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Post-jam, it's the return of Space Crates.  With actual game play -- kind of.  Lots of bugs still, but I think the potential is there for... something.

Pickle Rick meets the Matrix!  Pickle Riiiiiick!

Could not stop laughing at the irreverent commentary, capped off by the way the player pickle falls out of his boots when dying.  This demonstrates, I think, how the entire game loop benefits when one game aspect (player audio commentary) really stands out.

This had a bit of a "Putt Putt"-game vibe.  No idea what Putt Putt games are?  That's because I am ancient like my first computer, the ZX81 Spectrum.

I can see this minimalist style being very entertaining to young kids, with the vibrant music, simple interaction, and clear story with a hero and a villain.   It certainly brought a smile to my face too.  Well done.

Fast and furious.  I admit I panicked a bit when the big mushroom dudes came barreling down the corridors.  I like the reload mechanic -- not your typical screen icon but an actual mechanism where your guns lower during the cooldown/reload.  The chittering of the enemy was effectively creepy.

This game would be fun in VR!

I was hoping that intro-screen shopping trolley would fill with apples forever :-)

Another terrific effort with the modeling.  The player/camera positioning behind the trolley felt very natural, and it was fun to scoot the trolley around the shop.

I loved the effective, simple modeling.  I would guess you are someone who enjoys building virtual environments, and who takes the time to get things right.  The modular construction of your world demonstrates a methodical approach -- definitely an asset for gamedev.  The simple shapes, colors of your geometry I found pleasing and very apt for the minimalist theme.  The stripped-back character/camera controller enhances the feeling of serenity and peace.  Great job.

Simple to understand, fun to play.  A stellar gamejam entry.

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For anyone wondering how you get nice face-weighted normals (FWN) on your corners:

  1. On Reddit, read about how the pros use FWN -
  2. Look at my Youtube video showing (a) a plain cube, (b) a cube with beveled edges, (c) that cube imported to Unity with the FWN script mentioned in Step 4 - 
  3.  Beveled the edges of a plain cube in Blender -- see video above for example of bevel thickness
  4. Go here and get the Unity scripts to automatically face-weight the edge normals when you imported the Blender cube-
    You'll want to set up an Asset folder for the purpose and edit the script to only apply the FWN to models dropped into that folder
  5. Alternately, if you want to apply the FWN inside Blender instead of using the Unity script, there's a plug-in here - grab v1.2 -
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Playing with some pre-tethered crates.

Update 6 July 18:  Original submission included a late-breaking bug that killed the emissive lights on the crates, making them look sad.  This version restores the lights.  I rewrote texture management to properly share prefab textures, so now you can generate a zillion crates with no performance loss.  Still no actual tethering feature added yet.

Thanks for the opportunity to join in.  Didn't finish a game this time around, but got off to a good start and had huge fun pushing myself to learn new Unity gamedev skills.  This time around it was texturing, UVs, and tethering objects.  Ended up with a bunch of scripts I will reuse in future.

 I worked on this mainly last Friday and Saturday prior to the actual jam commencement due to working this week.

Well done to all the students participating, and I hope to see you in future jams.

Fantastic intro to generative music.  Thank you!

Minor typo: "The train's breaks..." -- should be "brakes."

Beautiful art style.  Great job!