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loved the cinematics they reminded me of the old fallout games ahaha

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i am a pro gamer

so much fun!! made it onto the leaderboard!! (sorry to whoever i knocked off :((

so chill i absolutely loved the style and the vibes 10/10

super wacky graphics and sound i loved it omg 

honestly had more fun playing this than most AAA games these days i absolutely loved this. the style and music and everything felt so nostalgic and the gameplay loop was super super fun!! i think if maybe the timer was shorter at the start but got extended every time you completed an order would be a super interesting way of adding more tension! either way tho this was so excellent im so happy i got to play it <3

this has made my night 😭 i'm so so glad you enjoyed it <3

although its very short, it did take me a few tries to finish it! could be a fun lil sidescroller with a few more levels/areas :) makes me want to make something in scratch again

super fun and solid game! used to play a lot of wipeout on PSP and this definitely takes me back a bit to that ahaha

was a super fun concept but couldn't get past the second level, think my RNG was a bit rock-heavy cos i had 6 rocks in a row :( very lovely stuff tho!


wonderful jumping

you are too kind

Hey, I'm working on a Uni project to create a 2D game in Unity. Although it only started as a Uni project, I'm hoping to develop it into something much more than that. It's still a bit rough around the edges but I'd love if you could check it out!

The game is narrative focused set in an alternate-history world. Although the main feature of the game is the detective-style puzzles, the narrative is just as important to me. Any feedback on both the story and the mechanics is more than appreciated :D

War is a Losing Game: '62 - DEMO by Cheddar Games (

Thank you so much!