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Current PB

My current PB, let's gooo

Ooh, I haven't considered the ammo thing. I'll make sure to add it! I'll also try to make the restart prompt stand out more, thanks for your feedback! 

Also, I'm saying this in the comments that point it out, but the music is not mine, I got it from here! It's properly credited in the game page, and specified when submitting in the jam. Music is something I have 0 experiencie in, but I'll try to make something on my own in the future. 

I gotta say, I'm not good with horror games ;-;

Still, I tried to sit through it and play it, despite the fear I'm glad I did :D

The game looks really good. At first is hard to know what's going on, but I caught on quickly (after dying haha) where I was shooting. 

Some things in mind would be adding a way to know when a block has finished spawning or can be collided with. I know the orange blocks get destroyed, but it's hard to tell if they're active or not at first, I didn't know whether I could cross through them or not a couple times.

It's actually really fun!

I liked the idea, the artstyle is also really good. It was kinda difficult moving between the blocks since the colliders didn't match with the character sprites, so I was stuck even though my character looked like it could move.

Despite that, I enjoyed it! Although it felt kinda short.

I really like both the art style and the music. As others have pointed out, the camera feels kinda weird, I found myself having to stop waiting for the camera to catch up sometimes.

Also, it isn't a big deal, but when moving diagonal up (either left or right) the character is looking down haha

It's quite entertaining, although kinda short. Maybe you could add some different types of divers that were more aggro or something, to add to the difficulty as well.

I'm glad that you liked it!

I tried going for a style similar to Hotline Miami, so that's a reason for why the boss looks like that, but I also feel that he could be improved, show an indicator or something for when he spawns so it doesn't catch you off guard.

Thanks for your feedback! I'll try to upload an improved version with the things people are saying after the jam ends!

Thank you!

The timer worked in the editor but not in the build, I almost didn't submit because it didn't sit well with me, but I fixed it (it was a dumb mistake haha) and will update it with some other things when the jam ends!

Thanks for playing!

Unfortunately I didn't make the music (I did specify this when submitting the game, and credited the artist properly). You can check it here!

This is certainly not what I was expecting when I started the game, it was much better

When I read "physics based" I was immediately interested, it did not dissappoint. The story was also great, I didn't think I'd be so immersed. Even though I'm stuck on wave two haha

The cutscenes were great, from the story to the art

I'll continue playing this later, I would love to see a bigger version, this game has potential to be even more than what it already is!

Despite expecting it, the ending still shocked me haha

This was interesting, I feel like the narrator's voice could improve but still was really good. It gave me some The Stanley Parable vibes

I actually would like to see what would happen if the player tried to defy the narrator's voice, instead of putting on my glasses drinking water before or something like that. I don't think it would fit with the theme of the game, but still would be something interesting to see happen!

I'm not gonna lie, I spent the last five minutes trying to get the books in the box but I still can't haha

This was fun, I started by moving around with the grappling hook because it just felt good :D

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This was really fun!

My first impression was that the music was pretty good and catchy haha

I liked it, at first I thought I could cheese it and just dodge the lasers but quickly realized that the energy doesn't refill the whole battery, so I actually had to try to collect them haha

A couple notes could maybe be that the jump height could depend on how long I'm pressing the jump button. It happened a couple times that I was trying to dodge two lasers coming from the same direction at different heights jumping between them, but I jumped and hit the top laser

Also, something that happened was at the beginning of the level a laser immediately hit me, there could probably be some sort of indicator when the lasers are about to shoot

Despite this, I had fun! I actually tried to finish all waves but it was quite difficult haha, maybe I'll try again later!

Wow this is quite hard!

I gotta say, I really like how the game looks. It's just so pretty haha, it's an interesting concept and a pretty solid game

One thing that's in mind though, I would've liked if it showed you how many items changed while playing, not only at the beginning, since at least for me it was easy to forget and I didn't know if I had selected all, although I can also see why this wouldn't be a thing since it can add another layer of difficulty, given this is a memory game. I feel like this is a dumb feature to ask for, but it happened to me a couple times haha

Thanks for playing! I certainly didn't expect that someone would record it, and even upload it to YouTube!

Thanks for playing!

I'm aware of those glitches, but I couldn't fix them before the jam deadline, so I'll upload the fixed version later!

Just when I finished a hard level in quite some time, another hard one is there waiting for me, lol.

This was really fun, I have yet to finish it, I barely finished the one that said "One line", so It'll still take me some time, but I really enjoyed it. The monsters were really cute too!

I had fun!

As someone else said, it is really easy to lose visibility between the batteries. But the concept of sharing energy was really cool, I had trouble with some levels though haha.

This was amazing.

I loved the chain mechanic, things like that are always so good when properly implemented, and you made it really cool.

Some things I'll say though, I feel like the character could have some invincibility after getting hit, since you could die instantly if you're not careful, especially true in the boss fight, I fell a couple times on top of him and since I couldn't move I just died since I kept touching him.

But despite that, this was really fun! I'd like to see you continue with it and add some more levels!

The first two ones were relatively simple, but the others had me thinking!

It was quite interesting, but I feel like the presentation could improve a little, overall I liked it!

Thanks for your reply! 

We'll work on the jump, I also feel it's a bit too floaty but when we tried to change the values it didn't feel good either, so we'll keep working on it! 

Also, we had a web build, we made it just in time to submit it for the jam, but when we tested it there was a problem where one of the players couldn't move so we had to delete it, it happens in some computers with the regular build too, which is weird. We fixed it though, and will update it after the jam.

This was really fun. At first I thought the black pieces were some sort of enemy, especially when I connected a black with a white one, it hit me levels later that they weren't at all lmao.

Thanks for playing! 

I have a question if you don't mind me asking, what do you mean with the controls feeling off? You mean like the layout, or the movement in game feels weird? (say, the jump is too floaty/heavy or something like that) 

Thank you for playing! We'll make sure to make a post jam update with a couple things, like maybe a tutorial and the reset haha 

We'll be sure to check out your game as well! 

Thank you!

We added sound effects a couple hours before the submission time was over, so we had to hurry. Some things weren't as polished as we would've liked to, but we'll work on improving all these stuff later.

I'm just really confused lmao

The first duck straight up killed me right away, I wasn't expecting that

One thing though, the first time I shot, I got scared as hell. Since there was no audio other than the gunshots, I couldn't really tell if my audio was too high, so it caught me off guard. That's on me, but some music or any random sound could probably help haha

This looks really cool! The isometric aspect was awesome, however, the map can get kinda confusing, since depending on the camera some walls dissapear and make it quite hard to navigate, but is not much problem.

One thing I didn't like was that when you get hit, you have to start from the beginning, and I got hit. A lot. Maybe restart in the same room or a room behind, because having to repeat everything all over again can get kinda boring. But despite that, it was a really cool game!

Holy schmokes, this was really fun!

I only used the wizard, I'm not sure if you can use other riders, but I believe so haha

One thing that at the beginning was felt kinda weird was that when I tried to gain distance to attack the enemy knight, I'd run away from them, turn around to attack, but only the horse turned around, and not the cursor, so I found myself looking at the knight but attacking to the opposite side. Despite that, it really was fun!

Thanks for your input!

The controls are kinda wack, but we'll change that and make it more comfortable when the game jam is over!

Thanks for your input!

We're really glad you like it, about the controls, we agree they are kinda sloppy haha, but we'll change it to a more comfortable layout later!

Thanks for playing!

We wanted to make it so that the lava increases speed as the player goes higher up, but we had problems with the game's build, and we were almost out of time we just forgot to do it :(

But we'll fix that once the jam is over!

Great game! The music was really cool. However, I had problems with fullscreen, some things were offscreen for me. I tried different browsers but it still didn't work :(

Despite that, it was really good. The goblins appearing from the ground at the beginning creeped me out haha. 

It was really fun, unfortunately it only had one level ;-;
With some more levels this can definitely become a really cool game, the use of assets to make the ships was really interesting.
Something that doesn't seem quite right is that, in fullscreen mode at least, you can move your ship to the sides of the screen, I'm almost sure you can't receive damage if you're there since it seems like bullets dont reach you, but you can still shoot. It made it way too easy to defeat the boss, especially with the sideways shoot upgrade.

As you can see, I'm at the left of the screen haha.
Other than that, I don't think I found any problems. It's one of the best games I've played of the jam, I really enjoyed it. 

This was a really innovative idea. At first my antivirus didn't let me enter the game's page for some reason hahaha

I didn't really finish it because I personally felt like killing 100 enemies was too much; it was just a me thing, since I tend to be really impatient, but the idea was really cool. It's one of the best games I've played so far.

It required some strategy skill that unfortunately I don't have haha

I also believe that having a health bar for the enemies could help a lot, since knowing that could helpo you develop a strategy. But despite that it was enjoyable

I got kinda confused with the colors, because Rhite's summons were red, and I had to look to the game's page showing the elements to understand it haha

It's pretty interesting, it can be improved, but as a whole I really liked it.

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

We'll totally work on the controls, because they sure are kinda wacky sometimes haha

Thank you! 

Yeah, the controls are quite clunky haha, we didn't think of that properly, but it'll be updated (along some other things) when the game jam is over. 

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Thanks for your input! 

The control scheme was made at the beginning of development, and overtime we got so used to it that we didn't realized it's actually quite uncomfortable haha, we'll work on that, and some other issues we found/were told about. 

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Regarding the difficulty, we absolutely planned to have the lava increase as the player goes higher. We Left it for the end, but with some issues regarding the build and the deadline, we forgot to add it, so yeah, it gets extremely easy overtime haha. 

The controls seemed fine until we suddenly thought at the end "why did we use the mouse?", it was an arbitrary decision made at the beginning of development and it just stayed like that, but when it was finished it just occured to us that it was a bad idea. 

And I haven't actually considered mirroring the rooms, that is a good idea. Once the game jam is over we'll address these problems, because plenty of people told us about them haha, especially the difficulty part. 

Thanks for playing it, we're glad you liked it!