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With a few improvements this would be really useful ;)

Hey OcO, how much would cost if I ask for cyberpunk enemies in 1 bit style? And, there is some way to talk with you on private?

Ps* I dont want exclusively so you could sell it as the others.

Awesome :3

iaidoka_interlude community · Created a new topic GJ

It feels like, a mix of your other games. The main character art based on Hinedere Beat + Samurai Jazz, the stages from Boxer + Hinedere, and the action from Samurai Jazz + Ninjahtic. I guess is that (?!)

Anyway... I enjoyed ;)

The only thing that I didnt like is the fact that game "replace" the jump/boxer on the steam library. I would like to have both of them, or just jump/boxer and leave iaidoka on the options. But its okay;

I'm terrible with musics ;-;

But. well done ;)

Alright, you did it. I wish I could die right now.

Wow, I have used this for so many years, did not expected to see it here. Thanks for everything anyway ♡

Amazing ^^ I give up at L 22

Works nicely on mobile. As suggestion: make the touch buttons a little bigger and with 50% opacity and it will be perfect ;)

Hey, the game could be pretty cool if you polish a little more in the gameplay graphics. All the rest are great.

I was surprised by testing in my cellphone and it works 100%

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Wow, I confess, I though the game content a little disapointing, but just a little bit, not really bothers me at all.

Besides the fact this game is not "my type" and I just buy the game because I'm huge fan of you, and wanted complete my Blaze Epic collection haha


The only thing which really bother me was that I'm not able to buy on steam (And I totally undestand why)


Worth mention that I'm really surprise with that post and your "way" to deal with the situation. Just makes me like your work even more. And be sure I will be here waiting for news ^^

Ps (I will keep a backup with the actual version as a huge bonus by keeping tracking your works) :3

Enjoy ♡

very clever ;)

Hey man, I though this tileset great but really hard to identify everything, I'm using the screenshots as reference but still have many tiles which I can't identify how to use.

Can you provide some guide or more reference images to use this properly? 

Anyway :3 I'm doing something with it, hope could show it soon

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I'll make a try on they as soon as I have a break. ;)

(The game what I'm talking is from the past Adventuron gamejam, here: ; Its a little interesting that Hibernated  and my previous game share a little of the same theme :P)

the Unhallowed link is also going to Hibernated*

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Thanks for all the group ^^ and many thanks to the compliments.

If you intend play again someday the lake hint is: you will need work with two items to make something see you and get closer.

And sorry for late comment ><

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Sorry for late comment, hope someday you try play again

For the hole the hint is: you need use something which can shoot some light inside the hole

And for the lake: you will need work with two items to make something see you and get closer

And thanks for play my game ^^ I hope the hints helps

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In my last game (Astronauturon) I believe that I haven't take enough feedbacks to improving my next one, so I'm doing this topic to take some more constructive feedbacks or suggestions.

I take the following feedback from Garry:

Instead of allowing N, S, E, W from every location, block off some of the exits so that it is more like a maze and you have to do some serious exploring to find the important locations. You can still keep the routes between the spaceship, house and mine fairly short so that you don't annoy the player.

But still, I had some compliments about the exploring feel of the map in the page of submission.
So I think that make a map which can be explore is a good thing and I wanted to try again that, at this time I will be careful and try made them less confusing/more easy to navigate.

And this from Polyducks:

We played through several times to try and find all the possible combinations of items

From this and thinking about the Mushroom game(which was the winner), looks like the "find items" is a very funny feature in the games, like the players really like to play again and again till find all items.
I don't think I would repeat the method that I work with items in the Astrounauturon instead I have something more interesting in mind.

I already thanks who can help ^^

Damn, it wasnt happening in the debug --'


It feels like ... a DREAM. º w º  haha. 

You can count with me in the Halloween jam ;)

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Sorry, for late answear.

I has been very busy in this weekend, so I have to hurry with the game.

The last uptade was just 56 minutes before the submission close. XD


I made 90% of the changes that you point, somethings I can't change because it would affect other things. But 100% OF THE TEXTS that you send me was fixed.

There is an exit called "Exit" when you get to the end game, but it doesn't do anything.

I really don't undestand what you mean, here.

The end says "1 / 3 secrets found". Did I miss something or is that to be added later?

Yes, you missed. After the last update, was added a little more fun to the secrets :P

It doesn't appear that you can do anything with the fish.

Before the update you had take a photo of lake to take a secret. Now its something a little more complex. 

You automatically take the capsule. It would be better if you had to manually take it.
"A Time Capsule Full Of Memories From The Past" should be "A Time Capsule". Provide the other info when you examine it.

It give me a lot of pain, but now its done ^^ the player has the freedom to do actions with the treasure.

There is no image for this location.

Sorry about that, I can't draw anything that I like to use here T_T


Let me ask something, you sometime was attacked by the creature randomly when are walking around? Because by everything you talk looks you solve everything without pass the 120 commands that you have before be attacked .-.


For last, A HUGE THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION GARRY, I really appreciate your dedication with the jam and with all the games on the jam ^^

Oh, im sorry, actually I put the match for USE SHIP  and not USE SPACESHIP.

I will fix the get and drop system on the next update sorry about that

try use LEAVE FOREST inside spaceship for end the game

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You just need use the spaceship to leave the forest man ;)

(1) This is the actual map of the game, and yeah lets say theres a void at "Northeast".  Actually, I DO have plans to put some more content  around all the map (lets say, more items to find and not just at house, and more "strange" events like the creature event). But I didnt know if I really was "getting into the genre" (text adventure). I felt little lost and decide to not go further and add more content. Actually I get back and undone some puzzles (like the treasure would have a key inside the hole which would be necessary to open the treasure at the end, thats the reason for have a map in the treasure graphic XD).

Thanks for the compliments about the forest, I has to do everything very carefully to not connect two similar backgrounds. The only "fail" is with lake and north and south forest (I made a mistake and the tree at lake doenst "move" when goes north/south... is exactly the same) 

(2) & (4)  Thanks for the tips be sure I will follow it in the next update.

(3) HAHA SORRY FOR THAT --' I will review and pay more attention on the texts.

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Just published with:

68 possible matchs.

35 locations

5 endings, 1 true ending when you complete your mission and 4 game overs when you dies.

6 items to take (3 keys items to end the core puzzle)


I dont know if the game is too much hard or no. But theres a downloadable document with a guide to finish the game.

And I also publish the entire code of game, I have pretty sure it can be much more optimized but I wanted to keep most simple for me undestand better. 

Go play guys ^^ there are 5 days left to fix bugs or add more stuff

god lord... I had tried everything dont know how i never tested this way -,-

Many Thanks AG o/

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Sorry if Im asking something dumb but, I want to print a integer variable ( number) not a string and I try this 

         : print "^c^ {secrets} < / 3 secrets founded.>";

its the only way i found to not get the error warning. But still not work.  I searched in document but I'm not finding any HOW TO for it works. 

How can I do that? 

Its already online here, the beta version

*MT 20  (offsets the whole top of the game by 20 pixels) 
 *MT 0 (removes the top offset (aligned to the top of the screen

Oh, now its perfect :3

and 9e, 9f, 9g are all okay 

The knife and dry branch.

Today is the day I will beat it :3

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Wow! I was pleasantly surprised. It looked good, worked well and was easy to use. Great work Chris Ainsley!
// Garry

Yeah, I was surprised too, :3 actually I have played all the games of jam in the phone :3 (Sorry for no feedback for Seekers yet, Im stucked ;-; the troll dont wants the f** apple and Im not getting what should I do... but its okay i will discover)


I notice, some "differences" on the functionality of the games.  Nothing huge, Im just curious about.

Firstly, Im not allowed to take screenshots of the others game(its "protected" just like netflix), but  it works  on my game as you can see in the images, I really dont mind about it, but just wanna know why, I did something wrong? .-.

Secondly is when the keyboard appears the top bar cut a little of the image(its probably  fault my cellphone I know). But in the Seekers game, the top bar get transparent (still appears, but without the black stripe), is this some Settings of the project?

Damn Softnite -,- grr

Your input list is a great help ;) be sure I will cover them

Firstly, thanks for the complements  ^-^

Secondly, yeah the hole and lake gonna have his own puzzles at the final version, but they gonna be more like secrets (or side quest). So I'm going to start work around they from now. ;)

 and it implied that I could JUMP.

What?! XD

HAHA I wanted to mean exactly opposite, you cant jump because you cannot take off the suit because the air is toxic

(my english skill are suck XD i need work on the texts)

Guys, the test version is online. I edit this topic with the link and password. Just scroll up the screen.

Ps* @Garry I'm busy by the rest of the day, but I will test yours tomorrow, be sure ;)

I will send the password for test, give me 2 or 3 days ^^

Alright, I will put password till the end of submissions ;) 12 days left...

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Soon I will need someone to test my game... I really think the game is getting very hard to understand the objectives but I don't know exactly how hard it is... so someone has to play it. Can I post it here? 
10 Sep 2019

The testing phase starts today. 8 days left till the end of jam...

Link to the game: Astronauturon  || Password: 2209

Dev commentary:

I'm really enjoying do that game, its a huge challenge because I'm completely not an "text adventurous" and Im also not a programmer.

So its going a little hard because I has to learn the language and do a game in genre totally unknown for me. And, because that I simply don't know if I'm doing the right thing or no. For me the game is getting too dificult to find the objectives, but after some adjust(I start to use the red color as a highlight for the important things. ) Im think they get too obvious right now. For this I will need some testers who know the genre and tell me if its okay or its terrible. XD

Important notes for the ones that gonna test* 

First, as said above, the RED IS IMPORTANT, all the things that judge important is highlighted with RED color.

In that testing build have just the main "puzzle/objective" in the game more few extras, the end version gonna have some secrets spread over the map in the unused locations.

Im considering put some "pseudo location" after the introduction and before the start location (replacing the start location in the code) to give some hints for the players, but just if really need. (hints like: Pay attention in the RED color.")

I really wants cover the most possibilities for match "which" the players could try to do. Even if is just some unimportant text, so please if let me know if you try something which dont give any response but would be cool if do.

Probably, the players gonna die at the firsts "run" but the death screen has a slight hint about the cause of your death, try pay attention.