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I user other unzipper than built-in and it works!

Didn't work for me (
Still can't run on M1

luv it!

Thank you for playing our game!

Can you make a zip with all of them, please?

Thank you! We decide to develop it further and make it even more deep and intresting

Oh, I guess it`s going through all first 4 levels I played. 

I don`t have problem with understanding objectives, but when I completely figured out what I need to do - I need to make a lot of moves and it`s just boring and long. Like on the image - I need to push tiles like a 20-30 times to finish the level, and I already solved puzzle in my mind.
That`s a point - I can`t tell difference between ground tiles and tiles I can move, because they have similar color.

I love that little puzzle game!

Nice game! Let me say some my thoughts about it:

  1. I spending sooo much time between I figured out how to complete level and actual finishing. That`s a boring part.
  2. Sometimes it`s hard to see borders of tiles. Maybe grid on the whole level can help.

Keep it up!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Found a little bug: when you standing on the door, guard can`t catch you.

Great game, I really love that artwork!

Intresting gameplay

Good game!

But I have Windows 10 :)

When I`m trying to run jar file it says"A JNI error has occured, please check yout installation and try again"

Intresting game!

That was fun!



Can`t locate the exe file...

Great game! It will be very handy, if playerhad keyboard control.