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Submitted by rutg3r, ForgetMeSnot — 6 minutes, 34 seconds before the deadline
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Great color palette and art.  Love that merging incorporates color/attributes as well.  Well done guys!


This is a very nice game which I enjoyed a lot, it is a good idea to add merging of the canons to the tower defense genre, and the visuals are awesome.

Very good work.


Really like the art and the title screen. Nice work. :D

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My setup on level 47. Some strange glitches do start to appear at this stage in the game, but I am thoroughly enjoying it. Also, I suggest for anyone playing it to read the tutorial in the description of the game it helps a lot. Wish it was implemented in the game itself though.


Great job! We never expected for people to be able to take the game this far; I'm sure that there are some problems when you hit the 30s+


Very solid tower defense game! I really liked being able to merge different canon together, i think it gives a lot of replay value to try them all! The only downfall are the bugs caused by the enemies going too fast, which is too bad.(sometime some of my towers just wouldn't activate at all) It would have been fun to also have an indication or some sort of tutorials, since i had to guess that merging towers and purchasing a more powerful version of each tower was possible. Overall, pretty fun game!


Thank you for the review! We were pretty pressed for time, so we weren't able to iron out all the bugs, or create a tutorial.


Great game! Really simple to play and fun mechanic. It would be nice to show that we can merge the turrets, there was a lot of guessing.


An interesting idea for the game. Nice game graphics. The game lacks sounds. I would also like to buy towers during a wave. Good game!


Cool game! I love the art especially for all the tower upgrades. It would be nice to have some indication of what the tower does before buying it but you learn pretty quickly. The merge mechanic I feel is nicely incorporated


Cool concept, had a few bugs but overall good job!


Rather fun game all things considered. The lack of any sounds or music is kinda disheartening however. The merge mechanic is cool, but being able to merge 2 of the same tower of different levels to create a tower of the combined level could have been a cool thing to implement. The fact that the towers need to be the same level even when merging colors is also a little disheartening.

The tower defense genre feels kinda out of place for a high score based game, but having randomly generated levels after 20 makes it seems a lot better that I would have thought. Very good pixel art, and actually a pretty cool tower defense game in general!


Thanks for the kind words! We weren't sure how to properly implement different level merging- perhaps in an after jam version we will figure out.


Agreed, it would have been tricky to be 12.5% one color attribute and then convey to the player what that breakdown was.  Then how do you handle merging that later?  The same level requirement makes it a more clear 50/50.  Given more time, I'm sure you could implement highlighting other possible merges when you are dragging a tower, or a mouse-over tool-tip to make it a little easier to compare the level of different tower types.


It's a beautiful and interesting game, althought it is not very enjoyable yet due to the painfulness of the merging process and some bugs.

Overall it is still a great game !


Very very nice game ! the art and visuals are great ! the gameplay is interesting and very addictive !

It's a huge amount of work for 3 days, kudos on that !

Very little minor issue : when you press escape, the window is displayed bellow the turrets

Amazing work !

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Nice game.


It was fun and addictive to play.

The graphics were neat.


I don't see how the theme is used in this game.

There should be sound and music.

Maybe a bit of polish will make the game better ie screen shake, particle effects, etc.


I don't think you figured out you could merge the towers by dragging one to another, because the game does fit the theme pretty well 


We were super crunched for time, so we had to submit something with a lot of mechanics and levels, but not a lot of polish (including sound + music). Bloody has it right- you can merge towers to create and upgrade them.


Thanks for telling me that.


Yea! Tower Defence! 

But some bug have bugs on higth speed, it's stopped itself move


Very adorable insects and relax game.  Sad that there no music.  Oh and I found a deadly bug for an highscore game! If you press to accelerate the time some insect get stuck in a wall.


Yes- that was a bug that came from  the build. You can fix it by slowing time down again. Thanks for playing!