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A fast paced game made for the Indie Tales Jam!
Submitted by NonRidiculousAdjective — 2 minutes, 54 seconds before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Aesthetic Flair (Graphics & Sound Presentation)#1223.1303.833
Technical Excellence (Design & Engineering)#1412.5863.167
Immersion (Gameplay & Storytelling Engagement)#1442.5863.167
Relevance (Creative Expression of Theme)#1552.7223.333

Ranked from 6 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Made by One or Two People

yes this was made by just me / us

All Original Content

yes everything was made during the jam

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Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

This was really fun!

My first impression was that the music was pretty good and catchy haha

I liked it, at first I thought I could cheese it and just dodge the lasers but quickly realized that the energy doesn't refill the whole battery, so I actually had to try to collect them haha

A couple notes could maybe be that the jump height could depend on how long I'm pressing the jump button. It happened a couple times that I was trying to dodge two lasers coming from the same direction at different heights jumping between them, but I jumped and hit the top laser

Also, something that happened was at the beginning of the level a laser immediately hit me, there could probably be some sort of indicator when the lasers are about to shoot

Despite this, I had fun! I actually tried to finish all waves but it was quite difficult haha, maybe I'll try again later!


Thank you for playing, and props for trying to finish all the waves! And actually, your jumps are higher when holding the jump key, though the difference is probably too small to notice, so will improve upon that. I note all the feedback from the comments and will use it on the afterjam version which will be improved (and include more music tracks!) and will actually include a bit of context on why the main character is actually a robot (like mentioned in the comment below)! It should come out immediately after the jam voting ends, so if you wanna finish the game, keep an eye on that!


I liked it, especially the transitions between block placements and it was fun, but it was lacking some overally polish. Here are a few things I noticed

The platformer movement is stiff

You don't know when lasers will come out of the wall so being near them is dangerous(maybe add a ! warning that appears a few seconds before the laser)

Lots of times the lasers would be approaching you one on top of the other at the same time, meaning you were damned if you jumped, damned if you didn't.

The thing with starting on level 4, which you addressed in the description

I wish there was more to do with the robot theme. It feels like you could have totally replaced all the robot-thematic elements easily. For example, you could have replaced the battery with a hunger/health meter and the electricty with food. I think the robot idea was not a bad one, but I think you could've gone farther with it.

Considering this was a game jam game and you had very limited time, none of these things are dealbreakers, but I think most of these polish ideas probably should have come before the cool level transitions. Nonetheless, it was fun and that's what matters


Nice graphics and I really liked the music!


Pretty fun! I like the balance between getting hit and going after energy.


Love the game! I got to wave 6.