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No save file changes.

Stability and bug fixes abound: Combos no longer increase scroll speed in non-Hyper mode.

Combos no longer increase drop rates, but now increase the value of coin drops.

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v0018 -> v0019 saves should upgrade properly.

There are now THREE combo settings, the new one affects drop rates but not speed:

NoCombo/Disabled - The default in v0018, no combo is tracked or displayed. Drops are a fixed rate.
Combo/Enabled - The new default. Combos are tracked and displayed, drop rates are increased as your combo goes up. Combos below 10 have decreased drop rates compared to NoCombo mode.
HyperCombo - This is combo mode from v0018, scroll and enemy vertical speed increases as combo goes up. Drop rates also go up. This mode is still very difficult, but the speed increases have been lowered.

Save Files on v0018's Combo Disabled will upgrade to Combo mode. Save Files on v0018's Combo Enabled will upgrade to HyperCombo mode. I consider v0019's Combo mode the 'primary' way to play the game.

The Load Game screen now displays a short summary prior to loading. This only applies to current version save files.

Level Select screen is now much prettier, and planets have names!

The intro Scientist, Dr. Hill, can now be talked to in the Ultra Q area. He opens new worlds for you after you have completed the previous boss. You also need to talk to him to open World 1.

Bosses are now one time only. Refights will happen as part of the storyline later, and then those will be repeatable.

Accessing a Secret when you already have the item/chip in question will drop a green flashing bonus coin, worth 10 coins.


Bug fixes. Crashes will now log to the save directory. Debug menu is openable by pressing ` which will allow you to open the save directory in file browser, erase settings, cheat, and enable debug logging.

ehhh looks like it's just a download link for the video instead of embedding it. :( I'll put something on Youtube later when there's more than 10 seconds to show off

Hmmm I will be surprised if this properly embeds this video, but hey lets give it a try.

Doing a vertical space shooter, see: Gradius, Zero Wing, etc. Except vertical cause that's what the sprites I found on opengameart ( ! ) are designed for. Sounds were made with the amazing

The code is all Love2D.