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Thanks so much! Glad you like it! :)

Transformable body parts are a feature in the next version of the Creature Creator. Will be releasing it along with a new video soon! :)

Incredibly addicting and immersive game with the most kind-hearted developer! :)

Thanks! I really appreciate it! :)


Love it! :D

Devlog #19 - Vaulting, Taking Cover and More!

(Please note, that this topic is a continuation of my thread here which was automatically closed)

Devlog #17 - Mission Accomplished:

6 Months of Progress on my Indie Game, N.E.S.T:

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Devlog #16 - Making Money as an Indie Game Developer!

Devlog #15 - Unlocking New Weapons!

Well done! :D

Devlog #14 - Welcome to "Base Camp":

Devlog #13 - Low-poly Level Design:

Devlog #12 - May the Force be with you...

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Devlog #11 - Alien SFX, Attacks, Consumables and More:

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Devlog #10 - Enemy Attacks and More:

Devlog #9 - Enemy Artwork and AI:

Devlog#8 - Character Customization, Weapons and More!

You're welcome! :)

Devlog #7 - Graphics and Sound Effects:

Devlog #6 - Bugs BE GONE:

Sorry, I didn’t get back to you! The issue has been resolved! Thank you so much for the help! :)

Thanks! Appreciate the support! The default orientation is portrait, however, you can switch to landscape mode if you prefer that play-style! :)

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Devlog #5 - Shooting and Reloading:

Hi No Time To Play, has the issue been resolved? Appreciate the help!

Great! Thank you so much! Looking forward to hearing back from you on what the admins say!

Thanks for the reply.

I just posted the next devlog (around 1 hour ago), however it still hasn't shown up on the Devlogs page. The reason why I thought it hadn't been approved yet, was because I never received an email saying that my game was ever published.

Could you please look into this? I would really appreciate the help, and if there is anything I need to do, I will happily do so.

Hi No Time To Play,

Would it be possible for my game to be approved by an admin? I have completely revamped the game's page, and the current devlogs have all been written out!

Would really appreciate a response! Feeling quite disheartened at this point... :(

Devlog #4 - Customizable Layouts:

Devlog #3 - Weapon Mechanics:

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if I am doing something wrong, but I can't find my game "N.E.S.T" when I search for it ( Here is the link to the game's page:

Another thing I have noticed, is that my profile only shows 1 projects, however I have 2 projects?

Thanks for your time.


I just completely re-vamped the game's page, and have added the next blog post.

Please check it out, and tell me if this is enough to be featured on the devlogs page! Here is the link:

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Devlog #2 - Inventory System:

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Devlog #1 - Player Movement and Animations:

Oh okay, thank you so much for the response. Would it be okay if I added the transcript to each video as the blog post? I’ll add a couple of screenshots here and there to show some progress as well! Each video takes an entire weekend for me to create haha (still learning), so it’s not as if I’m not putting effort into them! Hope you can understand!

Okay! Thanks so much for the reply! :)


Hi leafo,

I am experiencing the same issue, as I do not have files yet available for download. I am also doing something a little different where I record videos of my weekly progress, and so I don't feel a write-up each week is necessary?

I do however post the video to my devlog and provide a short description of the video contents.


Sure! Here it is :)