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this game just feels so satisfying, everything being on beat and the parrying attacks is just so perfect. the art and design is so lovely, i really enjoyed playing this :))

so nostalgic and so fun, i adore the visuals and the ship model designs are absolutely perfect

the way the limited theme was implemented was super interesting with lots of promise, felt as tho the enemies could have had a bit less health to make up for the difficult aiming, at least for the first few rounds. lovely work tho and love the visuals :))

absolutely beautiful looking game and an interesting narrative to go along with it :))

definitely the start of something promising :)) was fun to float around and blow up planets and controls felt pretty satisfying with a gamepad

oh excellent stuff !!sorry i hadn't noticed 

lots of fun, loved reading about your dev process and think you guys did an excellent job taking the limited theme and applying it to development rather than the game, and the game still turned out great!!

i really loved this, the boss buildup was so intense and i loved how everything fit with the music !! definitely felt like something i could see myself playing for a long time learning the attack patterns to get a high score. as much as i adored the boss intro, it would be nice for there to be an option to skip for when i want to try and improve my score but really great work, i can see a lot of potential with it :))

super good fun i really enjoyed this! once i got used to the movement i was having a great time, visuals are so neat, excellent stuff

really great and fun use of the limited theme, i loved the art and design and the bullets ricocheting was super fun, would love to see this expanded with more levels with new enemies and weapons/powerups and environments. good fun :))

fun and intense i loved it, really cool use of the limited theme with the light !! very nice

the art was super cute and the music was very nice, with a little more polish this game would be so lovely, i had lots of fun :)

our artists did a great job ahaha thank you so much!!

sorry for the confusion! we were planning on adding a tutorial but didn't have time but glad you still had fun :D

we wanted to add a bit of a tutorial for that but ran out of time unfortunately :(( glad you enjoyed it tho!!

thank you so much ! we're gonna try and work on some more levels after the jam hopefully :D

we're glad you enjoyed it !! we were hoping to continue working on this after the jam so it's nice to hear that :))

pure kino, so beautiful and good fun :))

love the retro style reminds me of plug and play games :)) v difficult but good fun

lots of fun !! was a fun challenge having to try and grab the friendly bullets whilst dodging the hostile ones and the bubbles felt super satisfying to shoot :))

obsessed with the visuals, defo think this is a game that would play really well on the Switch very excellent stuff

so intense but i love the bullets being tied to the music, very interesting and good fun !! :))

oh my god so challenging but so so fun, visuals and sound are amazing and the gameplay is super fun very very nice

loved the design, thought it was very challenging but i'm not the best at bullethells lol

nice work :)

i loved the juxtaposition of the intense bullethell with the calm office ambience, which i think suited the anxiety premise perfectly!! the story was super cute i hope damien enjoys their new job and home :))

fun lil' game, enemies making a beeline for me was terrifying especially when i ran out of ammo

lovely stuff :)) was a little confused where my hitbox was but after a few goes i had a fun time :D

good fun, second phase was nice and spooky

very good fun, thought it was gonna be a bit slow at the start but after 2 minutes it felt super intense, gonna come back and play this again later i think :)

the gameplay works so nicely and supercharging your bullets is so satisfying! very good fun

so perfect, obsessed with the visuals and love how much impact you can feel with the bullets !

so intense omg i love it excellent work, movement feels great whilst still feeling challenging

super fun i love the unique gameplay!! i'm gonna keep playing to beat level 2 :D

i love thiss

loved the cinematics they reminded me of the old fallout games ahaha

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i am a pro gamer

so much fun!! made it onto the leaderboard!! (sorry to whoever i knocked off :((

so chill i absolutely loved the style and the vibes 10/10

super wacky graphics and sound i loved it omg