren't good enough but glad you still enjoyed it.   Thank you for playing!

Thank you for your kind words!  I'll keep learning to make games.  Puzzles are my favourite type of games :)

Yeah, I definitely felt rushed to design a few levels.  I need to allocate more time for level design the next time!  Thank you for playing!

After play-testing it for many hours, I could finish the game like a speedrunner muahaha.  Thank you for playing! 

Thank you for playing!  I do wish to expand the game and polish it post game jam.  Stay tuned :)

So unfortunately that I couldn't figure out how to run the game.  

Super! Impressive! Game!

Thank you for playing!  And thank you so much for pointing out the level design.  It was my main goal before the start of this game jam that I wanted to spend some significant amount of time creating levels.  There were a few levels that I wasn't very proud of, but hopefully, the SFX made it more enjoyable.

Thank you for playing!  Yeah! I'm really into those short puzzles even today.  :)

Thank you for playing!  A better tutorial mode is definitely on my wish list to work on post-game jam!  Probably more visual helpers too.

I managed to find the kitty, but I still don't quite sure I how found it.   😅
 I enjoyed the process of trying to figure out what was going on.

The graphics are beautiful.  Love the overall art direction!

Love the backstory.  It really helped me get into the mood to play :)  I'm not a very dexterous player, so this game is quite challenging for me.   Nice music paired with the game play.

Fun to play!  Although it was a bit too challenging for me to understand the mechanics of each tile.  I also wish I could pause the conveyer belt to have time to plan my moves.

Very nice graphics!  The game crashes when I accidentally punch any obstacles on the street, so I have to be very careful when I fight the bad guys.

Learning the game is in itself very fun for me!  

I sure cannot multi-task lol!  All I did was batch as many calculations together before jumping like hell to survive.  This creates a very fun dynamic haha.  Thanks for the game.  It's fun to play!

I love puzzles!  I found the game a bit hard to grok at first but enjoyable.  These are just my thoughts but perhaps a different color palette for the game will help associate the dots with their destinations.

I enjoyed the game!  After a while, I started to understand the game better and was able to develop some strategies.  But I'll probably have Meanies nightmare if I kept playing it.  It was a fun game.

Very nice execution!  I enjoyed playing it! 

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I'm reusing my sprite sheet from the last jam.

I really enjoyed playing!  Still hasn't mastered the egg man skip but love the gameplay and its storyline.

This is fun! Thank you for the game. I really enjoyed it!

I haven't beaten the game yet but the puzzle was really enjoyable! I dig the pixel art  too :D

Thank you very much! :D

Thank you for playing my game! Yes, the source code is available but I’m a bit embarrassed to share it before I clean it up :P

Thank you!

I'm building my first game using Fennel lisp on TIC-80 :D

All assets are built by myself but I adopted a lot of code from Technomancy's previous works.  🙇‍♂️