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Yeah, I think I could have done it less hardcore. My max score is 31, and it's probably because i've got lucky :D

You can install `libopengl0` for it to work. I'll probably relink it into old-school libGL.

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Windows build with black screen issue fixed:

Does your CPU support AVX instructions? SIGILL is often thrown when unsupported CPU instruction reached.

Some might see a black screen while music is playing upon game start with this win build. I found what's the issue was. I'll post a link to fixed build a bit later.

Win10 build came in a couple minutes late, but if you feel like checking it out anyway, here is the link:

If you chose trivial-gamekit as a framework to base your game on and have any kind of problems with it, feel free to shoot your questions here, #lispgames channel on LiberaChat IRC or #lisp-gamedev channel on Lisp Discord.

For those who don't have OpenGL 3.3, you will soon be able to find OpenGL 2.1 builds here:

Here you can find binary builds of the game:

If you chose Common Lisp and trivial-gamekit as your framework of choice for the jam and you have questions or ran into troubles, feel free to ping me here or #lispgames IRC channel at

Useful resources trivial-gamekit resources:

Yes, teams are allowed and even encouraged.

Btw, it takes quite a while to load to main menu

For those who might have the latest and greates windows (which apparently SBCL doesn't like), you can use this build:

When I'm jumping enemies are going the other way around (jumping into the ground). When crouching I'm still getting hit. Bullets are not affected and fired as I'm still standing :(

Graphics are quite tiny on HiDPI display, but otherwise it works! Steering is quite hard though :)

Well done! Interesting idea with different abilities.

Nicely done! Artwork is awesome and gameplay is fairly good. Got the chest on the second try: during first time I accidentally cleared all of the dungeon w/o getting to the credits part XD

Game mechanics look quite unique too me. I think I understood what needs to be done, but with 2 targets I was completely lost :D Also feels like top options are randomly disappearing. I guess, it would be nice to have a little how-to-play guide.

I've managed to destroy all bricks but still didn't win :(

Binary packages for different platforms:

Alternatively, try OpenGL 2.1 binaries from here:

Please, try binaries from

My apologies for hijacking the comment section, here you can download binaries for the game:

Does it report anything into terminal when you try to close the window? I heard about this problem, but cannot reproduce it on my setup.

If you are running from sources, before loading the system (game) via ql:quickload, please eval (cl:pushnew :bodge-gl2 cl:*features*) and then proceed as specified in instructions. This should enable OpenGL 2.1 mode.

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Put your game directory into ~/quicklisp/local-projects. Just in case, give the same name to the game directory, .asd file and your system, e.g. if your system name (as specified via asdf:defsystem) is efeijo-game then ~/quicklisp/local-projects/efeijo-game/efeijo-game.asd

If you drop into debugger, don't hit 'abort restart, invoke either 'rerun-flow-block or 'skip-flow-block after fixing a problem. If that doesn't help and you keep getting an error - still don't 'abort, but run (gamekit:stop) in the REPL and then invoke 'skip-flow-block restart - that should shutdown the engine gracefully, and you should be able to #'gamekit:start your game again. If all goes left, then just restart the implementation (should be a very rare thing). That's not very convenient and gonna be fixed in

CuriousCain, thank you!

smithzv, I do agree that's quite inconvenient - gonna fix it in the next gamekit release (

If you have questions regarding trivial-gamekit, feel free to shoot them here or in #lispgames IRC channel at I'll try my best to answer them as soon as possible.

Useful links:

* Getting Started guide

* User Manual

No, unfortunately, this jam is over, results are available and reward pool is exhausted.

Two $50 rewards went to and Thanks a lot to everyone who tried cl-bodge tech! 

If you had problems with it or have any suggestions, feel free to open an issue in or

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  • Added more details about how controls work
  • Added playthrough video to give a hint how to get to the end

New version is up! :D This one might have fixed your issue.

Thank you for checking it out! :D

* Level should be rendered properly now

Special announcement!

To bring a bit more thrill into competition:

  • Single 50 USD reward would be given to a game based on cl-bodge tech (or trivial-gamekit for that matter) that got best results based solely on voting
  • Single 100 USD reward for a cl-bodge based game (again, trivial-gamekit ones count too) I would like the most judged solely by my standards  :D

Submissions must follow all rules mentioned on the jam page! Game (code and any associated resources) must be released under MIT, GPL or compatible license.  

Reward will be transferred via PayPal, so you must have working PayPal account to receive the reward.

If you have questions regarding trivial-gamekit feel free to shoot them here or on #lispgames IRC channel at I'll try my best to answer them as soon as possible.

Useful links:

* Getting Started guide

* User Manual

On my main Arch machine it worked after setting everything up for bomberchap

On Arch after relinking (/usr/lib/ to /usr/lib/ and installing sdl2_mixer it worked!