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Thank you for playing. You can burn or ignite the wooden stick...

Hallo there. You could try for example  ‘ignite stick‘

Thank you very much for taking the time to go through the game and the detailed feedback you gave. I am not a native English speaker and this feedback was of great value. Much appreciated. I have updated the game and re-uploaded it.

For the link at the end, that is already possible with the current version of Adventuron. You can type in the following to get a hyperlink in your game:
: print "Also interested in making adventures such as this? Click <here<4>>[] to go to the website." ;</here<4>

<here<4>It is mentioned in the documentation in section 8.18.10 (</here<4>


Yes that is fine.

Here is one of mine. Almost there. Have to create one more location.

Nice style. Great!. Also the colors look like they belong together.

Thank you for asking. It is indeed 3d. Usually they take about 2-3h per image. No filters are used but the images are converted to 8bit using mostly a mac color palette and dithering in pattern mode. I try to keep them around 10-20kb.

Lots of different styles. All great. Today i had some time to work on both the text and graphics for the jam. Here one of the locations: