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Thank you!  I’m glad you enjoyed the puzzles!

I tend to inject some of my weird humor into my games.  Perhaps next time, I'll make a more serious game.  Thank you for playing!

Oh, cool! I didn't realize the love2d Windows executable is compatible with WINE.  I am glad that it worked out well!

I was worried that the game would become too challenging and frustrating, so I intentionally tried to make the game easy.  I hope that didn't take all the fun away!  Thank you for playing :)

Thank you!  This was my first try making a playable platformer.  I couldn't make the platforming as satisfying as I wanted because it'd take significantly longer for me to implement all the details.  Overall, this was a nice and semi-successful experiment :)

Thank you!

You are welcome!  Thanks for confirming!  

Oh, I didn't realize you made the soundtrack! Awesome work!  💯💯💯

Thanks!  That worked! 

Thanks for the tips!  I was able to load the little-spark system with your description.  However, I'm getting this.  Any guess if dependency might be missing?

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I don't know how to play this game, but it looks fantastic with the glowy text, fading cursor, and overall aesthetics.  Good work!

It took me a while, although I mostly brute-forced my way to the end without planning my moves too much!  I always have a soft spot for puzzle games.  It was a fun game with a nice cozy soundtrack.  Great job!  

Very cool concept, not to mention the cool tech behind the game!

The levels got increasingly more satisfying!

Thank you!  The palette is  I wanted a minimal palette to keep the scope small so that I could finish the game in time.  Really glad the art style worked out well with the palette. 

Love the art works!


I ended up cheating and reading the source code.  :P  It seemed like I got the channel wrong.  Very fun game!

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Hey, awesome concepts!  

I'm kinda stuck after chatting with `yaping`.  I know bay 9 is stuck.  Would you drop me some hints on what to do next?  Thanks!

Oh neat, I think I'm on track now. 

-- spoilers ahead --

I'm getting an error when I tried to send the suspicious log to `arun` from `itbot` with the command `send arun #isro 75567`. 

Bot error       itbot   -       [string "bin"]:8483: attempt to index a nil value (field '?')

The game engine behind the game is very impressive!

I never knew I could be a good sandpiper!  I love the aesthetics and the soundtrack.  Very pleasant to play the game.  Well done!

My favorite part is the scripts :)  Nicely done!

I had a lot more fun than I was expecting!  The tone of the game feels so good with the scripts, the soundtrack, and the sfx.  Well done!

I like the art direction!  The goofy feel of the game matches the art style and the dialogues.  Very well executed!  Great work!

Simple and a lot of fun!  💯 for adding doc-strings in the source code! 

Thank you!

LOL you had too much faith in the quality of the game apparently :P 

Thank you!

Thank you!  I cut a lot of scopes to meet the deadline.  There were initially 5 more mushrooms and 4 more maps.  I quickly realized that I couldn't finish them all in time at my skill level.   I was really glad to make a smaller but complete game.

Woah, I didn't expect to get sucked into the gameplay.  The art style is very consistent and fits the game very well.  Good job!

FYI I hosted my source here: in case it isn't obvious on the game page. 

Simple mechanics and enjoyable!  Nice work!

Good job!  I found the code quite pleasing to look at.   Even though I'm not very familiar with Scheme, the code looks very clean. :)

The choice of the tech stack is so interesting to me!  I had never heard of or before.  Compiling the game to run on the browser is so impressive.  Well done!

I love the art style!  I saw more sprites that haven't been rendered.  Looking forward to when the game is more fleshed out!

Linux users, sorry, but I couldn't get the AppImage executable working. Please install on your system and run

$ love

Hi all, I documented a minimal Fennel setup to use Raylib here:  This setup uses the Luajit-based binding from the raylib-lua project.  With a little tinkering, I was utterly amazed at how little needed to be done to integrate Fennel.  Kudos to the Fennel's maintainers and the community!

I don't know if I'll use this setup for my game jam entry this time or stick with the tried-and-true alexjgriffith/min-love2d-fennel.  We'll see!  However, feel free to submit issues or your feedback.  Thanks!

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Thank you for the post! My submission to Lisp Game Jam 2022 - ctga (, was built with Fennel and LÖVE, too, using the min-love2d-fennel template :)

I feel like I've only scratched the surface of game development/design, so I'll check out the links you shared. Thank you for sharing and maintaining the repo 🙏

Thanks for the tips!  The game already looks polished with the camera movements and the game mechanics.  I was even more amazed when I learned about the in-game level editor!  I want to build a level editor for my next game too.  It really seems like a nice workflow to learn.

As an observation, this game does not start a Fennel REPL on the side, if I'm not mistaken.  I can only imagine the REPL might not fit well with your in-game level-editing workflow.  Or perhaps REPL just doesn't work that well with Lua's module system.   If there's anything you would share about your game development workflow, I'll be interested to know!  Thanks again for sharing.  Cheers!

Thank you for the game!  I love this game's artwork, color palette, and map design.  Exploring the map itself is a lot of fun for me.  :)

Thank you very much for sharing the source code!  With very little game dev background myself, reading the source code was inspiring and helped me learn more about game development with Fennel.   Cheers!

LOL I knew the tutorials weren't good enough but glad you still enjoyed it.   Thank you for playing!