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This was a really cool take! Nice work.

Oh weird! It's supposed to work. I actually set Godot to use either triggers or the bumpers! 😩 I don't have a PlayStation controller to test, but it worked on my Logitech dual shock gamepad. You're right though! It definitely is the better way to play the game.

Thank you! 

Thank you! Yeah, sometimes there's a lot going on. 

Haha! Whoops! I need to set up a table tilt maneuver for sure

Thank you! Ball game devs unite!

Oh nooo! Far right bumper? I had a few other people get stuck over there :( The problem with doing jams by myself is I don't have time to run all the tests I need.

Oh! That was it! I didn't know I had to press UP! :-O

I think I've followed the username that posted your game here. I'll watch your career with great interest!

You're welcome very nachos! I hope you keep working and jamming

Well, keep going! You are on the right track :)

Hmm, I couldn't hear the jukebox at all on my computer. Perhaps a problem with my laptop, then. I had sound from some other games, but not yours. Will you be working further on this? I like where it's headed a lot.

This is a beautiful game that I had no clue how to not die immediately at haha.

I couldn't  figure out what to do? Every time I pressed spacebar next to a computer the character would stop moving for dialogue. But the dialogue wouldn't change. I couldn't figure out where to enter in a password or anything.

Otherwise, it's a beautiful game! Nice work. Love the music and the art. :) Wish I could have figured out what I was doing!

Really cute platformer! Love the art style and the music. Wasn't as enthusiastic about the slippery floors or dying when I run into the side of spikes. I liked it a lot, though. Nice work!

This is a really cute game. Nice work!

Really cool game! I wish there'd be some directions, but once I figured out there was a jetpack feature, it came together. Beautiful art! Couldn't figure out the jukebox control yet.

Hey Ball-game Brother(s)! Great concept! Love the artwork and music. Reminded me somewhat of Donkey Konga for the GameCube. Cool stuff!

This is so cute! I love it!

Thank you so much!! Glowing words 😊

Based on the response I've gotten, this is on my list of games to complete. Make sure to follow me and it'll let you know when I'm done updating it!

Ok, I figured it out. Very cool! Nice work!

This is really cool! I can't figure out how to get out of the first scene, but I loved the control and use of colors! Really excellent way to use the Limitation in your Gameplay.

Thanks! :D

I got the idea an old Sega Genesis game called Sonic Spinball. Loved that game when I was a kid, but wanted my own *ahem* spin on it.

You're right the battle aspect isn't as fleshed as it could be, which makes it less fun than it should be. If wishes were horses! I spent too long figuring out the quirks of rotation and ran out of time making the enemies interesting. And the table is a little difficult to manuever. Maybe a directional dash function so there's a tad more control to the pinball movement? Hmm...

Hey! Good catch! Thanks so much! Your feedback is noted.

Excellent game! Great playability, and the pause concept was rock solid. Nice work!

This is really cool! I only wish there was more time on the pause clock, because I'm playing with my trackpad and found even the first screen to be difficult to get through in time.

Fun game, nice art! I liked the sound effects you chose, they made it more fun to play. :)

Oh! Okay. I don't read other people's feedback unless I have an issue, just so it doesn't taint my score/review.

Cool! Great look and nice music. I got great joy out of crashing two cars together. Nice work!

Pretty clever use of the limitation. I liked that you created a mobile game. I don't play a lot of tap games, but this seemed to fit the bill. I felt like the heat meter builds too quick early in the game, though, and it would be better to have that work slow at first, then get faster as you become more notorious. Also, it took me a bit to realize I could buy multipliers of one revenue stream. Once I figured that out, it made more sense. Maybe people who are used to tap games would have gotten that faster.

Super cool. I love your aesthetic here, and those toilet paper lines are perfect! I always wish my computer was fast enough to play this in WebGL. Next time, maybe you could do a Windows export just for me? :)

Maybe I just had the impression it was on a grid because it felt like getting myself positioned to properly pick the bulba (bulbae? xD) was difficult. A light tap on the direction often moved me too far over, from one side to the other, and getting close enough to hover over them was tricky.

This was fun! I really enjoyed using the slow-down to drift around corners. I almost felt like that should have been the game, with a goal of getting from Point A to Point B in the city. Either so, nice work!

I don't know what an SB3 file is? I don't have Scratch. I did go and play it in the Scratch website though. Really like the music, and the game has a nice look to it. I wasn't sure if there was any way to escape the cops besides trying to pause time.

A cute, silly game. Not sure if I was playing it correctly.

Got OpenGL errors when I tried to play. Something about a fragment shader failing to compile.

I really liked this concept of pausing to ghost through walls. This was a fun play. I think the music didn't match the aesthetic of the rest of the game.

Very pretty game. Difficult without the pause function to allow you to switch directions on a go. Thanks!

Not bad for a first jam game! I got all the items but apparently still got caught. Keep practicing those skills!

Cool! Very good looking game. I liked the music choices. Not so much the sound effects. Hard to play though! Is the player moving along a grid? That makes sense. Although I felt like the grid could have been smaller. Sometimes it was hard to get close to the bulba. Thanks!

Very cool looking game! I love the concept.