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It's been a while since I've been that moved by a relatively low fidelity game.  Beautiful music and story.  Clear and clean controls.  Thanks for that.

(Edit: Just realized another game was open providing the music, lol.  It was perfectly paired.  Fond Farewell by Finn Truong ( )

Well done, clean polish.  The ebb and flow of music and quotes while breathing in is a great touch.

What a delightful little game, well done.  Very satisfying placement of pinwheels. :-)

Hello Mr.Dog... er Duck er... ... 😱... 💀

Beautiful artwork, Colleene, reminds me of Cuphead!

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Quite fun and very challenging to try and get all the tanks full within the allotted time.  I love the mood, music, and the hand drawn artwork.  Well done!

Very well done in general.  Requires careful planning of roads which took several failed attempts to figure out which felt like a good puzzle. 

Orrior AI seems to need a little help and the cap at 80 makes it quite hard to actually defend both sides of the base.  Either that or a bug was keeping 80 from actually being produced.  It would be nice if they prioritized enemies within the watchtower range.  Or maybe it's that the garrisoned troops aren't actually leaving the towers?  When a tower is destroyed, suddenly a stream of 20 new Orriors are produced from a fort.  Cycling through supplied forts would help rather than producing out of the same fort.  I kept having half the map cleared and the other half munching up my buildings with Orriors maxed out and multiple watch towers on both sides.

I played on Keyboard, so it may differ from the controller.  If enemies were stunned for a few frames when hit or there was a dash/block move, I think it would help keep the fighting flowing.  I think there could be something to the "try to make progress while intermittently fighting off waves of baddies" concept.  My intuition is that doubling the number of enemies and releasing them in waves, and also doubling your power in dealing with them would increase the overall fun.

Sprites looked great and the occasional spin-kick was a fun surprise.  As was the enemy's friendly fire.

Agreed, it would have been tricky to be 12.5% one color attribute and then convey to the player what that breakdown was.  Then how do you handle merging that later?  The same level requirement makes it a more clear 50/50.  Given more time, I'm sure you could implement highlighting other possible merges when you are dragging a tower, or a mouse-over tool-tip to make it a little easier to compare the level of different tower types.

Great color palette and art.  Love that merging incorporates color/attributes as well.  Well done guys!

Deceptively chill, Wander in the Dark lulls you into a relaxing fog as you wander right off a ledge. 😆  In the same way that those floating Strawberries called my name in Celeste, I found myself wanting to hunt down the extra shards (for the 1 UP) only to carelessly die multiple times on the way, lol.  The real antagonist is the calming atmosphere, much like Mr. Tumnus' pan flute.

Soo good guys, nice work!!!

I also hit the crash the first time I used pushback on an enemy.  The Let's play is a great idea to get to experience the rest though.

The mood was awesome, the dialog was simple, but resolved, the music built well.  The level layouts did a good job of giving you sneak peeks of points of interest ahead.

If I can offer any critique, waiting for all the enemies to move in series was a little rough when there are a lot.  At first I thought it was lag.  Only alerting enemies within x spaces of the player (and then alerting any enemies within y spaces of that enemy to keep your groups together) is one possible workaround.

Wow guys, this is so well done.  I didn't expect to get hit with emotion like that at the end. 👏 😭

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Delightful game, well done!  Found a sneaky little way to squeeze out an extra 50 coins on Level 23. :-)

Nice work!  Love the mood and feeling created so quickly!