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trivial-gamekit Support Thread

A topic by borodust created Apr 18, 2019 Views: 345 Replies: 11
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If you have questions regarding trivial-gamekit, feel free to shoot them here or in #lispgames IRC channel at I'll try my best to answer them as soon as possible.

Useful links:

* Getting Started guide

* User Manual


I'm working through your getting started guide and get an error on first example in the Input section (the bind-cursor form):

There is no applicable method for the generic function
when called with arguments

Put those bind-* methods inside a gamekit:post-initialize:

(defmethod gamekit:post-initialize ((this example))
    ;bind methods here)

Thank you greatly, works like a charm.


CuriousCain, thank you!

smithzv, I do agree that's quite inconvenient - gonna fix it in the next gamekit release (

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I'm having trouble restarting my game with trivial-gamekit. Evaluation aborted on #<SIMPLE-ERROR "Only one active system of type 'appkit-system is allowed">

Is there a way to kill the 'appkit-system thread? I tried with (stop) but it's not working. My workaround for this is to close slime and reload everything, but its really annoying. Any ideas?


The game runs fine for now. I think my code was breaking something and SBCL became unresponsive, not destroying the game process, even with (stop) calls.

Awesome library by the way! Very simple, it helps me a lot since I'm new to the lisp world.


If an uncaught error occurs during runtime, you'll get this issue. There's not much, in the way of a workaround, for now other than restarting SLIME. Borodust and I are working on a fix for this but I'm not sure if we'll have something workable before the end of the game jam. Sorry about that.


Oh I see. Thanks for the quick response. I'm having trouble with quicklisp aswell, as it doesn't recognize the game's asdf system, so I have to manually load everything. Pain.

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Put your game directory into ~/quicklisp/local-projects. Just in case, give the same name to the game directory, .asd file and your system, e.g. if your system name (as specified via asdf:defsystem) is efeijo-game then ~/quicklisp/local-projects/efeijo-game/efeijo-game.asd


Thanks for the helpful advice. For some strange reason, today I restarted emacs and the game system loaded on first try! I didn't figure out what was the error source, but I remember sbcl was trying to compile "packages.lisp" from /tmp/packages.lisp, which doesn't exist.


If you drop into debugger, don't hit 'abort restart, invoke either 'rerun-flow-block or 'skip-flow-block after fixing a problem. If that doesn't help and you keep getting an error - still don't 'abort, but run (gamekit:stop) in the REPL and then invoke 'skip-flow-block restart - that should shutdown the engine gracefully, and you should be able to #'gamekit:start your game again. If all goes left, then just restart the implementation (should be a very rare thing). That's not very convenient and gonna be fixed in


That's good to know. I'm still experimenting with lisp and your library, and it's been very satisfactory. Thanks again, and I hope I can contribute someday =)