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Having your own fishy children to worry about was a clever idea, great job with the art too!

Absolutely brilliant! 

One of the more interesting takes on the “what if you moved the environment” type of game, also the art and the way the background adjusts to the ship is awesome, great job!

Great job on the game feel, you’ve made the act of summoning monsters super satisfying! Also pretty clever having the mana and health bar as one, it's one less thing to track but also adds another layer of complexity, well done!

A role reverse I was not expecting, well done!

A cleaver take on the theme, gave me a good laugh. Well done on art and music too!

Definitely one of the more creative approaches to theme I’ve seen, and on top of that it looks great too, well done!

I think you knocked it out of the park with this one, I had a lot of fun, great job!

Just quietly, best game I’ve played this jam, I’ll eat my hat if its not in the top 100.

I’ve seen this type of puzzle a few times now, but you’ve brought it up a level by forcing the player to constantly re-evaluate their next move with multiple numbers to track and deadly obstacles to dodge, well done!

Great job with the look and feel of the game, including the enemies in with the dice roll effects was a good idea, well done!

Great job with the art and music, to do both yourself in a jam is impressive. 

A nice chill game to relax with after a big jam, well done!

Looks nice and is easy to pick up, good work!

Great name, great presentation, well done!

Nice interpretation of the theme, surprisingly similar to real life in how the ball just doesn’t go where you want it to :)

I’m glad you liked it :) I might flesh it out more but not anytime soon, could do with a break after this jam haha.

Hey, sorry it’s not working for you. Not sure what’s causing it but I have seen that double clicking on a bullet will crash it. Thanks for letting me know.

I haven’t played anything like this, and I mean that in a good way, great job!

You don’t see many music centric games, well done!

Cool idea to add the dice augments, gives it a bit more depth, well done!

Nice interpretation of the theme, it was really fun!

Really creative and looks great too, well done!

Easy to pick up and fun to play, good job!

The visual and audio effects make for some very satisfying gameplay, well done!

Love the voice lines, well done! 

Fun mechanic, I like when you get the timing right you can really get some speed, well done!

Great use of the theme, one of the more unique interpretations that I’ve seen, well done!

Yep that’s right, I blame the robot for not making it clearer, thanks for the feedback!

Top-notch game, well done!

Great pixel art, well done.

I enjoyed the mini games, the dog theme, and having a ship to explore, good job!

Very satisfying turning that key and hitting the big red button, great work!

I had  a lot of fun with this, well done!

One of the more unique games I've played this jam, great work.

Love the premise and the overall look of the game, well done.

Great use of both 2d and 3d art, I love the little slime.

Great looking game that felt nice to play, well done!

Sorry to hear you couldn’t get the bug fixed in time, great idea with top quality presentation. 

I liked the warp effect, how time slowed when setting up a launch, and the chaos those asteroids added, good work!