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Great job! We never expected for people to be able to take the game this far; I'm sure that there are some problems when you hit the 30s+

Thank you for the review! We were pretty pressed for time, so we weren't able to iron out all the bugs, or create a tutorial.

We were super crunched for time, so we had to submit something with a lot of mechanics and levels, but not a lot of polish (including sound + music). Bloody has it right- you can merge towers to create and upgrade them.

Thanks for the kind words! We weren't sure how to properly implement different level merging- perhaps in an after jam version we will figure out.

Yes- that was a bug that came from  the build. You can fix it by slowing time down again. Thanks for playing!

This game's concept is so creative- guiding around a roomba, rather than just using a regular vacuum? I Love it! one of the most creative takes I've seen in the jam.

Very fun arcade-style wave game! I love the art and 2.5 d aesthetic.

What a great interpretation of the theme! It is very fun to walk around and push the drunkards around. I love the way the screen is set up as well- it feels very natural. Great job, especially for 48 hours!

The concept of just the final boss is a great spin on the theme! I was a little confused on how to hurt the boss, however. Great controls as well!

I thought the  idea was hilarious!  The gameplay was also quite fast and fun. Good job!

Love the game! I got to wave 6.

I loved the concept! I got a little confused at a few of the puzzles- but obviously it wouldn't be a puzzle if I didn't! Great job for this short of a jam.

Thank you so much! 

That was incredible- I was a little confused at first as to where the challenge was- but it instantly caught me by surprise! Very fun and funny, and very polished for a jam.

I liked the idea and gameplay- I just wish there were more levels, and perhaps health bars for the enemies. Either way, time is always a constraint in a jam. Good job on the game!

I like the story. I love the ability to create barricades- to help you defeat the enemies. It's a cool idea to have instead of your weapon upgrade as time goes on, instead you get more furniture. Overall very polished for a game jam game!

The intro just floored me! I need to take notes for my next jam :).  I thought the gameplay was extremely fun- though I wish there was health bars for the enemies. Also- perhaps the damage could scale with the velocity of the sword? I think that could be extremely fun to mess around with. Overall- Fantastic story, gameplay, and art!

Very good-feeling movement. I wish there was a defined ending with some sort of win screen,  and perhaps a few more obstacles, but obviously time is a constraint in a jam. Really enjoyed the moving platforms!

I loved the concept of a point-and-click horror game- I think it fits the jam well! The sound design was additionally very strong. I did have a lot of trouble on placing the items in the chest- sometimes it would work, and other times it didn't. Overall- very cool concept!

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The music was thrown together last minute- we should have added a mute button for the music. Thanks for the review!

Sorry about that- we had some problems with  targets not rendering... 

Thanks for playing!