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Summoner's HandbookView game page

A dungeon defence roguelike
Submitted by Numeron — 2 days, 6 hours before the deadline
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  • Super polished and solid game. I think combining roguelike elements with a tower defense game has a lot of potential. I was only able to play the single player version, so take this review with a grain of salt.

    In terms of general usability this was very easy for me to pick up and I understand. The graphics were great, and the screen shake and hitflash gave it a very satisfying, arcadey feel. A skip dialog button in the beginning of single player would have been nice, but that is a very small gripe.

    I do wish there was a little more variety in the defensive units, or at least synergies between them. I found the optimal strategy was to build the most expensive units I could afford, and then play far enough up that I would have time to collect gold between waves. I think having a few more types of units at each tier would add a lot more strategic depth to the game.

    However I recognize this is a 7DRL and more content (especially with sprites) is not always feasible. This a fantastic effort, and the inclusion of online multiplayer is always impressive as well.

  • Fun game, it's been a while since I've played a "tower defense" style game :)

    I played this quite a bit and I think it is more of a defense game than a roguelike, but it's a nice twist on that genre, and an expansion on that idea could become something really interesting.  Most of the proc gen seemed to be on the floor layout, which seems to be some randomized pre-fab areas since I saw the same rooms across different runs.  Great aesthetics, very polished, very "complete" feel here.  Multiplayer seems like an interesting touch although I didn't get to test that part of the game.

  • Really impressed with this. I was only able to play the single player mode, but I still had a lot of fun, and managed to get a win with Necromancy.  It's really pretty to look at, and the UI is well thought out – you can jump straight in and intuit how everything works. Some tool tips for the items would be nice, even if you have to use them once to identify them. I liked that better gear is automatically equipped. The battlefield is large enough that it becomes quite hard to recoup gold in between waves, but I'm guessing that was an intentional decision. 

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Jam Judge

Nice game you have here!  It's more of a defense game than a roguelike, but as a concept I'd say that the defense genre incorporating more roguelike elements could lead to some very fun games.  I really loved the tiles/art here, and the movement and gameplay felt very fluid.  The "!" spot signals and other symbols over units to indicate confusion, enrage, etc., made the current situation very easy to "read" and navigate at a glance -- very user friendly.

I got a single-player win with each faction.  Maybe the Lich/Demon King should come with a small party.  The necro/shadowmancers seemed very overpowered.  Once I figured that out, the wins became very easy.  A way to drop or swap items would be nice, if it doesn't exist already.  Collecting gold between rounds was kind of annoying, there wasn't much time to run to the front lines, grab gold, then run back to make new summons, *then* run to the new summoning circle to set it to follow if needed -- doing this once can last a whole round.  That may very well be intended though.  

I'd love to see what this could become if you continued to develop it.

Jam JudgeSubmitted

absolutely blown away by this. what the hell. amazing