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Hello! :D

For the camera I'm testing a few things, as for the angle of the camera, I think the fix I have in mind will do the trick for that, need to keep testing though, for now. 

As for the controls... basically it fails to reset them sometimes, so what I'll do is re-do them (still using the new input package, but in a different way to test) so that i can find why that happens.

Thank you for giving it a try and for the feedback! :D

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I've enjoyed it so far, but for a moment got lost when reaching the office, basically gone out the red door to the entrance, and the greeting event repeated. Probably the event is not being disabled after happening(?).

Also, i might have missed a hint or something, but didn't know that the "phone" was by pressing ESC, given that there was so many interactable objects, I've been searching for it around the office.

The other thing I'd like to suggest like Alpaca Rider mentioned, would be the addition of a crosshair kind of pointer, to help with aiming.

Thank you! :D

And yeah, sorry for the controls part: I'll have to rewrite it, but whatever change I do I'll try to make it feel the same way (just without the bug).

Oh, i see... Indeed, I don't want the camera to distract players from the game. I'll try a few approaches with that and see what works better.

Thank you :D

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Hello, the camera and controls are on the top of the list for things to be fixed, but since I will have to most likely redo both systems, I'll wait until after the voting period to do so.

Thank you for the feedback :)

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The inputs can be a bit messy but other than the respawn i though they were standard enough? I saw some games using the numpad to control the camera and the Q/E/R/F keys too, can't remember which one it was though to reference the name.

One thing that I'm definitely going to change will be to capture the mouse into the screen, and get the camera rotation from there for a better experience. 

Thank you for the feedback! :D

Edit: If you could be a bit more specific about what you would change, that'd help me figuring a better solution when i reprogram the inputs.
What i have in mind is to remove Cinemachine's input controller, and make my own. Then for keyboard I'd make the camera snap to 90º turns, but for the mouse, to allow free camera spin using the mouse for camera horizontal movement, and the mouse wheel to zoom in/out.

Just to show one of the spots in case it helps you testing, this is after the initial cinematic, when you go up to the right, in the "T" intersection of the path.

" haven't seen the itch messaging error and take no responsibility for it :)" 
Hahahahah, itchio seems to really lie trolling me when sending comments, got that error quite a few times today :P

Also, didn't notice the tilt thing, i will download it tommorrow and try again, else at this rate i won't sleep, lol. (5:30am xD) 

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I  love this pinball simulator, indeed, really well simulated physics for the ball! Used to play a lot of pinball machines. I have a bug to report though, which made me have to restart the game when i was at about 5k of score but the ball got stuck and the flipper became basically the ball would launch vertically a tiiiiny bit and then back to being stuck:

O the top left of the "A" paddle on the image.

Cheers, and nonetheless a very good game. I think tomorrow i'll download it since the browser version was a bit laggy on that map for me.

PS: what's up with itchio and weird errors when sending messages? LOL it said the message had to be between 1 and -214700000(whatever) characters long xDD

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I like this game, I'm really bad at this kind of games, but i finally finished it :)

Very nice aesthetics, sound design, and very pleasant to figure out/complete, great job! :D

One thing though, even if you give  clues or hints, don't make it too direct like the maze's one. 
In example, indicating the pathway in the hint is fine, but that "active tracking" kind of took away the fun of the maze (it was actually the level i got through the quickest aside of the final one).

So, here's my suggestion: give the active tracking of the map hint a timer that starts when the player enters the maze, and becomes active if the player is inside the maze for too long. That way the player still has a chance to take a wrong turn and mess up, at least for a while ;)

I love the vibe of the game,  and nice graphics too! Also, the music matches the game nicely.
The effects when killing the enemies were indeed really nice :D

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Yeah, sorry for that. I kind of regret having used the new unity's input, that's where the glitchiness comes from due to it being processed different.  Also made my "pause" and settings useless and did not have time to rework it.

After the game jam i'll grab all of the feedback and update it, first the controls because i feel like it's a essential part (and don't want to break that current "weight" feel that the ball has), then the camera because of cinemachine issues due to my first time using it for 3d (and then the rest of the feedback/levels).

Thank you very much for giving it a try and for the feedback :D

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I love it! Fun mechanics with the objects bouncing off eachother, the "spaghettification?" 😂 made me laugh, and the overall aesthetic and music made it really fun to play.
Really good job, specially if it was your first game jam, congratulations :D

I probably didn't do too well but it's a bit late here, so I'll try again tomorrow :P

Thank you SO much!
I sadly only had about 5 days worth of work available to work on it (i had planed to at least make one full level using blender, but got out of scope due to that 😔 )

I'll definitely patch the controls and maybe add/polish the levels, oh and the Cinemachine camera, I had to settle with a "good enough" there :D

PS: if you like the game please consider sharing it so more people sees it, and thank you if you do! 😊

For just two days, indeed, this is very nicely made.

I love the design of it, that arcade kind of vibe was a nice design choice :)

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(like other people mentioned)I love  the psx/old graphics kind of vibe, very nice ambience :D

Also, I've accidentally found out that i could climb trees xD

Fun game, completed it! :)

One thing only: Some parts of the terrain the character kind of.. walks into the ground? as if the collider and the mesh for the terrain were 2 separate things. I don't know how it works in Unreal though.

Indeed hahaha!

Seriously though, good job :D

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I love it, great job guys! 
Also, the music matches it really well :D

Edit: Do the bullets spawn differently/random? every few shots there's one that does not reach the targets when moving horizontally (to the right, most of the times).

Thank you :D

Hello and apologies for that! The only way for me to fix it was to fully rework the controls script, and had no time left sadly :(

Thank you for checking it out, I'll make sure to check your game as well :D

Note about the controls issue: after testing further I've noticed that it's due to a bug when pressing both axis at once (diagonal movement), or when holding it while the camera rotates.

Had no time to fix that and since it would require a full rework of the input part of the script, i don't know if that'd be okay as a patch, so I'll wait just in case.

For now, I'd suggest to use single input directions (in example, press forward, then rotate the camera and forward again), that can help alleviate the problem till i get it fixed. Thanks for the report guys!

Hello and apologies for that! The only way for me to fix it was to fully rework the controls script, and had no time left.

Thank you for checking it out, I'll make sure to check your game as well :D

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Thank you once again, cheers! :D

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Thank you for the kind words and suggestions!

Please be sure that I'll take them in consideration, as of now I don't feel ready yet to publish and make a fully commercial game, so I want to focus on keep learning for a while, also to gather experience while i do so.

I do 100% agree with what you've said about the lives, and once I'm done with the learning part I'll revisit and evaluate if it's better to rewrite it from 0 (for polishing specially backend and future-proofing) or if it's viable to update and add the mechanics i had in mind for it, long term.

As for Unity... yeah, I'd say that if not the most versatile, at the very least is one of the most versatile engines. It has a lot of features but it also empowers developers to build their own tools for it, not just games or apps. (To put a example (Youtube link), you can even code a custom brush script for the tile map brush).

Have a nice day, and also sorry for the delay replying, I'll make sure i get the notifications since it failed to notify me this time :D

Hello! Whew, been a while.

Due to personal matters I've been more busy than expected and couldn't get to work on this as soon as I've wanted, so apologies for the delay.

Now the good news, the translation update is finally here!
Here's the devlog with the changes if you would like to take a look:

Cheers, and have fun! :)

You're welcome, and thank you :)

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Hello, i'm glad that you liked it!
Sorry for the delay as i was experiencing some PC issues last weeks (finally solved).

This was a game jam project, aimed to improve my skills by releasing the game in a given time, which after it, received a patch to fix gameplay issues reported by the players who tested it. 

It's going to take me some days to be able to get to do it, but sure, i will translate it to English! :)

The engine used is Unity, and the programming language is C#.

Have a happy 2022! :)

La mecánica del juego no está mal, pero no creo que encaje con lo de "demasiado larga".
Mi primera sensación al jugarlo ha sido que se vuelve estrecha, no larga. Si bien la mecánica es original, no creo que se adapte al tema de la jam por una razón muy simple: que no se vuelve "inconvenientemente larga" sino "incovenientemente estrecha".

Dicho esto, el juego está bien y la idea es original. Tiene un tipo de arte bien trabajado y la música no está mal pero creo que la del menú acompaña mejor al juego en general.

Otra cosa que le noto es que es un juego que busca darle prisa al jugador, pero creo que lo hace de forma demasiado forzada. 
Es decir: empiezas un nivel e inmediatamente se encoge y super rápido, no te da tiempo de explorar a ver qué hay que hacer. Por ejemplo en el primer nivel hay un botón, pero no te da tiempo de verlo si te vas a la derecha, que es lo que el juego te instiga a hacer con tanta prisa. Darle unos segundos al jugador para que explore y que luego empiece el proceso de reducir el tamaño de la pantalla, o que empiece lento y se acelere con el tiempo haría que le diera una mejor experiencia de juego al jugador.

Por último: Colisiones para el reinicio del salto. Tal como está te permite escalar las paredes, y como decía @GreatBC, caer fuera del mapa. Esto es sencillo de arreglar, en lugar de utilizar el collider entero, se coloca uno en los pies del jugador y algo más estrecho que el del propio jugador, así evitas que detecte las paredes.

Es un buen juego y la idea es original, pero encuentro que le faltan algunas cosas por refinar.

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Buen juego y divertido, aunque soy un desastre para este tipo de juego :P

El tutorial es simple (bueno!) y te permite experimentar con los controles.
Lo que le noto es que las partículas destacan demasiado comparado con los enemigos.
La del ataque está bien, pero por ejemplo los "trails" de partículas que dejan las calaveras, cuando hay muchas de ellas se vuelven una distracción. (Esto es desde el punto de vista de alguien que no está acostumbrado a este tipo de juegos).

Visualmente está muy bien y aunque el nivel pueda parecer simple, es más que suficiente.
Quizá aprovechar que las pantallas modernas ofrecen resoluciones más grandes para dar algo más de espacio al jugador estaría bien, pero si eso no entra en los objetivos de diseño del juego, está perfecto tal como está.

Mi objetivo con estas reviews es mantenerme neutral, compartiendo mi opinión y punto de vista, así como sugerencias. Es un muy buen juego y tiene un diseño sólido detrás ;)

Edit: Me ha vuelto a pasar el bug en el que Itchio me da error el postear, y luego se envía dos veces, he borrado el otro.

Buenas, te dejo algunas sugerencias para tu juego:

  • Lo primero de todo, indicaciones al jugador: Pueden ser sutiles (luces a lo largo de un camino mientras los demás están sin luz, por ejemplo), Indicaciones de teclas en los textos ("Pulsa Espacio para continuar"), o una flecha que señale a un objeto (Ubicación del objetivo). Según el tipo de juego querrás que sean más explícitas (decir directamente qué hacer)  o más sutiles como el ejemplo con el camino iluminado. Ten siempre en mente el tipo de juego y el objetivo del mismo (como diseño) para saber cómo aplicar esto.
  • Es demasiado caótico, el texto cuando vuelves mientras lo lees ya estás recibiendo golpes, no pausa el juego hasta que lo lees/continuas, y hay demasiados elementos en la pantalla. El jugador se encuentra con demasiada información de golpe y se vuelve rápidamente caótico.
    Personalmente, esto lo arreglaría haciendo que aparecieran cosas poco a poco, en lugar de todo de golpe. Así te daría tiempo de procesar qué hace cada cosa y sería más ordenado. También muy importante si tienes una tecla de sprint (espacio) separarla de la de pasar textos, pues puede hacer que te saltes alguno por accidente, y no hay un "log" que te permita ver textos anteriores, por lo que podrías perderte totalmente lo que hay que hacer a continuación fácilmente.

La idea está bien, pero es demasiado caótica desde que vuelves a la granja. Mi sugerencia principal es la de no bombardear al jugador con información sea visual o de textos, manteniendo lo que aparece más organizado y poco a poco, al menos hasta que el jugador se acostumbre, de ahí la sugerencia de hacerlo de forma secuencial, por ejemplo.

Un concepto simple e interesante, me gusta la idea de un juego estilo "Snake" pero con un toque de puzzle.

Lo único que cambiaría sería o mover la tecla del espacio para reiniciar a algo que no le des por accidente, o al acabar el nivel la desactivaría. Porque si la pulsas por accidente tras completar el nivel te lo reinicia y te toca repetirlo.

Conforme iba a enviar esto, acabo de ver el comentario de @santoo, que comenta el pulsar dos direcciones (diagonal producía bugs y bueno.. esto es lo que me ha ocurrido al probar: 

He conseguido completar el nivel utilizando únicamente diagonales W+A y W+D. Para que esto ocurra se han de pulsar exactamente a la vez.

Me gusta el concepto y el juego es divertido :D

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This is a nice looking game, the environment (both visuals and ambience/sfx) is well done and the characters combine well with it.

The game idea is nice and well thought, however, in order to smooth player's experience i'm going to throw a couple of suggestions:

  • Lack of tutorial: there is one on the page, but even if as a image sequence I'd still suggest adding one. This could be a introduction screen with a image or two with the controls and basic objectives (spoilers as in exactly what to find can be avoided here so the player explores on his own).
    *One of the first things I've tried was interacting with things using enter like in most of these games, but to be able to review it the first 2-3 attempts. (I did so without reading the game page for controls and such, this was on purpose so i could see how intuitive it was on the very first try).
  • Npc/guard detections are unclear: sometimes they detect me as soon as they reach the screen's render distance, sometimes while exploring with the camera (pressing space), a guad rushed from almost the storage all the way south until reaching me at the Village's southern entrance.
    *To be sure this was the case, tested a few more times and happenned again, so it wasn't just a random path form the guard casually reaching me, he was actively tracking me.
  • Guard patrols: Since the range seems to be so wide, i think for balancing it would be better if the patrols moved at a slower pace, and then when detect you, sprint.
  • Camera: The camera movement feels really nice and smooth, but for this kind of game i think it would fit better for the camera to move a bit ahead of the player, instead of following behind. Because of the patrols range this is a inconvinence when trying to sneak around because cuts part of the vision. And yes, you can swap cameras, but you can't do this while being chased by a guard.
  • Storage needs feedback, a sprite in example a crate getting full when ready, and empty when stealing, or a "success" sound effect would be welcome, because it made me doubt if i actually activated or not.

I like the game's idea and objectives, the game is nice and it could become really fun by polishing a few things, plus I think this kind of game is easy to expand from if you ever decide to update or add more levels/objectives to it, so solid work there! :D

Buenas, disculpa que conteste tarde, ha sido un día movidito hoy. 

Me alegra oír que te ha funcionado bien al final. ;)


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En teoría está configurado para que se cape a 60.

Aquí puedes ver que a mí me queda capado a 60fps, con la misma build de

Podrías decirme las especificaciones de tu pc?
Mira también si tienes algún programa que pueda estar interfiriendo con el juego o bloqueándolo (un overlay, o el tipo de antivirus que bloquea primero y pregunta después). 

Si a alguien más le ha ocurrido esto me gustaría saberlo, porque no estoy seguro a qué se debe y desde luego es algo que quiero arreglar. No puedo parchearlo hasta después de la Jam pero me interesa que pueda ejecutarse en todo tipo de sistemas, así que haré tantas pruebas como sea posible.

Le echaré un vistazo al juego así que pueda, igual que a los demás que no he valorado aún. Llevo un par de días que apenas he podido estar en el pc. 

Saludos y gracias,

Muchas gracias, me alegro que te haya gustado lo suficiente como para volver a jugarlo! 

La parte de colisiones voy a tener que rehacer parte del controlador del personaje, así que me llevará unos días, pero creo que puedo tenerlo listo para cuando acabe la Jam.

También tengo planeado algún pequeño extra y un par de cosas que quiero arreglar adicionales, pero primero lo que afecta la jugabilidad, y luego lo demás ;)

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At first glance, since I'm not used to this kind of game it was a bit confusing. I got that the keys had to be on the drums but was distracted with the light and bright elements of the screen. Also the goblins, and overall looking at the art of the game wich is really smooth.

Then I've played a second time, this time looking at the bottom, guessed i had to click where the arrows were so the better they matched, the better the score, also, the music really adds to the game and does not feel repetitive at all.

There is only one thing that i would improve, and that would be the visual feedback of the inputs.  It felt a bit lacking in there to me due to the text and having a small screen. I think a sprite that expands in size (from the drum) when a input have been made properly would've given it a better feedback for the player (in example a circle with the color of perfect/good/bad).

This is a great game, and well polished overall. I've enjoyed playing it, great job guys :D

Revisaré eso para ver el fallo que mencionas, tengo que rehacer el sistema de la colisión (estoy en ello aún y no estará disponible hasta que acabe la jam ya que igualmente no puedo subirlo hasta entonces). Lo de la rampa es por el collider del tilemap, lo arreglaré después de lo de la nariz ya que rompe la experiencia de juego.

Muchas gracias por tomarte el tiempo de contestar, ten por seguro que lo tendré en cuenta cuando le actualice las colisiones ;)

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Hola, muchas gracias por probarlo y por el feedback! :D

Los assets están detallados en la página del proyecto, y está hecho en 6 días, por lo que me centré en la programación lo cual es mi fuerte por ahora, y utilicé assets que tenía comprados de Humble bundle, o gratuitos como el efecto de sonido de pasos del pack de la GDC ya que son cosas que de momento no puedo hacer o que no me habría dado tiempo sino.

Colisiones: la verdad, tengo que rehacerle el sistema de colisiones. (W.I.P) 
Al ser mi primer proyecto de este tipo y en 2D había cosas que no conocía, y para cuando las vi ya no daba tiempo de arreglarlo para la jam.

Saludos y gracias de nuevo, definitivamente coincido y lo tengo en mente para la actualización.