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An excellent rogue-like. Loved having an army of goblins following me around and helping to fight all the critters! Also, that lightning on the title screen is everything!

This is pretty rad! One note though, the hands are backwards when using Oculus Touch Left is right, right is left).

Really fun shooter though!

It's now available! :)

I plan to release the png cartridge when it gets a little closer to "Done". When I'm happy enough with it to put it up on the BBS,  I'll put it up for download here!

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it! There's currently a bug, where when the opposing racers cross the line, they drop off of the position tracking, which is what causes your position to go up without passing anyone. 
At high speeds, braking is super important to get through the sharper turns without going off-road (which slows you down!)