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Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed my short vn! And I don't mind at all. I see it as an honor that someone cared enough to make a video from it.

Very interesting and enjoyable. 

The art is quite nice as well.

I actually ended up getting the app because of this. It's quite nice, and I love the visuals.

I'm sure you already know how messed up the following Onivia route it, but I think the rest of it is pretty cute. Also I love the character designs and the art.

This is short and simple, but I really like it. 
And I had no idea that wowaka had passed away. I hope he rests in peace.

I love this game, but please what is the name of the song

This made me anxious. Good job.

This is really cute and wholesome. I love it!

No problemo! Thank you for making it.

The art and story is beautiful. I enjoyed every second of going through it. Thank you

I really love this game. I find this format to be interesting and I'd love to see more of it.
And I did find myself just trying to mess around with everything and longing for there to be pedals to just leave that place because I didn't trust the situation I was currently in. It made me nervous and paranoid. 
Great work!