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welcome to the TRANS JOY JAM, a celebration of radical trans art here on itch! the jam will run for one month, from july 20th to august 20th, 2022. if you need an extension after that period, you can message me on twitter or on discord!

join the trans joy jam community on discord (18+) !

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🌈 you are free to submit any art inspired by trans joy! short form and long form projects are both encouraged. incomplete projects, demos, and WIPs are also encouraged. art of any form is welcome — visual, literary, playable, unplayable; museum artifacts, art show pieces, junkyard assemblies, fridge decorations. create a zine, write a short story, program a game, paint a pretty picture, anything! 

β›… old projects and new projects are equally acceptable for submission! :D

πŸ’– don't be afraid to take up space!! don't be afraid to charge for your art! and check out some of the other submissions when they're in, i know they're all gonna be bangers :]

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this jam is hosted by stargazersasha and the Reliquary Street Station discord server, a radical trans art space that grew out of the TRANS FUCKING RAGE JAM, which ran from march 10th to april 10th, 2022. in the interim, we've been running weekly jams, building up to this one!

if you're into indie trans art, definitely check out the submissions to the trans rage jam!

and if you're into making and sharing your own trans art and getting to know some other radical creators in the online space, hop into our discord server!

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theme colors (optional):

#2f5ffe (ultramarine blue)

#70caff (light sky blue)

#d2e6fe (beau blue)

#fff370 (corn)

#ffb370 (rajah)

#ff84ff (pink flamingo)

#a960ff (medium purple)


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A short game about queering yourself and uncovering your uniqueness.
Your love goes out while you sit at home sick
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
be gay, do crime!
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& they keep building it
Reminiscing over gender identity
A nsfw prompt driven game for one player to explore their divinity.
I dare you to play this game!
A trans girl has a rough day.
Visual Novel
The faerie royal extends a proposal to you: come and stay at their faerie court and act the part of their consort.
A punny zine for #TRANSJOYJAM
a celebration of trans love & embodiment
Interactive Fiction
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The Most Game to Ever Exist
Solo game about hugging your friends and also having really long arms
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a series of poems and little doodles about being trans and feeling joy.
your gender is in check
A solo game about imagining an ideal body
a game about managing what you can control when things all around you are out of control.
A Map-Making Gender Game
The Belarusian police are after you. Where could you hide?
Interactive Fiction
Play in browser
A small collection of erasure poetry about beliefs and growth.
A self exploration story with a parasitic AI
a little 2d game with butterflies and timers
a short poem paired with photographs
A short (4 Page) comic about change and becoming someone and something new.
A short piece of erotic fiction, starring a transgender protagonist.
A ttrpg where you explore being trans and finding joy through being robots after the apocalypse
A Fun Trans Beach Visual Novel
Visual Novel
A climate-conscious city builder