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Awesome looking game, i really like the way that the rocks collide with each other, the death screen was pretty cool and the UI movement was also nice n' smooth. But I can't seem to collect air no matter how long I pressed or hold the space key so I don't know if I'm dumb or there was a bug with that but I'd definitely love to see more!

Yo this game looks sick as hell! The UI and artstyle fits perfectly, flows really well and just overall smooth. I did experience some bugs which you already mentioned like the barrels flying and the bar glitching. But I really liked the graphics and concepts and with only 3 days, I think you did a great job, looking forward to seeing more from you :D

thank you for the feedback and yes tutorial is definitely needed I just didn't really manage my time that well so I just kinda rushed through everything and just skipped a tutorial. For all the projectiles I did have a brief flashing warning but I guess that was still too fast, I was kinda afraid of making it too easy but again thanks for the feedback, I'll have a look into all of it!

among us

A really great-looking game. I enjoyed the graphics a lot but 2gbs took me half an hour to download with my slow-ass internet. It feels amazing to get past an obstacle and although the penalty wasn't anything very frustrating I was still terrified when I was standing on one of those tall stone pillars so great job on that. The camera is very shaky and makes me pretty nauseous, I wish it was more still and less motion blur as well. The platforming is really fun but the camera just didn't make me feel that good. The audio could definitely be better, the walking sound on stone is good enough but no music and the rocks falling sound was pretty repetitive.

It's still a very ambitious submission, I really enjoyed my time and if you can just fix the camera and add more audio in I think it'd be an amazing 3D platformer

Yes, the controls do take a lot of time to get used to, even I'm not very good at it, and I think I should've taken more time to take care of the movement honestly

but meat for the memes babyy B)

Thank you so much for the feedback. I actually didn't think of the theme, I just had this thought of beating meat (i swear i wasn't beating mine) and I thought it just kinda bypass the theme. And I agree, polishing and adding juice were things that I did in the last 2 hours so I rushed my ass over everything so it just didn't come out as good as I hoped for

Ah yes the level scaling might have some problems, and itch has some weird problems as well since I can't seem to get it to auto-scale with each user's monitor, the auto-scale worked on all of my games before but not this one for some reason so sorry about that

and yes, this game was made for educational purposes

Yes sometimes it just acts weirdly but I'll have a look into it, thanks for the feedback!

Thank you for the praise and I agree that the controls are kinda wonky at times. Soft bodies just act weird randomly

I had a lot of fun playing it! The flippers flew off and kinda glitched out on my first try but after refreshing the page it works fine. I had blast just flipping and blowing the shit out of everything, it seems like there are no stakes if the balls thingy fall down the lava so I was just spamming the left and right arrows lol. It was very satisfying to knock all the balls back up so adding more juice would make the game pretty addicting. The art could definitely be improved but besides that and the glitch I encountered, great job! 

Thank you so much, glad you had fun!

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The visuals look amazing, everything just looks super polished. 2.5D is a great choice offering enough complexity while still keeping it fairly simple. The synthwave-ish music combined with the sound effects gives a very relaxing experience.  

The puzzles were pretty easy at first but then I just got stuck at the blue and purple gate and took a very long time to solve it. I think I just got lucky that a blue orb spawned very near the gate so while the gate was still open I quickly grabbed it and went in. I think that might not be the correct way to solve it so I think some text for hints would be very nice. 

Other than that I really have no complaints, it's a fun and very polished game, great work!

The graphics look awesome, I see a lot of effort being put into the menu and tutorials but I wish all that time was put more into making the beats sync with the music since it's a rhythm game. But it was satisfying nonetheless to correctly hit on those beats, more juice could definitely be added on the audio and the cubes being destroyed but considering you only had a week, this is still very impressive work. A great submission overall and I'd love to see more in the future because I feel like this game has so much potential!

The game looks fantastic. The levels are very well designed and the juice is on point, feels very good to play around with. The music fits very nicely into the whole game but I feel like the shooting sound gets pretty repetitive after a while, maybe randomizing its pitch after each shot would help a lot because this is pretty much what you hear the whole game. Other than that, amazing entry!

I had a lot of fun! The graphics looks very good and everything is very juicy, keeps me playing more and more. But the most fun lies in photo mode since I mostly spammed shift just to get a cool animation then pressing P lol. 

Some problems I found were that the music didn't loop and the audio and animations has some weird clipping. But with only a week you guys did a great job, I would love to see more!

The art looks adorable and there's definitely a lot of room for improvement. Adding sounds can make such a huge difference. Also, I suggest not using the default graphics that Unity sets for the particles cuz that thing does not look good (for me personally).  But you made a very cute game and I enjoyed my time so keep it up and I hope to see more!

It was a very fun experience. The level design is really good and the concept I think would make for a good puzzle game. Although everything is very simple, I had a blast playing and killing the enemies were very satisfying. Something you can maybe improve on is the art and sound since it's pretty repetitive and there is a lot of room to polish this game up. But considering you only had like a week, it was very well done, keep it up!

This game looks awesome, the art style is gorgeous and enhances the whole experience. Juice is on point, keeping up combos just feels so satisfying and the music was very well done. 

The sound effects could be improved on, I suggest adding pitch shifting up when you have a higher combo just to make everything feel even better. The controls were a little too hard for me so I just ended up spamming the spacebar lol. But overall amazing submission, would love to see more :D

This is a really fun experience! The levels are very well designed and everything is just so satisfying. I have no complaints on the juice and audio, very pleasing to the eyes and ears. Although the movement does feel kinda wonky at times but it was still fun nonetheless. Great submission overall!

Thank youu

Aw thank you so much, glad you had fun!

The government duh (pls don't cancel me )

Soft bodies babyy! And thank you for playing :D

Glad you enjoyed it!

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This game feels so good. The art and animations look amazing combined with a really fitting color palette as well. The sound effects and music leave a really nice touch in the overall experience. This game is polished from head to toe and the juice is on point making it feel very satisfying to do every action. 

Although a problem I have lies in the control since it takes a while to get used to, I suggest changing the vacuum control to the mouse and limiting the directions to 4. And change the fire button to left mouse and jump to W. I think that'd make the game more enjoyable.

Overall a fantastic entry!

The grappling hooks are really fun. I enjoyed the simple graphics and it was pretty difficult to complete all the levels since the movement feels kinda stiff and momentum doesn't really work. But it was still fun nonetheless. 

I think adding more sounds just to make it less repetitive and some background music would be very nice. Camera shake and particles would be ideal as well to make the game feel better. But considering you only had a week, this was very well done, great job!

The game looks gorgeous, a lot of effort is being put into this. The art is amazing, everything just looks so nice together. The audio fits perfectly and I really have no complaints about that. And the level designs are really good. But fixing the jump button from Z to space or W will help out a lot of players (including me lol) and probably add more juice just to make everything feel even better. 

I think this is one of the best looking games and I hope to see more, fantastic job!

Dang, this game is very creative. First I really like the main menu, definitely way different than all the other ones and just shows that you put in a lot of effort. The rhythm-based shooting is also very creative, and the music and audio is nice. But you can probably juice the game up a bit more, add like blood, screen shake, particles, etc or just make the shooting sound less repetitive. But with only 1 week, I think you managed to get a lot done so great job!

I really like the creative movement to fit the theme, visuals are simple but effective and very pleasing to the eyes. Music and audio is on point. But more juice would make the game feel a whole lot better. A great submission overall!

Very well done, fits perfectly with the theme. But it does feel kinda limp since not a lot is going on. I suggest adding more shake and just more juice to make the game more lively. Overall a great looking game!

My sibling and I had a blast! Amazing visuals, great sounds, juicy as hell. Everything is just so polished and it only took you 8 days to create all of this. As always fantastic work, would love to see online mode ;)

This is game is so fun. The low poly visuals really fit and look gorgeous. Movement and hitting enemies feel so satisfying and kept me playing for a really long time, I could just run around and hit enemies willy nilly and it would still be fun. The audio could be improved tho as it gets quite repetitive after a while, and the blood splatter on each enemy's death could be bigger just to really hit it home. Great game, keep up the good work! 

I really like the animations and art tho pro tip you should try to scale it to the same size that way the pixels look more consistent. The spikes need to be a bit more noticeable and the movement feels a bit too floaty. But you got a lot done in such a short time so credits to that and besides all that, good work, keep it up and you'll improve more in no time!

This game makes me feel so cool. The graphics are tripleA quality and the movement is so good. Sliding and throwing my sword makes me feel like a fucking savage. The audio is pretty repetitive so changing that up and maybe make a bigger effect when you kill an enemy just to really emphasize on that kill. Overall amazing game, would love to see more!

This is so much fun. Everything is just satisfying, the scores, the sounds, the objects breaking, everything, you nailed every aspect to make the game so juicy. Although one recommendation, I hated those jumping obstacles, the ones where you fall into an endless pit. It just ruins the pace and rhythm of the game so I suggest adding something else just to keep everything fast and satisfying. Overall amazing work, would love to play more! 

My hand feels weird now lol. It was pretty addicting and all the timers and moving objects on screen just kept me going. The art could definitely be improved and the audio is pretty repetitive. I think by changing up the audio each time you kill the box and improve on the art with a more satisfying kill effect then you'll have a super addictive game. Overall, good work!

Damn what a game, visuals are amazing, music fits perfectly. 2D-3D is a great combination and everything just feels so fucking good. Bravo, would love to see more!

A very relaxing game, totally different from all the other entries which I really like. Everything here is pretty abstract and I can see the direction you're wanting to take with this game that I can really appreciate, definitely unique but I'd still recommend more visual feedback and some light juice just to make everything feel better. Other than that, great job on creating this beautiful game in such a short amount of time!