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Thank you.  The palette swap to yellow was supposed to just be a visual indicator that you were in the second state where you could manipulate gravity

Thank you so much!  I have a few more projects I'm working on but I want to give them a higher level of polish before release since they aren't Jam games.

Thank you so much!  Sorry about the controls, I didn't have enough time to polish them and add everything else.  After the voting period is over I'll try to patch the controls to feel better

I appreciate it!  I'm not sure what's up with the boxes, sorry they didn't quite work right

Thanks!  Sorry about the boxes, I'm not quite sure what causes that.  I'll keep working on the controls and how the boxes work for a post-jam update.

Thanks for the feedback.  Sorry about the boxes, I couldn't find the exact problem so they still get stuck, but not as badly as they did while I was making it.  I wanted to add a volume slider but ran out of time, I'll add one to the post jam build

Very cute and polished, but it does feel a little short and there isn't much depth.  Dashing into the button was a nice touch, but otherwise it doesn't really add much beyond the fire trap.  The art is really nice though, and the trap warnings are perfect.

Extremely clever design and nice music and visuals.  It's definitely harder than I'd like but it does a great job of introducing mechanics, so it's more of a personal preference.  It's really satisfying to beat a level, but just a tiny bit frustrating by how precise some need to be (I didn't finish it, I got to the one with the Jumping guy and the ball).  This use of a 1 button control scheme was REALLY smart though, especially on how the ball mazes flip.

The knockback from the gun was really smart, and I like the overall idea.  The little limit on how many bullets you can rapidly shoot is a great touch too.  My only critiques are that there isn't much visual feedback to really sell destroying tumbleweeds, and you can wander away from the cacti that are supposed to make it harder to dodge.

I like the store and art, but it's visually cluttered sometimes and has little feedback apart from the coins flying out of things.  However, the shop is difficult to access with enemies constantly moving.  Some sound and music would have been nice, but overall it's a decent submission for a game jam.

I like the store and art, but it's visually cluttered sometimes and has little feedback apart from the coins flying out of things.  Some sound and music would have been nice, but overall it's a decent submission for a game jam.

Ok, sorry about the audio, what I was using for the volume control wasn't working right

The mechanics and art are solid, but it's very difficult to survive for long and the enemies spawn faster than I was able to kill them.  There wasn't any music, but the sounds were decent.

Thank you!  Sorry for the late reply


I planned on audio but couldn't figure it out in time

Thanks.  I'm looking at the code right now and I have so many failsafes already implemented for bouncing and dashing and the most reliable method is just the timer, I still don't understand what the error could be.

Thank you so much!  I only did the level design, programming and character animation, though I did suggest adding background variety to my tile designer (I think it got lost in communication), so I did what I could with the stripes to make the levels at least seem a little different.  I'm sorry about the physics bugs, I had to move on to complete the rest of the game on time (most of the levels and objects were created or finished a few hours before the deadline) .  I had some sounds I wanted to add to add to the charm, but due to a lack of experience and time had to cut them to make the deadline.  I'll continue to polish the game after the deadline though, hopefully removing the frustration you had to deal with.

Does the bulb color not change?  I thought I got that working as the indicator.  Moving parts sounds fun to experiment with, I'll try that in a future build.

Thanks!  I uploaded the build without music 15 minutes before the deadline, then added the music and resubmitted with 30 seconds left so I couldn't fix the loop.  The dash was supposed to be clear, but it is filled with bugs still that I couldn't figure out.

No problem!  Good luck!

I love this idea.  I instantly understood what to do, and just rearranging your raft is super fun!  It fits the theme of the jam pretty well, and the aesthetic is amazing.

Cool game!  I like that holding shoot makes you also move slower, nice way to balance it instead of just slowing your fire speed when you might need it.

Thanks!  Technically I started another project for 3 weeks of work, but this was my first finished project.  I'm really happy with it though.

Oh I love this.  The visuals are great, the designs are fun, and it's easy to understand but challenging to complete!  Maybe a little too hard for my liking, but it's still a really cool idea!

I had a lot of issues getting the dash to recharge even with 3 backup methods of recharging it, so I just added a "tired" animation where the ball turns yellow when you can't dash.  It was supposed to be really consistent and intuitive but since it's my first game I couldn't get it to work as smoothly as I wanted.  Glad you liked it anyway though!

Thank you so much!  My friend who made the music hasn't uploaded the rest of his songs yet, but I'll let him know.  The crack animation was the first created, so I'm glad it worked.  I'll keep working on it beyond the jam as a separate project too, trying to fix more bugs.  Your game was amazing as well

The music and graphics are great, it's always really cool to see what the ball will be each round since there's so much variety.  The events and obstacles are all creative, and all the mechanics are easy to understand.  I'll undoubtedly be replaying this a few times for a higher score, great job overall!

Sorry about the bugs, I tried really hard to fix them all but I realized I needed to focus on the rest of the game first, leading to the controls suffering a bit so I could finish everything else to the best of my ability and submit 20 minutes before the Jam ended.

Glad you liked it!  I did my best with the controls, but I had a bunch of issues getting it to work at all.  It was my first finished game, so sorry that translated to gummy controls.

Thanks!  That was my idea, though I realize it can be difficult for some people.  I might update to add more peaceful levels in for the future.  I probably focused too much on the "out of control" bit.

I can't wait to see how you continue it post-jam!  This is a really solid foundation for a cool game with lots of potential mechanics.

Thanks!  I'm working on an expanded version of the game that I might be able to port to a phone, though I'm not sure how well it would work.

I just feel it's a little more luck-based than skill based.  In my opinion, out of control enemies doesn't feel too special, though I guess it works

Interesting idea that fits the theme, but maybe a little too well.  You have so little control over what happens it's mostly luck based.  It's a nice idea, but struggles the way it was executed.

A neat idea, though I'm not sure how it fits the theme.  How well you do can also depend on what kind of guns you can find, which feels slightly unfair.

Thanks!  Unfortunately, there was an error that cut off the end of the dialogue.