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Andrei Piatra

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Liked your game (and rated it obviously). Hope you can try mine as well

Interesting concept. First time I try this type of game.

No problem (I was at 18 when I posted)

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This was my first actually finished game and game jam. I've experimented with animations combat system, enemy behavior and dialogue system. I learned to manage my time (kind of (had to sacrifice music and final scene)) and made some friends. It was a very exciting experience. I cannot wait for the next game jam. (ps: You can check ot my game )

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Just rated your game too. Hope you can as well

Just rated your game :) Hope you reach the 20th rating soon

Thanks!! (already rated yours ;)

Nice game. Rated and commented

I'm the 50th rater! Great controls and nice audio by the way

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Loved the game (and obviously rated). Hope you can rate my game too!

Nice game. The audio creates an interesting atmosphere that completes the gameplay really nice

Rated and commented. Hope you can as well

Great time playing it.

Alredy rated your game :)

I am almost there(16 ratings) and I will try to rate everyone's post. Here's my game

I'm almost there.  Hope you can check out my game

Rated an commented your creation. Would love to see a more polished version in the future

Great game, I love the 8-Bit look and Ui. You should consider upgrading the game once the Jam is finished

Rated your creation and I hope you reach the 20 ratings mark. Here's my game

Just rated. Hope you reach the 20 ratings mark. Here's my game

Just rated and I hope you will reach the 20 ratings mark.  Here's my game

Loved your creation (and rated of course) and I hope you will as well  . Here's my game

Fun game. You should consider upgrading it after the jam


Dun Dun Duuun

Great game and idea.  It's unfortunate that few people have controllers

Hello again. We've met in another community topic. So I already rated yours :)

Really good game. Commented and rated

Cute graphics and nice gameplay. A great overall creation!

Great game, especially the graphics.

Okey dokey

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Great game overall. Hope you will expand the idea and make the gameplay last longer

Sure thing

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Thanks. Just played and rated yours.

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I currently have 8 ratings so help me out on this and I will rate your game too!

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Cute art, nice gameplay and a great overall game

Cute graphics and neat audio. Grate overall game

Loved your game. Hope you like mine as well

Hope I'm not to late here. Here's my game having currently a whopping 7 rates

Hello there. Hope you can play my game