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:3 looks cool

Wow, I have never imagine Golden Axe as a platforming but that seems real great.

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Wow... sort of hidden gem here haha

Thank you, glad you like it (y) but I didn't have any plans to go further and do more content for this, but maybe in the future I try something similar again haha

Hey, can you share the downloadable ROM?

Thank you ;)

I will probably do when I have a little freetime, export every animation and do the spritesheets will take sometime  and Im little lazy haha 

Thanks for the support, I'm glad you like it ^^

"Trade you a panda for a follow?"


This might help you with the cape.

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Wow, you did great on sprites and animations. The use is very limitated because its missing the essential: jump/get hit. But still, great work (Y)

Oooooh now I watched the video I notice my pc was running with terrible fps, I must install to work as it should, certainly I going to replay later haha

Its appears interesting but I couldnt get it anything XD

Is possible to beat the boss?


Thanks for the complements.

Haha to be honest,  I could make it "larger", but with the limitations of Construct I wouldnt be able to make the levels much more interesting, to not mention the fact the character blending with background would become a bigger problem .

Anyway, its a Jam game, so I take as priority to show a project more "complete" as I could in the way people would 100% finish it. I mean, its 30 games to play/test haha

Thank you ;)

thank you, im glad you like it.

No plans for lowrez, but the challenge is very interesting to me haha

yeah i got your point. The combination of this palette + the very low resolution really wasnt so good.

In the 8x8 sprites I didnt find a way to make it clear and the colors ends by blend too much in the background. Even thought about change the palette for a NES based one but it would take too long to change everything.

Basically the same for sounds, also, I got a little amazed by how the Rusted Studio manage to bring this cool music with such Castlevania-vibes XD

When I heard the first time I thought "cant be other" hahaha

Thanks for playing buddy, glad you like it ;)

Haha, Its composed only by bips, based on old phones. Thanks for playing my game buddy (y) glad you like it

Thanks ;) (y)

Interesting, but not so easy to work, the proportions need some work.

I'm aiming for a short game (around 10 stages), but not sure when I intend to release it.

Its a pleasant work.

It cant handle shadows so well in 4 sized palettes, but still we can get interesting results.

The results are amazing, perfect tool.

Hey, the program seems alot interesting, but, there isnt zoom in/out yet??

Short but very cute ;)

Fala amigo, de fato o seu game eu não consegui jogar, ele carrega infinito e não abre. Mas pode ser coisa do meu pc mesmo.
*eu não faço parte da staff

Tbm estou com essa duvida kk

Muito bom. Só achei que deveria ter algo mostrando que era para clicar no Kraken, morri 1342 vezes antes de descobrir o que fazer kkk

Opa, obrigado ^^

Realmente o texto ficou muito bagunçado, e essa linguagem coloquial não ajuda em nada kkk
Não tenho a intenção de dar nenhuma continuidade no projeto, o intuito era mesmo só "mostrar uma idéia".

Grato pelos elogios ^^ na pagina do jogo eu listei essas mesmas mecânicas mencionadas, infelizmente não tive tempo de implementar elas apropriadamente.

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Ficou ótimo. Posso facilmente ver esse joguinho na playstore ;) Parabens.

Edit* Parabens pelo primeiro lugar, muito merecido.

Trauma a parte, arte esta sensacional, belo trabalho da equipe ;)

Não não não não... é aquele pesadelo de segunda fase em Earthworm Jim 2, meu maior trauma de vida adulta. Mds


Tem link para servidor no discord?

Good job in the art, very cute ;)