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Fanny Ngo

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Thanks, our main inspiration was actually ASDF cupcake XD

I am happy that we were able to make you laugh with our dark humor XD

Thank you! Glad you had fun :3

Awww thank you so much!! *^* I'm glad you enjoyed helping our little tomato achieve his dream! 

I see we have found a fellow tomato smoothie enthousiaste :D

Thank you so much!*^* I had lots of fun giving life to our little tomato MC!

Yes! It is the start of the smoothie revolution! And thanks :D

I'm glad you enjoyed :3 Yeah, the small platformer was added cause that was the easiest way to give the fruits time to start spawning before players started falling XD

Yes! I had a lot of fun adding those details, especially the faces XD

Thank you :3

Thanks XD

Very nice aesthetic! The gameplay is simple yet very satisfying! This made me crave pizza.

Rock, paper, scissor shoot! What an original take on the theme we've got here! This game was very fun and has a lot of replay value! Nicely done!

I had a lot of fun with this one! The pure contrast of the cute art style with the heavy metal music made me laugh XD A lot of replay value. Would have been nice to know that interacting (E) was meant to pick up the new weapons tho, but still a fun and cute game!

A simple game mechanics that has a lot of replay value! I would play this on the my phone while on the bus :3

A game with a very interesting playstyle! Took me awhile to get used to the control but got the hang of it at the end and had fun roleplaying! The sound effect also made me laugh a lot XD A fun game overall!

Very solid tower defense game! I really liked being able to merge different canon together, i think it gives a lot of replay value to try them all! The only downfall are the bugs caused by the enemies going too fast, which is too bad.(sometime some of my towers just wouldn't activate at all) It would have been fun to also have an indication or some sort of tutorials, since i had to guess that merging towers and purchasing a more powerful version of each tower was possible. Overall, pretty fun game!