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Love the game, for the people with potatoes, would it be possible to somehow render text at higher res than everything else? Wanted to play at lowest at 60% 720p, but the the text is unreadable :(

If you were wondering, these are my specs:
cpu: Intel Core i7 - 7600U

gpu: Radeon R7 m465 (equivalent to GTX 295 or GTX 550) (2GB VRAM)


Hello! I formed a team with my schoolmates to participate in a game jam. However, I am struggling to find game jams that fit our schedule. The current search filters for game jams are good for individuals, but not for teams with organizational constraints. It would be helpful if we could filter our search by the number of days a game jam takes place and/or a game jam that covers our allocated time, so we can easily find all the game jams that match our time limitations. The "happening soon" option or browsing the calendar are not helpful when we have specific constraints to work with.

Thank you for reading and looking forward to your consideration!

I really liked it! The game has such a great art and fitting music! What caught my eye was sometimes the unexpected diagonal movement of the raft and the menu felt a bit clunky to control with a mouse, for example, the back button didn't work for me when I opened the credits. Seen the "to be continued" after finishing the levels, with this solid start I am curious about how you'll expand/continue upon this game :D

A very creative approach to the theme! Really liked the whole idea, but must agree that some things like the repair speed and being able to see where you'll actually hit should be improved/added. And even though the ingame music was a bit too chaotic, I really liked the menu one, maybe you could have done something similar to ingame. Also, the random voices (texts) from the drunk soldiers were a nice addition :D Overally great game with a very cool concept!

Enjoyed it a lot, really liked the portraits and dialogues! A nice approach to the theme! But must say that it took me some time to figure out the desk task. Aside from that a really polished and a great looking game!

Great game! The levels had very nicely balanced difficulty, the art and music were sweet. Managed to finish the whole thing, and enjoyed the final boss. I also really liked the menu, it was simple, but so well made and even matched the overall theme of your game! It is very hard to find anything that could be improved, one of them would be to match the floor look to one room a bit more, maybe replacing the walls with props with collision boxes would be enough also if you wanted to make the boss stand out a bit more, then making him bigger and more buff is a great tactic! Aside from few already known bugs, I must agree with others that this is one of the most polished games out there!

Thank you for playing, and props for trying to finish all the waves! And actually, your jumps are higher when holding the jump key, though the difference is probably too small to notice, so will improve upon that. I note all the feedback from the comments and will use it on the afterjam version which will be improved (and include more music tracks!) and will actually include a bit of context on why the main character is actually a robot (like mentioned in the comment below)! It should come out immediately after the jam voting ends, so if you wanna finish the game, keep an eye on that!

Really cool game, and one of few that was actually 3D! Apart from what was already said here. I think that players should have more control over their movement, for example, increasing the height of jumps and walking speed. I really liked the menu being like the sheets of paper, maybe finding some cool pencil font might have made it even cooler! Great game overall!

Love the game! The idea is so creative! What might make the game a bit easier would be to make the spiders a bit slower, since their current speed prompts the player (or at least me :D) to a tactic of "click everywhere and run away". But since both the movement and block placing are limited, (meaning you have to think where you place and where you can go) I would encourage the player to take more time to think about where they place the blocks to maybe bring in a bit more strategic thinking. Btw managed to get a score of 21 :D

Enjoyed it a lot! The menacing banana is undoubtedly the best card. Reached wave 20 and a few more, my final score was 88. And with two lives left I got very lucky :D

Brilliant idea! I loved the concept but sadly wasn't able to get very far because of the beginning platformer part, where few jumps were quite difficult for me. I got through them but died at the beginning by the monster because of the before-mentioned shooting feedback troubles. On the other hand, the art is great!! The animations looked great! (btw check out miniboss's tutorials if you want to improve your pixelart even more: Also, I think, that jumping mechanic is worth exploring. And that buddy (Gama i think) you have with you during your journey is such a cool concept! :D And lastly do not forget to

Cool game! The animations are smooth and blend in very nicely with the movement, which makes the game so much fun. But it's also a bit too hard, got stuck at the wide walljump part because of that. 

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Really enjoyed it, the art, music, and gameplay feel great! :D And a creative expression on theme! Also a suggestion from what I've noticed while playing, I think the sound for hitting the enemies doesn't fully fit. Since you got the main character sounds right, you might do similar sounds on the bad guys too, since they look similar and probably also have deep voices. (enemies are buff and big, they should have stronger and deeper voices like the mc)

Had a lot of fun, managed to get to 100 000 on the second playthrough (because I had been prolly blind on the first one and thought that 500 is the money limit :D). What I would recommend is also mentioning that you can rotate things with R (from the time submitted I guess you just didn't manage, i feel ya) and also, when rotating things, using for example up and down arrows for pickup and insert instead of green and red might make it a bit more intuitive.. Overall, great game guys!

Even though there are few little things that could be polished, the game is great, physics and graphics are great, I love the look of the planets!

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Sent you the request right now

my team may also be interested


if ur still free

Are you alredy taken ? If not, then we would be happy to have you in team ! This will be our very first game jam, and it would be pretty helpful to have somebody in team, so we can focus more on art and programming! Here's my discord if you can still join us: 𝙉𝙤𝙣𝙍𝙞𝙙𝙞𝙘𝙪𝙡𝙤𝙪𝙨𝘼𝙙𝙟𝙚𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙚#7087

Art, music, sounds and gameplay are great!

Also would be really cool if I could see also my current score, not only highscore when I die. Keep up the good work!

The pixelart is AMAZING!

I love the feel of the game so much, the green-white-dark_green palette combined with the soundtrack makes it a great gaming experience!

And well, the sounds of dying goose will haunt me forever I guess. :D 

(Also I didnt seem to find a fullscreen option, did I miss it or is it not yet implemented in the game ?)

Anyway, keep up the good work! Can't wait for the full game to come out! (and I am yet to finish the demo)

Oh, thanks for help!

Very cool app guys!

But I have a problem. I started using it for animation, while I create basic pixelart in Problem is, that I created pixelart in that consists of layers, which I then plan on animating in Pixelorama, I want to do it with those two layers separated as two individual layers in Pixelorama, but when I import the layers, they are imported as individual frames. I have no clue how to put those layers on top of each other, deleting and moving of frames is synced so I cannot even move them and delete the duplicates, and I cannot even copy and paste.

Please help.

Thank you for playing my game, very happy to hear that you enjoyed it !

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I am very happy that you enjoyed it!

I am not sure if it is possible to have HTML5 and also a downloadable at the same time. If it'll be possible, I'll do both, if not then I am not sure which is generally more approachable for other people to play (i heard that people often have problems on certain browsers with HTML5), so most probably would stick with downloadable for now.

This looks so cool! I was missing some low end RTS.  Love the pixelart and isometric style graphics! Good luck with the project!

Damn, why did I have to find this right when I am heading to bed (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻