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Il n'y a pas de différence majeure à part les illustrations et quelques révisions mineures :) 


Bonjour !

Merci pour ton intérêt.

Oui, il y a le même contenu que l'édition précédente :)

A bientôt.

Merci Gaël pour ce gentil mot ! On attend avec impatience ta malle ;)

No, unfortunately ! Maybe if the English-speaking audience is interested and we manage to find a translator, who knows...

Thank you for your comment ! Yeah this game needs pathfinding, which we didn't have time to implement within the time frame of the jam ^^

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Thank you for your comment. 

We fixed the game. It should work now (keyboard detection is a mess and we are a French team so our keyboard is azerty and not qwerty) ^^ 

Sorry for the inconvenience ! Hopefully it will work for you now.

Merci pour ton message. 

Dommage que ce jeu ne trouve résonnance chez toi. Je comprends très bien ce qui peut gêner pour toi et j'en suis désolé.

Merci pour ton retour Doc !

Je suis d'accord avec toi sur le fond. J'ai beaucoup hésité à rajouter les fameuses 1-2 pages de conseils. Mais j'ai préféré ne pas le faire. C'est un choix conscient et assumé.

Oui, peut être ce que certaines parties seront clichées ou jouées à la va vite. Peut être que les personnages ne seront pas toujours crédibles. Parfois seront-ils peut-être emprunts de méconnaissance de la réalité du déracinement.

En tout cas, j'espère que c'est un jeu qui va parler au cœur des gens, pas forcément à leur intellect. Juste toucher du doigt ce sujet est déjà une grande victoire pour moi. Je ne prétends pas à plus.

Et puis, par les temps qui court, j'ai aussi envie de laisser l'esprit des joueurs libres de papillonner comme bon leur semble. 

Merci en tout cas pour ton message. Ca me touche beaucoup que tu aies pris le temps.


Cool game and  great polish !

So cute ! Bark at people is fun ! Congratulations on the 3d assets :)

Fun game :) 

I liked the story and the mechanic a lot !

Great suggestions ! Those were our after thoughs when the jam was over...

Thank you very much :)

Cool game !

Key pickup could be automatic :) Other than that I really enjoyed the game ! And I saved the dof \o/

Cool game !

Key pickup could be automatic :) Other than that I really enjoyed the game ! And I saved the dof \o/

Wow ! The polish on this game is amazing ! And this title screen... Gosh !

The chip set screen was a bit confusing at first but I eventually figured it out.

Thank you ! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you !

Great visual and really inventive way to pet your dog ;)

Nice game ! I loved the artsyle. Some plateform jumps are tricky to pull off :)

Wow amazing work ! :) I loved the tone and the "creepyness" (?).

Cute game :) I want to see the world outside :D

Nice assets and music. The game freezes at the first level (html version).

Cute game ! I like the way the ducklings quack :)

The duck does not feel very responsive (acceleration too slow ?) but it might be intended. Some transition between levels would have been nice. Other than that, I enjoyed the game very much.

Cool game ! It's so cute :)

Cute game ! The art and music are great. I couldn't see very well what was on the floor and sometime died because of that.

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Cute game ! I liked the story and the hand drawn assets. In particular the color you've chosen for each character. 

Also the anxiety meter is a neat addition !

Wow great work ! Congratulations to all the family :) Being a father myself, I long for the moment it will be possible for me to share the passion !

Otherwise, the assets are great and the music is fantastique. I enjoyed discovering the level. The mouse sensibility was a bit high but it didn't ruin the experience !

Fun game ! I liked the aging mechanic :) The game is so hard (or I'm just bad) !

Cute game. I missed the theme though.

Cute game ! I enjoyed it a lot. I found it tideous to have 2 menus: one for the shop and one for the inventory: I would love for the object to be directly placed on the field when I buy it. Other than that, great game ! :)

Thanks for you feedback !

I agree 80% chance does seem a lot when in reality it not that much :D Aaaah, gotta love humain brain, right ?

Yeah ! I use a French keyboard. So my WADS is messed up :) Adding to arrow keys would have been nice :)

Lol ! So relatable ;D Cool game !

Great game and great polish ! The game is hard to my book (but I might be bad :D )

Really funny game. The polish is geat and the game feels good to play.

Great game ! I love the art and the story. Idk if I am just bad or the game is a little hard ^^

Such an ambitious game ! The legacy system is a great idea. The game is a little rough on the edges, especially I think it lacks some explanations / tooltips.

The color palette is great ! The controls are a bit odd I find but overall I enjoyed the game.

Excellent game ! The art is just... wow !

The game is a bit dark though (I couldn't see very well what was happening on screen).