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trivial-gamekit Support Thread

A topic by borodust created Oct 19, 2018 Views: 210 Replies: 4
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If you have questions regarding trivial-gamekit feel free to shoot them here or on #lispgames IRC channel at I'll try my best to answer them as soon as possible.

Useful links:

* Getting Started guide

* User Manual


Special announcement!

To bring a bit more thrill into competition:

  • Single 50 USD reward would be given to a game based on cl-bodge tech (or trivial-gamekit for that matter) that got best results based solely on voting
  • Single 100 USD reward for a cl-bodge based game (again, trivial-gamekit ones count too) I would like the most judged solely by my standards  :D

Submissions must follow all rules mentioned on the jam page! Game (code and any associated resources) must be released under MIT, GPL or compatible license.  

Reward will be transferred via PayPal, so you must have working PayPal account to receive the reward.


Two $50 rewards went to and Thanks a lot to everyone who tried cl-bodge tech! 

If you had problems with it or have any suggestions, feel free to open an issue in or

Is the 100 USD offer still valid? I'm poor and need money.


No, unfortunately, this jam is over, results are available and reward pool is exhausted.