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Its your game so you can announce, post, publish whenever you wish in whatever state it's in.

I decided to release my current project way early. Mainly because I really do not know how many people would be interested and it gives me a chance to get used to publicizing my development activities.

I would like to build a following and apparently that takes lots and lots of time.

All the advice I've seen says that earlier is better.

Thank you, That was really appreciated.

No matter what I do to my game page or how many things I fill in for my game. I cannot seem to get my game AmberSol to show up either? Any ideas?

Hi, I love the site just started putting my projects on here. Love the community and there are a huge number of great looking games. 

Just something that I ran into while putting up a long Devlog post here recently. It was kind of annoying to have to scroll back to the top of the page in order to do things like change the heading, add lists, etc.

Are there any shortcuts for them? Or could they be moved to the bottom of the post box since that is where you are usually adding text so having them close by would help.

By the way keep up the good work!

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Project Overview

This project started on Nov 15, 2017 about 7 months ago from this posting. It was just something fun to try out and help improve my experience using Lua and Love2D. It turned into quite the solid fun little shooter. Now I am trying to add a number of cool elements to it to make it into a well rounded experience. Starting from just a few blocks firing at each other I now have somewhat of a ship made of blocks that can be destroyed individually.

Adding these components led to giving the ship an engine that will eventually power the ships other components. Which also led to having planets and space ports available in the universe where you can go on missions to help rid that planet of rogue military vessels and be able to buy new ship parts, trade for new schematics, and find other nearby systems to visit.

As a kind of stretch goal I might add different types of missions not just the 2D side-scrolling ones that are available now.

In Progress

Currently I am working on a ship building screen where you can actually use your amber that you collect from the single continuous mission in the game and buy new parts. This will allow me to start testing out how the progression system of building the ship will play and adjust costs of parts appropriately.

Major Slices

I started to break things down into milestones but decided that it was not really conducive to providing percentage completes so I will go with slices.

Slice #1 (sure thing)

  • Buy and place ship parts
  • Another enemy type with auto targeting weapon
  • Count enemies killed versus left standing
  • Missions with ending

Slice #2 (next up)

  • Add power to ship parts requirements for shield emitter with conduits
  • Planets with missions to complete
  • Move to next planet only after completing all missions

Slice #3 (good stuff)

  • Polish

Linkies and things

Stay tuned for more progress...

I am back to development after a little furlough for a bit of beach time which was very nice. I was able to get a few tweaks in here and there during the break which was nice and much needed.

Before that break I had worked up some different sound effect variations. Attempting to add more definitive sounds to specific events in the game. Especially explosions since no-one I got to play test the game could figure out what they were. Probably still can't but I'll get back to that once the major elements of the game are in place.

So been working on the screen below its rough still a lot of work to be done with it but just getting the functionality is all I care about at this point. So giving you the ability to go ahead and change or add parts is the first major use for this screen. I have so desperately wanted to try out having multiple weapons firing simultaneously it's very exciting. 

Of course lots of things will need to be added to this bad boy. Like part validation and setting up the connected parts and those that have conduits running through them that carry energy. All these things will play out in the combat eventually. But for the time being this will be just placing some basic parts. 

Oh and I just noticed that in this screen shot I am missing a part for the shield emitter which I added because of some feedback from my play testers that you died too soon. Which only happened since I abstracted the ship and made both the enemy and players children of the ship class and also made them fire the same. The increased rapid fire the enemy ships now posses for play testing means that you die pretty quick though I did tweak them slightly so that they pause for a little bit after firing.

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I'm still getting used to the great community here at There are some great projects going on. I wanted to add mine here and may be get some feedback.

The game is a retro-shooter soon I hope to give you the ability to transform your ship and visit different planets where you will face a variety of enemies.

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The amber video game does not collect, transmit or store any personal information on the internet.