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Updated links to version 0.0.2. Now the game has audio (sound fx and music) and supports OpenGL 2.1+.

Very nice! I spent some good time playing this thing. High ratings! =)

I tried to attack using "ctrl" key but it does nothing. =( (my notebook's keyboard doesn't have the "right ctrl" key though). I was running on the browser, since I'm on Linux.

I struggled before understanding that I had to press "space" + "down arrow" to dig. But after a few tries (gone outside of the map bounds, where it has "water" heh) I finally managed to collect gems and win the game.

I like the idea, very good for a first game! Congrats =)

I have uploaded the executable files, it should work now. Can you try downloading and running again?

Yes, thanks for the reply. I'm trying to fix that asap. Will let you know when I update the executable files.

Amazing artwork! I like the RPG and rogue-like mixed styles. Just wish I had more time on the credits screen, it goes off too fast.

Great artwork! Hope you keep improving the game =)

Really amazing work! Simple, yet convincing graphics. Love the rogue-like experience.

Well done! I like to see this kind of "naked" machine setup, even though I have no idea of what's going on there =P. I also like the easy telnet interface.

I like the idea! It's still looking like a prototype, but seems promising. I hope you keep improving it =)

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I like the simplicity. Feels nostalgic for me, since I played a lot of these triangle-shaped spaceship asteroid-like games, back in the day. I can only imagine myself forking this game someday =)

Great artwork! I like the mech/space theme. The dialogues were very convincing, and the game itself is pretty well executed.

That's good to know. I'm still experimenting with lisp and your library, and it's been very satisfactory. Thanks again, and I hope I can contribute someday =)

Thanks for the helpful advice. For some strange reason, today I restarted emacs and the game system loaded on first try! I didn't figure out what was the error source, but I remember sbcl was trying to compile "packages.lisp" from /tmp/packages.lisp, which doesn't exist.

Oh I see. Thanks for the quick response. I'm having trouble with quicklisp aswell, as it doesn't recognize the game's asdf system, so I have to manually load everything. Pain.

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I'm having trouble restarting my game with trivial-gamekit. Evaluation aborted on #<SIMPLE-ERROR "Only one active system of type 'appkit-system is allowed">

Is there a way to kill the 'appkit-system thread? I tried with (stop) but it's not working. My workaround for this is to close slime and reload everything, but its really annoying. Any ideas?


The game runs fine for now. I think my code was breaking something and SBCL became unresponsive, not destroying the game process, even with (stop) calls.

Awesome library by the way! Very simple, it helps me a lot since I'm new to the lisp world.