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A topic by aeonofdiscord created Jan 11, 2017 Views: 373 Replies: 13
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Doing a fishing game! I'm behind as heck, though. So far the tileset has exactly four tiles and the sprites two colours each.

catchin' a fish

got a fish

Fishing is a button-mashing minigame with varying levels of intensity. Next I'm gonna implement an inventory, an NPC to sell fish to, and a shop for buying better fishing paraphernalia. For later I'm thinking about a day/night cycle for catching NIGHT FISH, caves with cave fish, a boat (for fishing), a fishing rival, a vast fishing conspiracy that unfolds over multiple acts, etc.



Hmmm I will be surprised if this properly embeds this video, but hey lets give it a try.


Doing a vertical space shooter, see: Gradius, Zero Wing, etc. Except vertical cause that's what the sprites I found on opengameart ( http://opengameart.org/content/some-other-8-bit-ve... ! ) are designed for. Sounds were made with the amazing http://www.bfxr.net

The code is all Love2D.


ehhh looks like it's just a download link for the video instead of embedding it. :( I'll put something on Youtube later when there's more than 10 seconds to show off

I'm focusing on the actual workings of it right now, so at the moment it's completely unstyled HTML... not a lot to look at!

If you can imagine it now, it'll eventually be a functional shop managing tycoon type game.



40 entire tiles of trees


i love these tree friends

unfortunately i failed at making the game in time but somewhere on Twitter are pictures of my tilemap editor corrupting the map with trees

turns out using string.byte for integer <-> byte cinversion is unwise?


This is my absolutely absurd visual novel, "My Guild Leader Is A Demon".

I started it before the jam began but Eevee said that counts as speedrunning.


I'm taking the between-rounds economy of CS:GO and extracting it into a separate game so I can practice just the economy part and develop an intuitive sense of what makes sense to do when. I doubt "CS:GO without all the gameplay" is a thing anybody asked for, but whatever.

Progress so far: on Tuesday I finally learned enough Lua to decide that my wrists are still hurting too much to get back into game dev just yet. I have a bunch of sketches of music to make if people want it though.


Three days ago I knew no Python and hadn't coded in years. Now, I have about 200 lines that... let you feed a couple of very ersatz cats. Thanks, Games Made Quick!

I'm giving up. I was trying to write a text adventure game in Python, and I thought it would be fun to write it from scratch. Which it sort of was. But between work and getting distracted by other things and writer's block, I didn't really get any game done. I could probably slap together some stub of a game in the remaining hours, but I don't think I would enjoy it. (And I would hate myself for it tomorrow morning.)

My idea was an adventure game inspired by Zootopia, police procedurals, and Discworld Noir (where you play a werewolf private investigator, and also use your sense of smell to solve the case). Maybe I'll get back to that some time later.

Does anyone know a good text adventure module for Python 3? That'd probably be better than what I cooked up.

I don't know about Python text adventures but I assume you considered one of the classic platforms like Inform et all?

Many years ago I wrote a MUCKlike engine that used Tcl. Sometimes I consider dusting it off, until I remember that Tcl is pretty horrible. :)

Submitted (Edited 1 time)

Well, I didn't get everything done that I wanted, but I think there's the core of something here. Might spend a bit of time on this later and add some of the missing bits.

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/QFkTl