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Skyrogue (7DRL 2019)View game page

Tactical thievery roguelike
Submitted by DragonXVI (@DragonXVI) — 15 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline

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  • This game is solid.

    As a minor nitpick, I had a hard time judging the distance of blinks.  It's easy enough to tell where tiles next to you or guards are, but hard to tell what's exactly 5 blocks away with this tileset.

  • Sky Rogue is an impressive and impressively polished 7-day game. The pixel art is beautiful, with both a consistent style and color palette and lots of smart touches to communicate game state to the player. There is even charming 8-bit style music (rare for 7drl entries). The graphics are all the more impressive given that this is a Pico-8 game; in particular, the scrolling parallaxed clouds give the whole thing a great feeling.

    The gameplay is tight, simple, and fun, and the author has done a great job of creating what I would call puzzle-game-progression from level to level, introducing you to new mechanics one bit at a time before complicating them. As the author alludes to in their instructions text they DID make level 2 too hard, and I worry that many players might never see the later levels. (FWIW, letting the horizontal obstruction to the right of the second guard obstruct vision would be, I think, the least invasive way to make it easier). I also liked the interplay between having and not having Blinkstone. Without it, this game plays very deterministically, with some puzzles requiring you to time out things to single steps. With Blinkstone, the game is a little looser, and puzzles often have multiple solutions, with Blinkstone functioning as a panic button if you miscalculate. Frankly, I think the author could, by adding more levels and mechanics, develop this into a VERY fun longer game.

    Finally, I must observe that the game is not really what I would consider a roguelike. This game is basically a mini-Monaco, done in Pico-8 (which I mean as a strong compliment). It would be possible to use these mechanics to make something more rogue-like, adopting an Invisible Inc. style of random level progression, but the challenge of procedurally generating such a stealth map would be considerable. So, it makes sense that the author didn’t take that on for this jam. Nonetheless, a fun game all around.

  • Very nice-looking and fun to play, music can get a bit repetitive. Gets really difficult quickly, so I wasn't able to complete the game yet. Will stay in my regular rotation of games tho.

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First of all -- I have never seen a Pico-8 game look so beautiful. The sprites are gorgeous, the animation is really smooth / in all the right places, and the music is really cool. 10/10 for aesthetics. But... yeah -- you made level 2 too hard. The game is a little more puzzley than I normally like, and it feels like there's only 1 right solution to each level. Maybe if the player got a blinkstone for each level, or had a few more tricks they could use, it would be nicer for people like me who don't like to plan too far ahead.


I really like the sneaking! There is far too little sneaking in other roguelikes, methinks (Why are they called "roguelike" then?).

Amazing game!  Really want the cart on my GameShell!

Really fun game!

Very nice and fun :)

I enjoyed this. Simple and known mechanics but the hole package feels polished. Graphics and Audio feels good!


Nice visuals and theme! The game is pretty unforgiving, you have to know the exact tile you have to be most of the time.


Found a little bug: when you standing on the door, guard can`t catch you.

Great game, I really love that artwork!


Aha! Cheers for the repro :D I knew there was something up with guard chasing but couldn't reliably find what it was in time


It's gorgeous, nice work on the visuals.  


I really like the little hopping animations of the characters, and they looks so cute! Awesome work! 👍🏽