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I'm giving up. I was trying to write a text adventure game in Python, and I thought it would be fun to write it from scratch. Which it sort of was. But between work and getting distracted by other things and writer's block, I didn't really get any game done. I could probably slap together some stub of a game in the remaining hours, but I don't think I would enjoy it. (And I would hate myself for it tomorrow morning.)

My idea was an adventure game inspired by Zootopia, police procedurals, and Discworld Noir (where you play a werewolf private investigator, and also use your sense of smell to solve the case). Maybe I'll get back to that some time later.

Does anyone know a good text adventure module for Python 3? That'd probably be better than what I cooked up.

I don't know about Python text adventures but I assume you considered one of the classic platforms like Inform et all?

Many years ago I wrote a MUCKlike engine that used Tcl. Sometimes I consider dusting it off, until I remember that Tcl is pretty horrible. :)