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I really love the art and sounds in this game, good job!

This was really well done.  A fun concept, good gameplay, and even a full story to give it all context.  Probably one of my favorites from this jam that I've played so far!

That's my bad, everything took so long to code I had to rush to get a level done at all, so after the jam I'll adjust the controls and scale of the level

Thanks!  I'm gradually working on a post-jam version, but no set release timeline yet

The whole screen flipping as the roles changed was super cool, and the upgrade system was a nice addition.  Nice job!

Wow!  Very unique concept, with a lot of variety and strategy!  Visuals were also super good, and the frantic gameplay was really fun

This was REALLY good.  This was incredibly polished, and everything worked together so well.  I love the extra bit of movement you have immediately after latching onto another scientist, and the transition between levels was super cool

Interesting concept, nice graphics, and good game feel!  Good job!

This is a fun idea, it controls very nicely and it's really silly seeing the hero being dragged behind the sword.  Good job on everything!

When you say switching perspectives, do you mean swapping between the shop and the hero, or the camera?  I can see how both would be confusing with how short the level is

I definitely made the level too tight for the character's physics,  I'll try to rework the level design to better accommodate it post jam.  Thanks for playing!

Oh, thank you for telling me.  I'll patch it after the jam ends

Fun concept, I loved seeing the different engines pop up

Thanks for playing!  Sorry for not moving the refund  out of the way,  I meant to do that and completely forgot

The puzzles in this were REALLY good.  This is probably my favorite game I've tried so far, and I'll be sure to revisit it even after the jam is over.  Everything, from the art to the music to the mechanics were super polished, and I'm blown away by how many puzzles you got out of just the single mechanic by simply changing the number of cursors and boxes.  Super great job!

The puzzles in this were REALLY good.  This is probably my favorite game I've tried so far, and I'll be sure to revisit it even after the jam is over.  Everything, from the art to the music to the mechanics were super polished, and I'm blown away by how many puzzles you got out of just the single mechanic by simply changing the number of cursors and boxes.  Super great job!

Super cute game!  The graphics and music were really charming, and everything was fairly intuitive.  The visuals/story certainly communicated the jam's theme, but gameplay wise it just felt like controlling the human instead of any kind of reversal of typical gameplay.  
If you polish this post-jam, I'd suggest making just adding 1 extra "move right" instead of a separate start button.  Personally, I would have also liked if the level auto-restart if the person continues moving in the same direction for too long (with a clear timer), but I can see that being more inconvenient and unintuitive than the simple restart button you went with.

While PvZ does have an "I, Zombie" mode similar to this, I like the change of the plants spawning in real time to incentivize you to act before it gets too dense.  That said, a fast-forward would have been nice, as it feels like a lot of waiting for Zombies to eat and move down the lane

This was a nice concept! Some things I liked were:

  • The mechanics were really bouncy and fun, I loved watching the wedges fly into each other
  • The level layouts were pretty decent and required some variety to progress (wedge stacks worked for a lot of them though)

A few suggestions for post-jam polish:

  • The visuals were a little more serious than the gameplay felt, more colorful/goofy art might have helped
  • It would be nice if each object displayed both its cost and there was a parity score on each level to incentivize you to do better

THAT IS A HUGE ISSUE OOPS!  Thank you for telling me, I didn't realize it wouldn't automatically be published

having had to mash through the dialogue repeatedly during testing I do not believe you

Thank you so much!  Glad you enjoyed it, it was hard to tell if it would have the intended effect

This was a cool little game.  I really like the artstyle, atmosphere, and can see a lot of potential for more, do you plan on expanding the project at all?


No problem!

Yeah, you still did a good job.  Difficulty in a jam setting is really hard to perfect

Thanks, I'm very happy with how the controls turned out!  Your game is really fun to play too

I love everything about this game: it looks really nice, the music and sounds are good, the level design is varied, the mechanic is creative, lots of fun movement (especially the explosion), and there's even a story.  Very impressive for a jam game, I really like how you even added an indicator to stuff inside the frozen platforms

Thanks!  Your game was neat too

I've seen a few variations on this idea, but I really like how yours gives clear indications of which side it would land on.  Like you said in your description, the dice doesn't behave exactly how you expect, but it kind of adds to the randomness of the theme and helps your game stand out.

Thanks.  I'm not sure exactly when I'll have time to complete it, but I hopefully it'll be done some point a little after the jam.

The assets on their own are nice, but they don't work well together.  The battles felt a bit slow, but I liked that you could choose to heal so it wasn't completely random if you won or lost.  It was also a cool idea to try to make an RPG during the jam, I haven't see anyone else do that yet out of the games I've played.

Very pretty and clear visuals.  The ship was really hard to control, but the main mechanics were really solid otherwise.

Thanks!  I'm really happy with the character's actual movement in this game.  I used this jam to learn Godot, switching from Unity.  Godot is very lightweight and simple so far, but it took a long time to figure out how exactly to do things in it, which slowed my progress a bit more than I'd have liked in a jam setting.

Very pleasing presentation and general aesthetic.  The undo was also a nice touch, but the puzzle's difficulty curve felt a little steep

Sorry, I didn't have time to properly introduce mechanics and totally agree that it gets annoying to keep playing.  The slimes wiggle a bit before attacking, but yeah it can be hard to tell when they get smaller.  The dice was supposed to alter your attack but isn't fully implemented due to time constraints.

I love Mark's video on Celeste, and there is actually coyote time and jump buffering in the game!  I gave it a longer acceleration curve because I liked how it felt though. I checked out your game and it was really cool, I like how your roll is used for all actions and it was really fun to plan out attacks

Thank you! It was really fun to learn and I'm happy the game is at least at a functional point

I love the map look and the faces all over the enemies and farm, and it's impressive for your first jam.  Having some kind of feedback when you attack an enemy would be nice though, I couldn't tell if I was actually doing damage until one of them finally died

Thanks!  I'm very happy with the movement, and would definitely recommend trying Godot at some point, though probably not during a big jam like this