Submissions open from 2021-07-09 10:00:00 to 2021-07-12 12:00:00
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Welcome to the FIRST Indie Tales Game Jam!

Indie Tales is all about learning new game dev skills and helping others do the same. This is your chance to share what you've learned over a long weekend and make something brand new!

In the last two years, the Indie Tales YouTube, Twitch and Discord communities have grown significantly. There's so much talent and passion that I (Adam) see every day being shared around, and I want to do more to put a spotlight on that. So let's get together over a weekend and make some video games!

The jam will take place over the 10th - 11th of July weekend. We've made sure to use the loosest definition of these days as possible to factor out time zones, so as long as it's the 10th somewhere in the world, you can start. You can keep working right up until the last minute of the 11th in the latest timezone possible. That gives you at least two full days, no matter where you live.

Anyone is welcome to join. Team sizes can be at most two participants per entry to be eligible to win, but larger team sizes are welcome if you just want to have fun.

You can find a shortlist below from hundreds of theme suggestions have been submitted by the community. Join us on Discord and cast your vote in the #theme-voting channel to nominate the top 10. The final theme will be picked at random from the top 10, and announced when the jam starts.

Everything that's part of your game must be made within the jam by you or your teammate. You are more than welcome to start with any tools, engine or code base that suits you.

Acceptable: Anything that helps you make games. (e.g. animation systems, physics and collision systems, input systems).
Not Acceptable: Any content that contributes to your game's design. (e.g sprites, animation, music, mechanics).

You own everything you make, and there's no requirement to include source code or to make your project open source, though of course you are encouraged to share as much as you're comfortable.

Voting Criteria
I really believe in rewarding creators for making quality work. I think it's important to recognise well-built games that offer compelling experiences. To me, what makes a great jam entry comes down to the following:

Technical Excellence [Design & Engineering]

Aesthetic Flair [Graphics & Sound Presentation]

Immersion [Gameplay & Storytelling Engagement]

Relevance [Creative Expression of Theme]

The Prize
The winning entry will receive a spotlight on the IndieTales with AdamCYounis Youtube channel, including a playthrough of your game, an interview about the project and an opportunity to spread the news about any other work you do. The channel has over 60,000 subscribers, and is growing every day.