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- if you are participating in the petite mort : it is strictly forbidden to do any change during the voting period

- if you're participating in the grand guignol : it is allowed

- once the voting period ends, you're free to do whatever you want

touching conversation and very good integration with a lot of attention to details

If you are on a mac, install Löve , download the win64 build (I know, counterintuitive !) and run `love Gatefold.exe` et voilà !

Thank you for this !

An entertaining and engaging story, with great (re)play value and stylish prose. I very much enjoyed the ride climb !

It reminded me of La Tour by Schuiten and Peeters a comic I hold in great esteem.

i am not sure the game is well balanced and whether the numbers I attributed to the text are very accurate. This is actually a very hard thing to do and why I abandonned the game the first time around.

Came for the demo of the video background. Stayed for the personal stream of consciousness. Was rewarded by everything, from the flowers to the surprise thingy. I haven't spent that much time (almost an hour) in a narrative game in a single session in a very long time.

There are no file _per se_, the save is located in the localstorage of the embedded electron browser and is not accessible. The only way to have a "save file" is to "export a playable", save it to disk, and then load it again. The playable file contains everything (all the tiles, all the rooms, the source ink and the compiled ink). This playable file should be versionnable easily (the bipsi json and the ink script are both saved with correct line formatting, so that git can diff it correctly)

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exactly my kind of game : short, puzzly, funny. Really enjoyed it ! I had to slightly-bruteforce my way because I couldn't remember what I already said before but once I met the |coffee guy| I was back on the fun track

when you realise tamagotchi could have been so good !

so cute !

From a fellow parent to another : giant virtual hug, tap on the back : we're in this all (wave around) together. (and don't forget to call a trusted friend to take care of them while you enjoy a 2h nap in a bath)

great use of the constraint, and it is short enough to encourage the player to try multiple endings !

Hello, tu peux maintenant passer la page de ton jeu en public !

Hello, tu peux maintenant enlever le mot de passe et rendre ta participation publique !

Hello, il faudrait passer ton jeu en public !

Sympathique détournement d'énigmes classiques.

J'ai trouvé toutes les fins, c'etait amusant !

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Force est de constater que ma mémoire à court terme est toute pourrie, au bout de la 10e tentative je me suis résolu à utiliser de quoi noter :D

Very interesting and pertinent use of Ink to bring your rich world to the realm of interactive fiction !

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Les résultats de l'ECTOCOMP Française sont dans la boîte !


La Petite Mort
Gagnante : La Petite Mort par manonamora
2e place : Une histoire par dunin
3e place : Torche et Sors par Khü Bone

Le Grand Guignol
Gagnant : Une soirée costumée par smwhr
2e place : Fragment d'une vie par LauraCrossheart

Merci à tous les participants pour leurs fictions interactives de qualité et félicitation aux gagnants.
Merci à Ruber Eaglenest de m'avoir fait confiance pour l'organisation de la version francophone.
Remerciement tout particulier à feldo d'avoir fait la promotion de tous ces jeux sur son stream twitch.
Et enfin un grand merci à tous ceux qui ont pris le temps de voter et de laisser un commentaire sur les jeux de chacun, c'est de là que provient souvent la plus grande satisfaction ! (il n'est pas trop tard pour en laisser si vous ne l'avez pas déjà fait)(par contre c'est trop tard pour voter !)

On se retrouve l'an prochain pour l'ECTOCOMP 2023, et d'ici là, pour d'autres jams francophones (et internationales on l'espère)

Rha, c'est un bug introduit par les corrections que j'ai faites plus tôt dans la journée !

C'est corrigé :)

merci !

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The sun doesn't shine here : a cosmic horror game made for Cosmic Horrors Jam and ECTOCOMP (Le Grand Guignol) by Stanwixbuster.

binksi community · Created a new topic Left at home
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Left at home is an experimental narrative game featuring a binksi integration as a fever dream interrupting a more classic visual novel.

Mmade for THE TRANS JOY JAM by RodFireProductions.

binksi community · Created a new topic Quick Tutorial

All you need to know to make your first binksi !

Binksi Quick Tutorial

binksi community · Created a new topic Inkjam 2022 Games

This year's inkjam had its fair share of binksies (4 on 29 entries) :

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The story and the settings were really engaging. The thrill of lying and getting by without getting caught is very nice. The character of the wife may need to be pushed a little beyond just being needy, though.

All the mechanics are clever (money, quest, ) and I see great potential in the drag and drop interface if you expand the story and add choices in there too.

However, I think the text presentation needs a little more polish (not much : a little padding, more contrast, better alignement, differentiating choices) and it would make for a true 5-stars game !

I had to play 5 times to get a (the?) satisfying ending and the first 3 times, I wished I could skip the initial scene altogether, then I took it as an opportunity to explore the multiple ways the conversation can go.

Reminded me of _The Mummy_ obviously

thank you, glad you enjoyed it !

I'll maybe edit or tone down the part that refers to blood as it's indeed unnecessary

You're welcome to try it yourself, we're trying to build an helpful community, so feel encouraged to reach out !

Such a fun ride. I'll be sure to play it again with my kids.

I also liked that the puzzles were very merciful, and knowing that I only got half of the achievements gives it some depth.

thanks for making this !

Nice way to explore such a large range of litterature. I read in another comment that you had a busy week end, but if you ever expand this piece (in the same manner you did for your video store stories), I'll be sure to play it again !

if you have any recollection of the moment you broke it (esp the last action you tried), it would be awesome and allow me to fix it !

Very interesting way of generating the code. I know of some people who used ruby to generate code !

The ink code for the Lieutenant Bokit game is downloadable directly on the game. It's peculiar because it adheres to binksi rules and, for once, does not make use of threads (which is my favorite ink affordance)

You can say it : it. does. not. make. any. sense. :D

i had to use the scope-knife on it to fit the time I had this week-end (you were supposed to encounter the famous porcelain gun from Die Hard 2)

Incredible feelings !

wait... he talks ??? 🙀

it brought back memories !