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Hecking fun

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Simple and weirdly addicting! I can see myself playing this on my phone for a while haha.

Not really a game where you can win/lose per say, but still pretty interesting! A bit confusing, but I suppose that's the point, pretty cool.

Pretty fun! While there isn't much to do after you've killed the "player",  I had fun amassing enemies and overwhelming them. Player and enemies are a bit slow, but the game isn't too difficult once you've built enough dark fountains so it isn't much of an annoyance.

Literally insane

This is so freaking fun. I love when things zoom fast in games! Chaining your shots and then being greeted with the 3D animation between every level is so badass. The music slaps too. Well done!!!

A bit late, but I made a post-jam version with subtitles on my Newgrounds page a while ago!

Fixed!!!! Found a workaround!! Share as much as you want now!!!!!!

Yea, due to's security measures, you can't have a game write to the player's clipboard.

Clipboard works when hosted on my website

That's right fellas, I have made a new game called Times Newer Roman where users collaborate with each other on a font, drawing every letter of the alphabet and voting on the best creations, making the most heinous and silliest typeface of all time. I already released the game on Newgrounds and had some amazing contributions. Here's hoping helps with this project!

Play Here!

Drawings of Letters

look at these silly drawings!!!!

I really like the magnet mechanic! Nothing is more satisfying than chaining a bunch of blue guys in a row and ramming them into a red guy to get a ton of points. I especially like the sound and visual effects when you  activate the magnet power! Also, this was the first time seeing magnets used in this game jam, so kudos to you. The game requires you to think but isn't insanely challenging, allowing you to reach a zen state of linking magnetic enemies. One of the better endless games of the jam!

I love the artstyle! There's a lot of fun in waiting it out and persevering in the game to see which creature shows up next. Though the game gets a bit repetitive, as after each "boss evolution", the next one takes double the amount of time to make as the previous one. Maybe make the skulls spawn more frequently or make higher level bosses spawn to make the game more challenging and interesting. Despite this, it was super addictive due to the high amount of things you have to do (even though it takes a long time to make new bosses, you are always moving stuff!) and the fantastic artstyle! Fun game overall!

Pretty interesting mechanic that's explored extensively! The puzzles were pretty clever, even though I was struggling a lot while playing the game. My biggest complaint is the difficulty jump of the levels. It goes from manageable to pretty difficult fairly fast, though I guess it's hard to make simplistic levels with a game mechanic as complex as this. The platforming involved is also pretty intense for a puzzle game, but it also creates some satisfying maneuvers. Clever game!


Glad you pulled through :)

Thanks for the bug report and the compliments! Should have probably disabled the tools until after the animation is done, haha.

Yea we've been having issues with videos working on browser, which is a shame because we really liked the ending! Glad you found the walkthrough and enjoyed the game :)

So sorry about the background videos not working on browser! Will try to fix after the jam, as that's the biggest problem we've been facing!  A scrolling list of actions and an undo button is on the to-do list (It was in the original planning phase but we didn't have enough time to polish those elements). Glad you liked the game!

Probably one of the best names of this game jam, and that's saying something! Was fun seeing all the tiny stuff orbit around you and combining with other stars. My biggest complaint however, is when you start out it's really hard to see which stars are small since stars can just look small because they're far away. However, this doesn't really detract from the nice atmosphere (no pun intended?) the music and the graphics convey. Solid game!

This was so fun to experiment and the whole time I was wondering how someone could put so much thought in the attributes and different synergies of crew members. Though these types of games aren't my cup of tea for my small smooth brain, it was pretty fun blindly putting crew members next to each other and reading what happens next! It's pretty clear that a lot of thought and passion was put in this project :)

The art of this game is amazing. Really gives each celestial body a personality (especially love the cute earth sprite and the sun wearing sunglasses) which makes the game much more fun and lovable. The puns at the end after winning/losing (and even the title too!) were simply beautiful. Despite being really simple and not having anyone to play it with, I had a blast for the few minutes I was playing the game! Lots of charm all around here :)

Pretty fun and unique concept. Having to control two players is a gimmick that hasn't really been explored in this jam, so kudos to you guys! I really like the personality the art gives the game and it greatly enhances the game. The game overall was pretty fun (though I don't see anyone reaching the 384 million miles) and the energy bar mechanic makes it so you have to coordinate each character and manage which one would be the one that does the heavy lifting, which was pretty satisfying once I was able to pull it off! My only complaint was that the rope is too short. Crossing the gap is just so cumbersome, especially due to the fact that you have to do it in such short amount of time before the boulders fall on you. Despite this, it was a pretty fun game overall and a great interpretation of the theme!

Really unique concept! Though there weren't many puzzles, it was pretty fun trying to coordinate and control both characters at once! Haven't really seen many people try this concept before and I guess it's because programming two players at once is pretty daunting, so kudos to you! My only complaint was that at first it was really confusing to control the characters since there were so many buttons on screen and the game didn't really explain it well, so I found myself often scrolling back to the description to see what buttons did what. Hope you work on this some more as this concept is really cool!

Glad you liked our game! Sorry about the browser version, since Unity (our game engine) can't run video files locally in browser, it streams them from a server and that seems to result in it being a black screen 25% of the time. The backgrounds are fixed on the downloadable version since the video files are stored on the machine for that version. Happy to hear that this didn't make your experience with the game worse and that you even enjoyed it even more :). Thanks for all the kind words!

When first introduced to the game mechanic, I didn't really think it could be used that much and only generate a limited amount of puzzles. Glad you guys showed me wrong and used the game mechanic to its full extent. There was one level where you have to use the springs and then change your hitbox mid-air to hit another spring. It's moments like that where the genius in level design shows. The dwarves adding to the music was a nice touch too :). Only complaint was that it took a while to figure out your jump height is shortened with more dwarves, but it didn't take too long. Solid game overall!

Neat game! Simple and to the point. The sound effects and simple aesthetic really fit together and make killing the nodes much more satisfying. The difficulty curve is a bit weird as sometimes it would go from a hard level then to a super easy level. Overall, a solid game!

Interesting premise of a game, however there isn't much to do in the game except survive as long as possible which gets a bit repetitive once you've found a bunch of green and red cubes. Has a lot of potential with more types of cubes and obstacles and showcases an interpretation of the theme that was pretty unique!

The game starts out pretty complex for my small brain, but after you figure out what you need to do such as prioritizing certain resources, it becomes pretty fun managing your planets and stuff. However, once you reach an equilibrium with your resources where the resource rate is positive for all types, it becomes a bit boring. Maybe some more end game stuff or incentives to keep exploring? Overall, solid game with an interesting take on the theme that I haven't seen much of!

On one hand, the ship moves way too fast and objects are only on screen for like a second until you crash into them. On the other hand, moving at light speed is super fun. The gameplay, once you got the hang of it, was pretty fun and I like how everything is integrated into the main game instead of just a menu. The restart animation was a bit too long (Every time you die you have to wait through a bunch of splash screens) and I think the music was playing twice at the same time for me. Overall, a fun game!

Really fun and then it gets really hectic and stressful, which isn't a bad thing :). My main gripe is that there are too many icons on the screen and so many phones that you get so much sensory overload. I really like the simplified aesthetic going on with the emojis!

Pretty neat concept of combining yourself with other enemies and good interpretation of the theme! The chicken moves a bit too slow which makes some levels feel like it takes too long. The sprites, especially the chicken were pretty well made.  The flag pole throwing levels were a bit finicky with the hitboxes. Overall, a pretty creative puzzle platformer!

You're English is really good, don't worry :). My friends don't know how to program, but they are artists/musicians/etc and have played video games before, so they help despite me doing most of the work. Maybe get your friends in non-coding roles (since programming is scary to most people) in order to help during game jams.

Just keep making games! My games sucked big time when I was starting out, but with each game you learn something new! It's like unlocking new stuff to play around with, by making each new game something out of your comfort zone (This was the first time using Unity's animation tool and like my second time making a 2D platformer!). Finding a group of friends to bounce ideas and laugh together also helps. For reference, I've been making games for around 3 years (Only started uploading games on when I thought my games were starting to get good which makes it seem like I always put out decent games, which isn't true!). I've played your two games on (which are pretty good!) and with a bit of polish, you can make some excellent projects!


The joined together physics made the game pretty fun! Graphics were a bit confusing to get used to, but once you get past that hurdle the puzzles were pretty enjoyable. The green gem was a bit too overpowered and there was a bug that made my green gem disappear off to the side of the screen so I couldn't move further. Adding some sound effects would also be great! Really good interpretation of the theme!

Really addictive, especially with the sound effects and shakes giving the player feedback. Great take on the 2048 genre of games! A bit rng dependent though as the game relies on water so much and the theme connection is a bit rough. Nonetheless, I had a lot of fun playing this!

Cool ideas, but I feel as the reversed controls were too confusing and the gameplay at the beginning introduces so many new mechanics, it's hard to get a foothold on the puzzle solving.

God that was so weird, but in a good way :)

This game is a certified banger, everything from the artstyle to the music is just exquisite and fits together so well! The level design is complex enough that you have to think but not too intense that you have to move the spark at light speed and perform pixel perfect jumps. Super fun stuff and had a lot of "lightbulb" moments. Like there was one level where you had to jump over some obstacles and in mid-jump you had to deactivate a platform while the robot is lifeless but still has the momentum from the initial jump. That stuff is genius and poured dopamine straight into my braincells when I figured it out. I can see this game placing really high!

Darkness as a gameplay mechanic has never really sit well with me, whether it be with Mario or the Binding of Isaac, I just didn't find the appeal of blindly going through corridors and hoping nothing kills you. This game might have changed my mind. It's just so fun turning on your flashlight (Thank god for this game mechanic!) and blasting enemies in a stealth-wise fashion while 80's synthwave plays in the background! The concept of switching between the flashlight and the gun creates really satisfying moments where you shoot through the dark semi-blindly but killing 5 enemies in the process. Played the game all the way through without feeling bored (some levels like the kill 19 enemy level did come close though). While the theming does feel like stretch, it is absolutely one of my favorites of this jam.