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Love the idea really interesting and fun I went a bit overboard with the coding to translate all into a single string with 1 char commands, I had once a zombie stand on top of the turret and I couldn't operate it, great stuff and if you want any short term help I'd be glad to spend some time on it, I wanna see it improved!

Really liked it, on my screen tho text is super small, idk if it's my setup or not (1080p laptop with chrome)

Very well made, I hope it will in the future release also for mobile I can see myself dropping days into these puzzles

Game mechanics are on point, I could play it a lot expecially timing and tombs

I liked it, there are a couple of things that I noticed playing: dash cooldown it not indicated so it's hard to actually use it reasonably, the other is enemy spawn point doesn't seem to care about where you are (can spawn on top of you and shoots don't work in that case so you need to save the dash for that case). Apart from those 2, art and the idea of health passing trough enemy are really well done

I had to reset a bunch to move around because it seems the "target" for right click gets taken by raycasting and the current used object is included in the search (resulting in being 99% stuck with the trashcan if you use it because it covers the cursor), apart from that I like a lot the concept and the movement of most object is really fun

I loved it, warioware vibes really on point, I was confused by the "surfer" vibe of the menu music before letting it go on and start ghostly synth, I really liked the track

I like the concept, it's a good story, but as said far from the jam theme, I liked the egg not caring for stuff!

I really liked the game, I already seen you redid dialog at the last time so it's probably related the fact that multiple dialog boxes can spawn on top one another, apart from that minor inconvenience I like the lower movement speed and thought it was more reasonable than stopping completely the player!

This is fantastic I can play it for hours, expecially with the various ghosts, highlights of the experience are for sure that you can "buy" toilet paper from the bathroom and the buff ghost winking, very well done

I think I got the bug other talk about too (but it seemed more than level 4 to me?)

The game mechanic is very fun to play expecially stacking bodies on the edge of each other to make a bridge!

Having to look the room while cleaning them is a nice touch that makes it a little bit harder, also I noticed you can go trough walls! (teleport from room to room without moving in the hallways, it would have been very hard otherwise). The `C` for the door knob was so well put and all the art is fantastic, nice job

Amazing game, very well done expecially color coded ghost AI, the yellow/orange one has a similar concept as PacMan orange one, I don't know if it's intentional, but I love that detail

There is a series of interconnected factors that shape this game, the main of which dates back to the 30th of April, but it wouldn't fit in this tiny comment page to explain the audacity and resolve of this project, so in layman's terms this game is really cool! Thankfully one I opened notes I read "thank you for reading" so I avoided spoilers, I liked the story and the art is amazing.

Clicking options in the main menu took me to

and ignoring the error will start the game normally with the CRASH screen, replaying it I know it's not intentional, but it really made me laugh hard :)

Nice mechanic, I like the slipperyness, I managed to softlock by jumping the border the first time I played

Really liked the game and the fantastic menu movement, my programmer side had ptsd when I killed the first enemy due null nodepath manipulation in the console :P but apart from that really a solid entry

Very well done art, "toggle" took me a bit to get, the only thing I have to say (apart from audio) is the selection, sometimes I feel like it would be more natural to put the selector after a move on the target square instead of keeping it where it was

This is just "bop" :) this aside I really liked the spheres in time with the music, a bit hard to go by reflexes because of the hard shading on the balls so the color was not subconsciously clear, but I really enjoyed playing it

Very cool concept, had some trouble turning with the fact that butterflies can spawn literally behind you made it a lot hard on some run to find them

To be fair I'm glad you forgot the end condition, no joke I played for it for half an hour straight, I had absolutely no clue of what I was doing, but I knew I wanted more of it!!! Nothing else to say I was too lost into it, sign of an amazing game

Nice, I see a lot of people thought controls were minimalistic, but it took me some time to understand that i could just click once and movement was automatic so I can shoot behind me, really cool game (sounds go crazy and stop with many enemies on screen like near 178/5 high score)

The best soundtrack I've heared so far! I like the leanient hurtboxes of the wasps, seems the iframes don't work tho, it might be a bug (no pun intended)

Really long tutorial and too many dead cats at the end of it, but it's a fun card based game, it took me some time to get the mechanics and I did like 5 rounds all at 1hp being a bit smart and having some luck

I had a lot of fun playing it and nice catch to do it for 2 minimalist jams! really clever

Thanks a lot for the feedback, I was a bit worried about balancing and prices I need to playtest it a bit more to find the right spot

Very good game, nice mechanics and well made difficulty curve, I had fun playing it and will come back to it.

The boss mechanics and so on makes me think of enter the gungeon and modded terraria levels of AI, they are hard but mostly predictable definitely the best in my opinion for this kind of game!

I noticed the red bullets sometimes dealt 2 damage, sometimes 1, if they are different bullet based on enemy I'd make them 2 different colours, if it is a double-collision issue I'm fine with it, doesn't make the game unplayable and the time contraint don't make it easy to fix this last minute.

Very nice game, a bit hard on the player with the death asteroids appearing from the side, good sounds (had some hickups in the sound, but I use Godot too so I know it's a common problem for web export)

It started as a bug, but noticed that hitting the ball with the corner of the paddle makes it go at an angle.

The ball follows the physics engine I was adding the angle to be dependent on position of hit like normal pong, but gameplay seemed more interesting/challenging this way.

Why the f* no?

Fantastic story, I don't know if it is a bug or a feature but after not putting the syrup in the bottle it says "Are you still gonna play this game?", put it in the jar anyway but do not mark it as done, so the game softlocks (nice touch if it was intentional ":)")

Love this puzzle and the material-design vibe that fits nicely with CMYK

Really nice aesthetic and vibe, I loved the mechanic! I can see this as a really fun mobile game with a bit of work on collisions and more levels