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A minimal framework for narrative games. · By Axile


A topic by LuckyUK created May 28, 2022 Views: 316 Replies: 7
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Linux and Android please!

I second this one! I'd love to dev this one on linux.


Hey there! Definitely doing a Linux build this week, but we don't have any plans to port to Android at the moment.

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Well, I run the Folia on Linux now.

The solve:  1) Install Love engine

2) In Folia folder open console and

$ love Folia.exe

Now I install Love engine on Android...

Same on macos

brew install love
love Folia.exe
(you may need to accept the execution of Löve from "an unknown developper"  in "Security & Privacy")

Thus, only the problem of running on Android is not solved now.

Folia itself starts but doesn't see the story.lua

A Mac build would be nice, apparently my brew isn’t working on M1 Macs…

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Unfortunately a Mac version is unlikely to happen; I'd be interested to hear if anyone manages to get it going on M1 but we won't be able to offer official support.