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A minimal framework for narrative games. · By Axile

No license information

A topic by fergicide created Jun 03, 2022 Views: 237 Replies: 1
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What license is this released under?

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Folia is distributed as freeware. License information is available in docs/license.txt, but for clarity:

- You are free to redistribute the Folia engine as part of your own projects.

- You may use Folia for commercial purposes. You do not have to pay us royalties to do so. However, you must state in the finished project that Folia was used to make it, and attribute Folia to Axile Studios.

- You may install Folia on as many machines as you like.

- You may not sell the unmodified version of Folia.

- You may not sell modified versions of the Folia engine.

- Leiff, the mascot character, is part of Folia. He may be used in Folia projects but may not be used in games made in other engines.