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This game combined two mechanics that I enjoy in a pleasant and fun way.  I loved the small details such as the little jump that the crow makes and the entity saying goodbye to the souls very happily. This game feels like a warm hug in rainy weather. A few extra touches that would make the game shine, even more, would be to add a sound for when the food is done correctly and one that there is not, as well as a sound every time you click an arrow key, which could get higher pitch until the end. A beautiful soul addition to this game jam.

The aesthetics are great, from the visual graphics to the sound. The game is fun to play and I liked some small touches such as when you turn the car too much it makes a squeaky sound. One thing that would add more to this great project would be to add VFX when the car hits the ground and a sound of impact and dropping, to make it more immersive. Overall, a great addition to the jam. Good Job!

That is true. Because of what happened I didn't have enough time to cover what we lost in terms of mechanics nor to construct the map again. Thank you for the constructive criticism!

Indeed it's a shame. I had fun at least trying to rebuild the whole thing.  Thank you for the constructive criticism!

Cool! Good job (:

I really enjoyed playing this one, so simple yet fun. Good job. Even got first place!

Eye-pleasing graphics and an overall fun mechanic. I'm impressed, good job!

That is indeed an interesting thing to add!

Fun gameplay,  took me a while until I knew what to do, and that was only when I opened full-screen.

I had fun! I really thought that I had better reactions though.

Cool concept.  Though when you start playing the game you are introduced to a lot of enemies and it takes some tries to understand what to do. I also found the enemies to be a bit tricky as everyone would just quickly rush to you, being almost impossible to attack any of your current colours!

Cute game but can be a bit frustrating to perfectly align the sprite

Simple but quite fun!

Thank you for the comment!

A good idea for the merging. Controls could be improved, specially jumping in certain parts.

Glad you did!

Appreciate it!

Thank you!

Thank you! Difficulty game design is definitely a thing that I will get better at!

I wanted it to be a bit more of a surprise and check what each item does. But I do agree that, in one day, I should make some sort of database of what they do. Thank you!

Thank you! Those are a lot of points wow! I agree, I did not have enough time to balance the game!

Thank you!

I understand now. That has never happened to me during my testing phases. Very interesting

Wow! This was a solid idea made me re-think how little I know about colors

I won't lie, I spent a bit of time just trying to barely pass the cars as it was funny the cars beeping in anger, good touch!

I can't understand exactly what to do, but the idea is there!

Pixel art was sweet and the mechanics arrrrr pretty good!

Really creative and educative!

Thank you! The art is from Shoppai, he is a great pixel artist. Check him out!

That is dedication for sure!

Well, Orgo from Orc and evil because they are red. I believe it had something to do with a disease in that forest that is spreading that makes things red and agressive

That makes sense! I knew someone that wore suspenders, it reminded me of him

Cool concept!

Thank you, I agree. The design of difficulty could have been improved

Thank you, the art was made by Shoppai! I agree, there could be a lot more mergings but due to the time limit I could only implement so much.

In terms of Game Design, I felt that it would add a bit of difficulty to not be able to move items around, as you would need to quickly memorize where they are. But I do get your point, thank you!

A really creative idea! I found the main mechanic a bit clunky but, once you get used to it becomes fun!

A very original idea!