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English version?

Hire me plz 

really cool game

It seems you just replied with intention to harass my subjective opinion on the game and/or the game topics.

Let's make it more clear for you... by "blind support" I meant people advising body change and such, which is irreversible decision, without knowing their full background. 

I feel offended by comparing my opinion which DID NOT contain hatred towards LGBT community to genocide. Maybe you should re-read my comment or even better play the game by yourself.

Actually I woke up at 5.20 am because I thought it starts at 5 am my time. Good luck

I hope it will be worth it. good luck to everyone

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Interesting game, maybe too much text to read (I have played similar type of game before, and it was more "fresh" than this). At the start you let us know about possible hate speech towards LGBT group, I personally didn't like the "blind support" which was in game.. again .. in my opinion both hate speech and "blind support" are two strong opposites which are unacceptable (for obvious reasons). Game gets tricky and even more interesting later on, good job.

I didn't understand. Love the design tho

I didn't notice any changes in the update :/

Wow. This takes me back few years ago when I tried playing text adventure games! Cool idea of making text adventure game and quite good story. I wasn't really expecting any sounds but you might consider adding sound for flushing. Good job!

I liked the game and game mechanics. I had fun playing and really liked the death sound. This is so cool game, but it is likely to have several bugs (your game mechanics are rather diffucult to make without bugs). Good job.

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Fun game. I really liked the game. Cool art and sound effects uhm... maybe you should think about adding pause button heh uhm... Yeah pretty cool game. (The first thing I did when I started the game was going back and the death animation scared the sh*t out of me, haha). Good job :)

Cool game. Relaxing IDLE game, just as I would imagine. Might add pause option. (pressing "S" changed my system volume up to 80, spooky). I had fun playing it, good job. 

Cool game, I liked the music, art design and the advanced maze concept. Maybe you should add different colour for exit, other than that I gotta admit I have really enjoyed playing.

Nice art, gameplay, game idea and everything. I liked the forgiving restart and checkpoint. Really fun game 

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Beautiful, cute game. I liked to explore the island (you might add more stuff to explore in potential future update). Cool idea of swapping between the worlds (especially the mid-air swap, "the sky is the ocean" idea is cool, the islands look like hourglass, wow). I liked the music starting to play near end. OMG I LOVED the buttons. Jumping was sometimes harsh. Good job, well done. Thanks for the experience <3

Fun game, should think about adding enemy hp indicator and more mana / mana potions (which save in inventory).

Cool game. Good art design and audio. HODL 

Cool story game! I had fun playing but 3 of 4 tries ended up by just walking left/right to the void (nothing was showing up) so I had to restart (I think I might be going the wrong way). Other than that I gotta say it was quite deep story. Maybe just adjust the movement (add barriers or text so players don't walk into void). Good job! I am happy I could try it out.

Just wow. Cool art design and idea. I loved the game mechanics - learning more and more stuff thru the whole game. Super cool both start and end of the game.

Cute art desing, smart two-way connection and smooth gameplay. Some levels felt too short and without any obstacles. I managed to escape from the aquarium few times. Overall no flaws.

Really cool and cute game! I fell in love with the flip animation. You might want to add HP bar and way to select enemies (just like rocks, trees..) so you can better see the enemy hitbox. That being said, I can't wait for any game updates, good job.

I have never had more fun playing a game. Neat concept and game mechanics along with the relaxing music and wonderful art design. My brain can't process that this game was made within 48h. Good job, well done!

I liked the idea and gameplay itself. You should increase the transition speed or lock movement while transition. You might want to implement saving the room order. Other than that I had fun playing and figuring out the riddle.

Cool game. I had fun playing it

Wow. Just amazing. 

Cool game, I hope you will support smaller screen resolutions too 

Couldn't play because my screen resolution wasn't supported.

Cool story and art. Cool idea of stacking them on each other. Sometimes jump key is bugged. Good job.

Totally loved this game. Cool concept.

Cool art and game itself. Bad choice of score counter.

Cool game. In the last level one green "lever" wasn't necessary.

Fun game. Maybe could improve the swing mechanics. Good job!

Thanks to Mark I managed to find this gem. Cool idea and game mechanics. I have encountered few bugs but that's normal. Good job!

*Nods* Thanks for playing!