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why so angry at steam lmao

It was a fun game, love the art style and the music.

It was a really good game, I like the art style and the music. The only problem I see with this game is the lack of 8 directional movement. I think it would've been better if summoned minions started following you instead of patroling the area they spawned on. Also, there is no penalty for not killing enemies, and you can just ignore them and run to the exit.

 I found a bug in which an enemy book became unkillable and started missing every single shot after I had one of my skeletons beat him.

Overall, it was pretty hard, but I really enjoyed it.

Just finished the game, I really enjoyed it. It had a really neat idea that I think is suitable if you ever plan to make this game bigger.

I don't think it is a bug, it's on the page with farmer and his son lying on bed. You need to go past the right wall to reach the healer.

The character always looks at the mouse cursor, this system is great for story based games, but for games like this that depend a lot on moving fast and accurate, it's troublesome. It would be better if the character moved using WASD buttons and rotated using the mouse, but you would get a speed boost if you were walking in the direction you were facing.

It's a good game, I like the graphics and sounds, the gameplay is fun too. But the controls are kind of annoying and make it much harder to progress in the game.

a really interesting and unique game, the controls are a little bit confusing. And some of the pages actually continue behind the side walls which kind of wastes the players time. I still really enjoyed it.

It was a fun game, it has some bugs, with the main one being having to hit students nearly 4 or 5 times before they are "collected" (not sure if this is intentional) or students getting stuck around the lockers.

Would be better if it had a little bit more animation.

Great game! The puzzles were actually challenging, the music was a little bit annoying but that's fine.

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For the past 4 years, people have been searching for a game that is nicknamed "That Evil Farming Game"

It is described as a farming game similar to Stardew valley and Harvest moon but with a dark twist, at the start of the game you murder your wife and now you have to hide the fact that you did it. Cops will come to search your house from time to time and you have to keep the body hidden from their eyes.

No one has every found this game since the first post was made on Reddit, the search is still going on. There has been some attempts to recreate this game but most of them failed or were abandoned. Me and a group of people have started a new project named "EFG Open Source", which is another attempt to recreate this game, the game is open source and publicly accessible on  GitHub (Under MIT license) and it is made using the Godot game engine. No one in the team is obligated to finish the project, we are just trying to finally finish this game. So if you just want to do something in your free time, this project might be perfect for you. 

We could use any of the following :

- Programmer ( C# and GDScript)

- Artist ( Mostly Pixel art)

- Composer

- Even if you just want to throw ideas, you are welcome to join

GitHub respositoryDiscord server

If you have any question and you don't want to ask it on the server you can contact me on Discord: Pixelman#7720

discord is still there but Chris said he will be closing it, people are active on telegram group now

you can do that with normal barriers, since barriers have option to be locked when a bool returns true ( for you, !npc_has_done_their_thing because your bool returns true when you want the door to be unlocked, so you need to reverse that)

Than you just need to set that bool to true when the NPC is done, or to check if the NPC is present in the room and then set it to false, and to true when they are not present.

Do you mean you are unable to open the door until a NPC is present or do you want the NPC to be able to lock and unlock the door by themselves?

well, yeah different chat apps are a problem. but discord is the mos common among gamers and developers.

and the today community is much more active than the community adventuron had 18 months ago. also i think there is no place to ask questions except the jam community (which is only active during the jam) and your twitter account.

btw i would appreciate it if you send me the link to the telegram group since i use telegram.

Adventuron community is growing and I think a discord server could be really useful for the community.


I've joined most of adventuron jams to this point, but I only finished a game for the first jam. I hope to finish a game for this jam.

Good luck to everyone!

or is it open to everyone?

I'm very interested in playing early builds.

also IB. which is a horror RPG but it kinda surreal

Well, such games are rare. The ones that I know are kinda well known and you probably have heard of them:

Space Funeral - only the first one is made by the main creator, the rest are fan made. (The main creator has more surreal games made)

Yume Nikki - and it's fanmades which are TOO MANY 

OFF- a surreal RPG

LSD:dream emulator

You can use RPG maker or construct

"no living things" is not a theme. it's a restriction. that means you have to make a game about isolation while there are no living things in the game.

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hey there!!

Thanks for the message. Im alive and well. I tried to participate in more adventuron jams but I couldn't finish the games and they are canceled.

I tried using unity and now im working on a game for isolation jam.

And for the state of this part of world, well, all the world is on the same situation now, we are not doing too bad with the virus.

you have to run the extracted file, not the extracter

Google chrome. I don't think it is the browser that has trouble. as i've completed a game in adventuron before


so my problem is when i try to enter the classroom, it stays forever in loading

i tried using VPN but that didn't work. any solutions?

hello there. I've participated in the first two jams (I didn't submit to the second one)  

I hope to make a better game this time. Since the main problem of my last game was the crappy graphic.

Have fun making games!


I'm a little troubled these days and I couldn't work on the game, I don't know if I manage to finish the game.

There will be a coffin in my game if I manage to finish it.

Thank you!

There is one more ending which is good, but finding it is bit hard (you may need to restart the game)

For the mage, at first i wanted to make the player to finish the game but if i did that finding the good ending would become even harder.

For the bars, there was something there but i removed it, Because it caused some bugs. (There is another easter egg though)

lol, i didn't mean that huge. making a game with 200 different rooms would take half a year.

I will send you the basic version of the story as soon as possible.

I've started working on the game. I will send you a beta version or a list of rooms with their description  (and please give me your  email or your discord account for this).

oh and my game will be containing a lot of rooms (both chris and 8bitAG commented that my last game was huge)

i will send you the story and the puzzles as well so i can use your ideas too.