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Touch screen is OP :)

Nice! Too bad I don't have dedicated arrow keys on my keyboard ;(

Loaded it by quicklisp. Interesting concept! Kept me engaged for a while, but I'm still a bit confused how to properly play it :)

Cool stuff, rpav! +1

Too bad I totally can't play it with my HHKB Pro2, cuz there's no dedicated arrow keys :(

Awesome nevertheless!

retrogradeorbit, thank you for checking it out!

Yes, i didn't put code for resizing mostly because there was other important things to do. This game actually is a multiplayer one, so we can arrange a match :)

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Physics test:

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Animation blending (chilling/running/strafing)

0.15s overlap

3.0s overlap

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I found https://github.com/phw/peek quite useful for creating short demo gifs.

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I've planned networking for the engine I'm working on, so I gonna explore that part in the game I'm making for this Jam. Supposedly, it should be simple multiplayer 3D FPS, but we will see how things turn out in the end :)

Good luck and lets have fun!

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Oh, hello! Non-gamedev Java dude here. Ha-ha, only serious.

Always wondered how is it to develop something fun, complete and complex enough in Lisp. I think this jam would be a nice challenge for me to finally write something playable in CL. Game gonna be a mix of Zuma and Jewel puzzle in 3D. Certainly, not the most innovative idea neither great one, but should rail development of the game engine I'm working on into right track.

Thank you and lets have fun!