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CONFIRMED FOR BROKEN. Cheers for this, dunno how we missed it. Pushing a fix now.

Whoa, that's weird! Gonna take a look now.

Yes! That's correct.

Yeah, can't give an exact ETA on that but I'll put it on the feature list.

The format of that config file is kind of messy, may address that at some point.

WASD to move, arrow keys to shoot in up/down/left/right, 1 to place/detonate a bomb, 2 to use blades. The keyboard player can also use the mouse to fire the turret with the left button, the blades with the right button, and bombs with the middle button. 

This keyboard setup might not work that well with non-QWERTY layouts, in which case you can edit the config file, located in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\spacebeef on Windows, and (I think) ~/.config/spacebeef on Linux.

I also just found some input-related bugs while checking something so I'm uploading a new build now to address those.

Hey there! We have some demo material in the works at the moment.

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Folia is distributed as freeware. License information is available in docs/license.txt, but for clarity:

- You are free to redistribute the Folia engine as part of your own projects.

- You may use Folia for commercial purposes. You do not have to pay us royalties to do so. However, you must state in the finished project that Folia was used to make it, and attribute Folia to Axile Studios.

- You may install Folia on as many machines as you like.

- You may not sell the unmodified version of Folia.

- You may not sell modified versions of the Folia engine.

- Leiff, the mascot character, is part of Folia. He may be used in Folia projects but may not be used in games made in other engines.

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Unfortunately a Mac version is unlikely to happen; I'd be interested to hear if anyone manages to get it going on M1 but we won't be able to offer official support.

Hey there! Definitely doing a Linux build this week, but we don't have any plans to port to Android at the moment.

we can only speculate

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Cheers! Yeah, if I were revisiting this properly the slashboxes/attack visuals are definitely the first thing I'd sort out, I've had a couple of people mention they were kind of hard to read. I actually didn't notice that attacks were interruptible like that, so I might just upload a quick fix for that issue since it's relatively minor.

Thanks for playing!

gdi Terry, I was all set to go hog bananas with overscoping and now you pull this manoeuvre

...but what if I did do multiplayer though

Just heard about this; I'd like to submit SPACEBEEF

Hey there, I tried to download this but it seems like the archive is corrupt/not openable.

Great stuff, really like the mechanical interactions here. Revenge From Beyond is wildly OP.

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Still got the same problem :/ I'll send you the URL for the error report (via twitter).

absolutely blown away by this. what the hell. amazing

Hey there, I got as far as the introductory screen but I get a System.EntryPointNotFoundException every time I try to start a new game. I can send you a full traceback if you need.

Local only. I'll take another look at the feasibility of doing an online thing, but latency is definitely gonna be an issue with the design as it is (plus the additional complexity of running matchmaking/lobby stuff).

(future changelog entries will go in the devlog)

v1.1.3 (2017-05-15)

  • Nova bombs are a limited resource
  • Added bomb pickup
  • Bombs explode on firer death
  • Added volume controls to options menu
  • Fixed camera zooming bug
  • Fixed AI targeting bug
  • Fixed AI weapon cooldown bug

Welp, guess that explains how that guy got his submission up so early :/

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Well, I didn't get everything done that I wanted, but I think there's the core of something here. Might spend a bit of time on this later and add some of the missing bits.


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Doing a fishing game! I'm behind as heck, though. So far the tileset has exactly four tiles and the sprites two colours each.

catchin' a fish

got a fish

Fishing is a button-mashing minigame with varying levels of intensity. Next I'm gonna implement an inventory, an NPC to sell fish to, and a shop for buying better fishing paraphernalia. For later I'm thinking about a day/night cycle for catching NIGHT FISH, caves with cave fish, a boat (for fishing), a fishing rival, a vast fishing conspiracy that unfolds over multiple acts, etc.


SPACEBEEF community · Created a new topic Changelog (old)

v1.1.2 (2016-12-12)

  • Added bouncy collision physics
  • Fixed a bug in Lia's Beam Hazard attack

I've tested SPACEBEEF on a few different systems, but there's always the chance that some combination of hardware/OS/cosmic rays could cause some issues.

If you're having trouble getting your beef on, post here with your system specs and a description of the problem and I'll try and get it figured out.