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Thank you so much!

This was a delightfully silly little game, with super cute art. Gets chaotic in a hurry!

Looks and sounds great, wasn't sure what to do with the inventory. Running feels like it's the clear winner over trying to fight. A neat little game, well done!

I liked this. It was subtle, and a little haunting.

That's a neat VN engine for sure, and a really good story hook! I'll have to keep an eye out to see if you follow it up!

I wasn't sure how a 1bit, 1 dimensional Sim City type thing would work, but it's  like this! This is really neat, and well executed! Well done!

Solid auto shooting shump! I like how there's progressive unlocks. Looks and sounds nice, all said, well put together!

This is a really cool idea! I like the emphasis on fixing things rather than breaking them, and the art is all very nice too!

I really liked this one, nice use of lighting, mechanics felt tight and omg that music is terrific! Well done!

Reminds me very much of Binding of Isaac, just with a snail and much larger pixels! I love it, the silly french restaurant theme was a nice touch! Look, sounds and plays great. I feel like the particles are off grid, but this feels like a minor thing.

I really liked the look of this one, the subtle animations for the ship are really good given the tight pixel budget. The music and sound is also good. I liked the minigame setup for mining, makes things much more engaging than just holding a button. Well done!

Car customisation is a nice touch! The first 10 points feel a bit slow, but it picks up nicely after that, though having the move tied to key up makes things difficult as things get moving. Good effort!


This was short, silly and fun, I like the art style, and the music is pretty great too! Well done 😁

A nicely implemented little shmup. Pretty straightforward, with amusingly high fidelity sfx.

A really cool twist on the infinite jumper style game. Actually adds exactly the right kind of challenge! Looks and sounds great, plays great, well done!

Wow this is really cool! I like the look and feel of this one, and that boss theme is amazing. The second boss is quite a bit difficult, and the first feels a bit spongey, but otherwise this is terrific!

A fun little visual toy, splashing paint, putting up stars and launching fireworks was nice. 😊

I really liked the concept of this game, and am pleased to see someone else using a flashlight as an obstacle! Visually and aurally very well done. The mechanics are on the right path. Not having air control makes landing on swift moving platforms somewhat difficult, though with time and practise it's totally doable. I think the most jarring thing though is the hard camera flip when you change directions. 

You have the seed of an excellent game here, and with a bit of polish this will really shine!

Oh this is really cool! A simple concept executed beautifully. I really love how the tempo of the music is affected by the speed of the wheel. Tough, but not impossible, looks and sounds great, outstanding job!

Mechanically and visually very good! It's a fun little game, and the music pops too! It does however have quite a few assets that clearly exceed the 64x64 ruling. Otherwise excellent!

Pretty simple platformer with a bit of a silly power-up. The jump sound is a bit... intense XD

Well done.

Super cute game with an interesting mechanic, and excellent music! Great work.

This is actually really good! The story is cute, the art is very good, and the guitar work is just delightful. I like the division in the combat system, and the dialog window is clean and easy to read even at so low a resolution. Impressive work all around!

Thank you so much! We're really happy with how it all turned out, and hearing things like this is just super heartwarming!

I liked the two player/two character setup. It's well implemented. The music was rather shrill, and would have benefitted, I think from lower tones or one of the softer wave forms.

Mechanically sound, and a fun little concept! Unfortunately, as noted it doesn't meet the resolution requirement. Otherwise, well done!

Cute sprites! I think things move a little too quickly for the limited screen space, as it means it's very difficult to see the platforms or obstacles before you've missed them outright. A good start!

This is a really clever idea! Nice ramp up on the mechanics, quick restarts and witty puzzles. I dig it!

This is a clever puzzle concept, and I like the idea. Unfortunately, it starts out a bit too clever for me. Puzzle games like this benefit strongly from a ramp in difficulty, where the mechanics are explored in isolation before applied in concert. 

It looks and sounds nice, with decent controls. Sadly, there's simply not much else here. Could turn into something neat with some more time though, good luck!

Well put together! Love the art and colours, and the music is very good too! Combat's a lil bit buggy, but on the whole this is very good!

This is a gorgeous and brilliantly executed Shmup! Only thing holding it back is the total absence of any sound. Very well done!


Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the update!

There's a lot going on here! I really liked the space shooting bits. The story was hard to read, low rez text over a background that busy is difficult reading. Looks and sounds great otherwise though, well done!

I'm not positive, but this appears to be broken. I'm not sure if something supposed to be happening, but nothing seems to be going on.

An excellent looking game, I love this art style! It plays quite well too, though once you hit level 9, it becomes a race as you can't heal anymore. A couple of sound effects could have gone a long way, I think. All together, very well made!

I liked this quite a bit! The cover is really fun, and the sprite art is very cute.

Definitely a neat concept. I liked it once I figured out was going on. Clever monster design and fitting sounds. I found the text to be nearly impossible to read on the web player, though.

Overall well done!