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This is a really fun and enjoyable game, and while the bullet hell is really challenging, I found the concept to be unique and the game to be fun.

This is a pretty good game. I like it, but I found, as some others did, that the lack of UI made the game a bit harder to understand, but as a whole, it was pretty fun.

You have to go back up the pit you fell down. You might need to double dash.

It's a fun experience, not exactly a puzzler, but an interesting play. I had fun.

This is a really fun and cool game, the art is beautiful and the game is very cool, but one issue that I found is that on certain monsters, after you attack a bit, every attack deals more damage. On the final enemy, on the second turn and onwards, when you would deal 1 damage, you deal 11, when you would deal 2, you deal 18, and so on. Otherwise, It's a very nice game. 

This is such a cool idea! Fun gameplay, challenging puzzles, smart mechanics, great art, and fun SFX; this game rocks! (Or should I say rolls?)

This is a pretty good game, but I had to look at what the abilities did, since it wasn't obvious from playing. That was probably just me, though.

This is a hard game, but it's fun to play. I like the limited randomness, how each part is doable, albeit with different difficulty, regardless of your abilities. Bold and creative concept, well executed, and fun to play.

This is a fun idea for a game, and I enjoy playing it quite a bit. The bullets can get overwhelming fast, but I think if I had a bit more skill, I'd probably rock it. Using your HP as a resource is tricky, but I love this as a game base and would love to see it fleshed out more.

 It's a cool game idea, and I like the game. I have a few critiques, but they're pretty minor. The die is a bit difficult to pick up, and since you can still edit the page during the jam, maybe you could provide instructions on what the upgrades do? I didn't understand them at first, but once I did, I found them amazing. Cool idea, well executed.

The game was a bit big in my browser, I had to scroll around to see the full screen, but all in all, I really enjoyed it. Clever puzzler, good music, fun game.

This is a great idea and a fun game. Sometimes if you speed through the dialogue, the game glitches out and refuses to show a dialogue in the box, but I suppose that's my fault for skipping through. I really like the slower pace of this game, and the strategy is very appealing.

I enjoyed the game quite a bit, it's a really cool concept, but I found that in certain cases, it was really hard to influence the die. (But then, as soon as I wrote that, I figured out a way I could have influenced the die with only one slanted piece and I feel kinda silly for writing that)

Completely understandable. And it worked great without an undo, so no harm done.

This game is what you said it was and what I expected it to be: a simple and fun platformer. It is a bit aimless and I agree that the collisions are a bit odd with walls and enemies, but it doesn't affect the game, and collisions are finicky.

This game is one of the best I've seen yet. I enjoy it all a lot, the enemies are smart enough to put you on the ropes, yet sometimes give you a break in peril, the concept is clever, and the cyclops is wonderful. Great game.

Thank you so much! 

Yeah, this happens too often. thanks for playing, though!

Thanks for the comment, I agree that my plan was a bit over-ambitious. The way I felt it met the theme was that in the wands you get, you can equip multiple spells, and when you use that wand, a random spell inside is cast, so it's a roll of the dice what happens.

I really enjoyed it!

Best game I've played so far. There's nothing else to say except "please win".

That was awesome.

I agree with Morgan, I soon realised that when you imagine the dice in 3D, it becomes a game about careful management of dice and experimentation.

I like this game a lot. Frantically casting dice into the world because OH MY GOSH WHY ARE THERE SO MANY PEOPLE is really funny. 

This game is pretty fun! I like seeing a narrative game, and I found the play pretty interesting. Cool idea! (Fourth stage is waaaay hard though. I couldn't beat it.)

Oh, wow! I've played about 5 games so far, and this is the only one that I really had fun with. When I was thinking of an idea, I almost immediately disregarded puzzlers given the dice theme. Looking at this game, I see that I was totally wrong. I hope this game wins, it was a super fun play, and it left me wanting more. This is an awesome game. (Maybe, though, if you do a full release, you could add an undo button to spare me a few resets? Maybe I just missed it, but I didn't see one.)

I enjoy this game idea, I feel as though it was presented in the wrong medium. It became boring at times, death felt meaningless. Sometimes, I wanted to die just to try something else. I feel like one mix per round is not fun, since you can get stuck with a weapon you already got.

I'm afraid to say that I do not enjoy the game much. I see the idea, but from the controls that I see, there's nothing I can do to influence the gameplay besides scores, making it feel more like a semi-interactive movie than a game.

This is a very cool game. I love the concept. I do notice that enemies get very slow as they approach you, which makes dodging a breeze.

Enjoyable, but it definitely lives up to "frustrating". It's a good game, I like the concept, but I do agree with Colin EVMP that the dialogue boxes are a bit intrusive

Great game, very fun to play. I'd like more levels in the future, there's a lot you can do with this idea.