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Devlog not showing on the devlog page.

A topic by UnoWayGames created Jun 05, 2018 Views: 310 Replies: 7
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I posted my devlog here a few weeks ago, and It has not shown up on the  devlog page. I thought maybe it would take a few days and that would be it, but it’s still not showing up. I’ve also tried searching for it, and the results are the same, nothing. 

I checked my emails just in case btw, nothing there either.

I would appreciate some help. Thanks.


That page is somewhat curated by a few factors, so not all devlog posts will show up there. I think your posts should be showing up now. It might be related to how we don't normally index project pages that have no files available. I agree this isn't ideal, we plan to have a separate section for pages like that.

Hey thanks for the help :) I checked it again and it doesn’t seem to be showing up. Maybe it’s just been pushed far down the list from all the new devlogs showing up?

Hi leafo,

I am experiencing the same issue, as I do not have files yet available for download. I am also doing something a little different where I record videos of my weekly progress, and so I don't feel a write-up each week is necessary?

I do however post the video to my devlog and provide a short description of the video contents.


No matter what I do to my game page or how many things I fill in for my game. I cannot seem to get my game AmberSol to show up either? Any ideas?


Your posts should be there now. Like I mentioned in the other post, we manually approve what project pages are eligible to show up on that page. We may make changes to how that works in the future.

Thank you, That was really appreciated.


I am experiencing the same and was hoping the devlogs would show up on the main page cycle too. I'm spending some time on the posts to share tips/tricks/techniques that I am hoping can help other gamedevs too, here is a sample post: 

Thanks for your consideration :)