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Put your game directory into ~/quicklisp/local-projects. Just in case, give the same name to the game directory, .asd file and your system, e.g. if your system name (as specified via asdf:defsystem) is efeijo-game then ~/quicklisp/local-projects/efeijo-game/efeijo-game.asd

If you drop into debugger, don't hit 'abort restart, invoke either 'rerun-flow-block or 'skip-flow-block after fixing a problem. If that doesn't help and you keep getting an error - still don't 'abort, but run (gamekit:stop) in the REPL and then invoke 'skip-flow-block restart - that should shutdown the engine gracefully, and you should be able to #'gamekit:start your game again. If all goes left, then just restart the implementation (should be a very rare thing). That's not very convenient and gonna be fixed in

CuriousCain, thank you!

smithzv, I do agree that's quite inconvenient - gonna fix it in the next gamekit release (

If you have questions regarding trivial-gamekit, feel free to shoot them here or in #lispgames IRC channel at I'll try my best to answer them as soon as possible.

Useful links:

* Getting Started guide

* User Manual

No, unfortunately, this jam is over, results are available and reward pool is exhausted.

Two $50 rewards went to and Thanks a lot to everyone who tried cl-bodge tech! 

If you had problems with it or have any suggestions, feel free to open an issue in or

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  • Added more details about how controls work
  • Added playthrough video to give a hint how to get to the end

New version is up! :D This one might have fixed your issue.

Thank you for checking it out! :D

* Level should be rendered properly now

Special announcement!

To bring a bit more thrill into competition:

  • Single 50 USD reward would be given to a game based on cl-bodge tech (or trivial-gamekit for that matter) that got best results based solely on voting
  • Single 100 USD reward for a cl-bodge based game (again, trivial-gamekit ones count too) I would like the most judged solely by my standards  :D

Submissions must follow all rules mentioned on the jam page! Game (code and any associated resources) must be released under MIT, GPL or compatible license.  

Reward will be transferred via PayPal, so you must have working PayPal account to receive the reward.

If you have questions regarding trivial-gamekit feel free to shoot them here or on #lispgames IRC channel at I'll try my best to answer them as soon as possible.

Useful links:

* Getting Started guide

* User Manual

On my main Arch machine it worked after setting everything up for bomberchap

On Arch after relinking (/usr/lib/ to /usr/lib/ and installing sdl2_mixer it worked! 

Can i run it on Ubuntu 18.04? I have racket installed from official repo.

Interesting take on snake mechanics. Fun!

Couldn't run linux binary (Ubuntu 18.04, installed racket from the official repo):

A lot of gravity-related games this jam. Nice concept!

Works fine! (Ubuntu 18.04 with latest love)

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After downloading and relinking libsdl2 and libglew it starts, but, unfortunately, i'm getting a black screen (Ubuntu 18.04, nothing is reported to the console):  

After installing libsdl2 (Ubuntu 18.04) suite to run the linux version it too says I have no support for OpenGL3.3 context (I do! :D) 

OH! Ouch, my apologies. All works, thanks! :)

Oh, welp, sorry, wrong link :D That i figured out. I was actually wanted to post this screenshot (Ubuntu 18.04): 

When loading either from sources or from binary:

Movement doesn't seem to work

Simple and straightforward game. 

PS: Collision/animation seems off when crouching and releasing the button early 

I've managed to run it on Ubuntu 18.04, but game rules are quite hard to grasp. Also, it doesn't seem to do anything when i'm trying to move around.

Bounding boxes feel a bit off, a bit repeatable, but otherwise it works! 

Yay, It works! Nice puzzle. Quite hard to guess the correct orbit for maximum profit, but entertaining!

Telnet one works. I indeed can move vases around.

Couldn't run linux blob on Ubuntu 18.04 at first:

After installing libmad0 and libfluidsynth1 it said system has no opengl 3.3 context support, but it has:

Also, nice to has a cheatsheet of controls. It could be a nightmare if I didn't ask you how to use the laser properly :)

Nice atmospheric music and puzzles! Would be nice if rovers could be teleported back rather than gathering them manually after solving the puzzles. Otherwise, very nice experience, thank you!

P.S: It totally worked out of the box with appimage blob on Ubuntu 18.04

Couldn't run it from source on Ubuntu 18.04:

Unfortunately, couldn't run it on Ubuntu 18.04 and the latest LOVE from official PPA 

Windows and MacOS binaries up!

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Windows and MacOS binaries coming tomorrow. Thank you for your patience!

Master Bawl and Dynamic camera


A little demo of a progress I made so far with the jam game:

trivial-gamekit + chipmunksvg-as-a-level 

Gonna be a puzzle with balls. More details later :D

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If you have troubles using trivial-gamekit feel free to shoot any questions here or you can stub me (borodust) with a dialog directly  in #lispgames IRC channel at ``. 

Touch screen is OP :)