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With your consent, I'd like to post a screenshot of a work in progress game (on the Adventuron twitter account). It's opt in, so anyone that has a nice looking screen to share, please reply to this message. 


Well, I haven't actually started the coding part yet (!), but if you want to use any of the stuff I've posted, go ahead.

How's it going with the coding part?

I'm ashamed to say that I've got involved in something else. It's not you, it's me...

Such a shame. I loved the art. Are you going to do anything with it now?

Thanks. It's going to go on the back burner for the moment. Sorry I couldn't take it to completion.

Your choice ;)

im not an twitter user but is @KillerSoso

Do you mean just the room's image or the actual  game? If the latter, what screen size?


Is this the sort of thing you mean? If so, you're welcome to use it.

Very nice.

Very nice indeed Gary. 

Every game looks to have a very unique style which I am enjoying.


I finished this one a few hours ago. I'm @polyducks on Twitter too :)

That screen is so beautiful. So so beautiful. That said, there appears to be some scaling artifacts in the game.  Adventuron should never naturally render blurry fonts (notice the double thick line at the top of the E), so I wonder if you zoomed in with your browser?

Certainly before you release you'll need to confirm that the fonts are rendering properly.

And the image looks slightly blurry too, which again might be a browser zoom as I assume your core image is a lossless blocky PNG.

Forget all that though - this is BEAUTIFUL.

It looks like character graphics. Very effective. And nice selection of colours, too.

Nice style. Great!. Also the colors look like they belong together.


Here is one of mine. Almost there. Have to create one more location.

Really lovely looking and nice border.

Can I post this on Twitter later today?

Yes that is fine.

Here is one. I posted some with my twitter but nobody saw it

Liking the style of it, however, maybe increase the num_columns?

I'll see what i can do in the next update