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Looking for an artist

A topic by Pixelman created 70 days ago Views: 104 Replies: 16
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So as you can see my last game had really bad graphics and i think that is the reason no one rates it.

If you are interested just send me some of your works. If we won, you can have the prize since i live in Iran and i can't get the prize for myself.

I really liked the graphics in your Cavejam game. I also think it was one of the most interesting games of the jam.


Yes, I thought your line based vector graphics were fine however I didn't think the "glow" effect around the lines were particular suited to the super low resolution you chose. 

To get an idea of some very nice retro style graphics, which I think suits your style, see these games here:

If you are doing line based graphics, 256 x 80 resolution is a good choice, and choose a limited palette. There are lots of cool palettes to choose from here:

Leave off any effects (like glow) that would lower the effective resolution further.

Teletext graphics may be something that you want to experiment with, but I understand that this is THE most difficult type of art because it's so hard to fit a lot of concepts into a tiny amount of pixels.


I didn't think your graphics were too bad. Even so, I can understand you wanting to make them better. Perhaps try somewhere like This is supposedly the biggest artist web site on the planet with over 26 million registered users. Some of the artwork there is absolutely fantastic and they do have pixel artists. Try Projects in the forums, where people ask for and offer their services, sometimes for free. You'll need to have a pretty good description of your requirements and allow them plenty of time to do the artwork. Good luck.

Maybe I can help? I started the last Adventuron challenge with some graphics, but got involved in other things! Take a look at graphics listed under goliard.

Sure! Your graphics look very cool.


How is this going?

Here is a manor house:

I believe this is where the action starts...

I'm a little troubled these days and I couldn't work on the game, I don't know if I manage to finish the game.

Good to know. do you want to proceed?

I've started working on the game. I will send you a beta version or a list of rooms with their description  (and please give me your  email or your discord account for this).

oh and my game will be containing a lot of rooms (both chris and 8bitAG commented that my last game was huge)

i will send you the story and the puzzles as well so i can use your ideas too. 

'Huge' sounds a bit daunting... My email is, but if you've got like 200 rooms, I'm a little unsure. This is supposed to be fun, I don't want to give myself ulcers!

lol, i didn't mean that huge. making a game with 200 different rooms would take half a year.

I will send you the basic version of the story as soon as possible.


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Your graphics are brilliant. They are the same sort of style that I wanted to use for the CaveJam, but I didn't have the time to spend on it.

Will you be doing your own entry for the Halloween Jam?

Thanks for the nice words! I've got a couple of ideas, but they are only half-formed things at the moment. I'll see how it goes -- I'd like to.